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Chapter 1208 - -testing magical beasts  

Chapter 1208: Chapter 1208-testing magical beasts

A few of the slower evolvers rushed up, but they were flying back as fast as they came up.

They had been charging forward, but they realized that the mutated flame Tiger had changed sides and attacked them.

“Leader, our mutated beasts have betrayed us. We are no match for them!”

Although the cultivation of these evolvers was very high, they were no match for the flame Tiger.

Flaming beard was not only a mutated beast, but also an evolved one. He had one more advantage than ordinary people.

Not to mention this advantage, just the mutation of the original mutated beast was already unstoppable.

“You bunch of trash, don’t you know how to use your brains when you can’t beat us? we’ve cultivated a lot of experiments in the experimental base. If it’s not for now, is it for you to fill your stomachs?”

Liu Peiyuan had the urge to curse, but he held back. The most important thing now was to kill Zhou Hao. He had to hide this for now.

If the alien races knew about this, they would definitely attack together. Even if their base was protected by mutant beasts, it would be razed to the ground.

The anger of the ten thousand races of the starry sky was definitely not something they could withstand. Therefore, they knew that they were in a very dangerous situation.

“That’s right. How could I have forgotten about this? I’ll release it now!”

After one of the team leaders reacted, he immediately brought his men to the basement and opened a few cages that were as tall as a person.

When he opened it, roars came out from inside, which was very horrifying.

It was like a wild beast had found its prey.

“Boss, you must be careful. The magical beasts here are at least five-star rank, one rank higher than me!”

The 4-star mutant beast Yang Yuanyuan quickly said.

Zhou Hao shook his head and said,””I’m fine. These beasts can’t hurt me!”

Zhou Hao was not bragging. He really had the ability to do so.

He could do many things that seemed impossible.

Now that his cultivation base had reached the God Realm, even if all the mutated beasts swarmed him, they would not be able to withstand a single blow.

“Boss, you’d better be careful. These mutated beasts have developed intelligence. They won’t be easy to deal with!”

Yang Yuanyuan couldn’t help but say. She still thought that her boss was still the same as before, who liked to show off everywhere.

“You should think that I’m still the same person from a few years ago, right? then, watch closely. Next, I’ll let you see if I’m still the same person!”

After Zhou Hao finished speaking, he walked away without giving Yang Yuanyuan a chance to speak.

“Is there something wrong with this guy’s head? that’s a 5-star mutated beast!”

“I think he must be scared out of his wits and has given up on himself. That’s why he’s choosing to die now!”

The leader frowned and felt that something was wrong, but he didn’t know what it was.

“You guys, keep an eye on him. We can’t let him escape. If he does, we’re finished!”

Liu Peiyuan ordered the few evolvers.

The few evolvers did not take it seriously. In their opinion, no one here was a match for these mutated beasts.

“Zhou Hao, if you kneel down before us now, I might consider letting you go. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

At this time, Liu Peiyuan thought that it would be great if he could take down Zhou Hao easily. As long as he could do it, the rest would be easier to deal with.

Zhou Hao looked at them with an idiotic gaze. These guys had really thought it through. Now, they actually thought that they would definitely win and wanted him to kneel.

At that moment, Zhou Hao really wanted to say,””You’re all thinking of eating fart!”

Zhou Hao didn’t waste any time. Instead, he rushed forward quickly.

These people, as well as the netizens in the live broadcast room, were all stunned.

“The host is so fierce. He’s even fiercer than the fierce men I’ve seen. I love him, I really love him!”

“Since when did the streamer become so brave? this is the first time I’ve seen it!”

“Host, you must be careful. You’re our idol. If anything happens to you, we won’t be able to continue watching such an exciting live broadcast!”

Many of the netizens were discussing this matter. They did not want to see Zhou Hao die in this underground cave.

Although they had not experienced it personally, they had the same feeling. They had always hoped that Zhou Hao would live well.

As long as Zhou Hao continued to live on, there would be endless possibilities in the future. When that time came, they would be able to accomplish anything they wanted to.

Zhou Hao wasn’t going to listen to them. He only had one thought in his mind, and that was to kill these demonic beasts.

Although this magical beast was not a threat to him, it was important evidence for him to announce the existence of the experimental base here.

“Kill him!”

Liu Peiyuan immediately ordered the demonic beasts. There was a hat on the heads of these mutated beasts, which was the mechanism for these people to control the demonic beasts.

Now that they were in control, these demonic beasts immediately went crazy. Their eyes were red and they lost their minds.

In fact, they had not completely lost their minds. Right now, the demonic beasts still had one last thought, which was to rush forward and kill Zhou Hao.


The demonic beasts pounced forward one after another, and Zhou Hao’s speed increased even more, like lightning.

At this moment, Zhou Hao knew that to these demonic beasts, living was the most torturous thing. Killing them was the only way to free them.

Therefore, Zhou Hao did not show any mercy. He decisively used the weapon he could use to give them a fatal blow.

Then, Liu Peiyuan and the other evolvers only saw Zhou Hao rush over, but the mutated beasts did not move at all, as if they had been frozen.

Why isn’t he moving?

Some of the netizens in the live stream couldn’t bear to see Zhou Hao being killed and lying in a pool of blood. Some of them even closed their eyes. However, when they opened their eyes, they found that the mutated beasts were not moving at all.

Zhou Hao had already passed through the mutated beasts and arrived behind them.

“You animals, hurry up and do as I say, move!”

Liu Peiyuan could not stay calm anymore. The bad feeling was getting stronger. If this continued, something bad would happen.

He definitely didn’t want things to turn out like this. Therefore, he had to do something in advance.

“What are you guys doing? don’t tell me that you think that you can solve the problem by just looking at me? hurry up and increase the current!”

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