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Chapter 1207 - An obedient kitten    

Chapter 1207: An obedient kitten


At this moment, Zhou Hao knew that he had to do it alone. Just like before, he had to solve this problem by himself.


The mutated beast inside rushed out. It was a two-headed flame Tiger.

The flame Tiger’s eyes were bloodshot. It was being controlled by the control panel, and its combat power far exceeded that of Saint-level human experts.

The leader, Liu Peiyuan, smiled coldly and said,””Don’t struggle anymore. The strongest person on earth is only a martial Saint. Even if all of you attack together, the final result will still be the same!”

Hearing this, Zhou Hao was disdainful. What flame Tiger? it was clearly just a little kitten.

Zhou Hao did not even make a move. He just stood still, waiting for the flame Tiger to attack.

Was this guy scared silly?

The evolvers were all dumbfounded.

Even though the flame Tiger was under their leader’s control, they still felt as if they were facing a great enemy.

At this moment, they were certain that Zhou Hao was also a Saint level expert.

Now, Zhou Hao was probably no match for him, so he should be on the defensive.

However, they did not see Zhou Hao defending himself. It was as if he did not even have the intention to do so.

They immediately understood that Zhou Hao must have been scared out of his wits, which was why he had not made a move.

That’s right, that’s it. They couldn’t think of any other possibility, so they quickly determined that this was the possibility.

It was no wonder that they couldn’t think of any other possibility. After all, this was already beyond their scope of knowledge.

They did not know that Zhou Hao was not only above them, but also above the Milky Way and the entire universe.

Zhou Hao looked down on him and did not even bother to make a move.

Just like that, they all watched as the mutated flame Tiger pounced on them. It was fast, accurate, and ruthless.

If they were to pounce, there would only be one final outcome. But no matter what, the final outcome would definitely not be what they wanted.

Therefore, at this time, they all knew what they were facing.

“Kill him! As long as we kill him, we’ll have a new experimental body!”

Liu Peiyuan was excited. Although he could not tell how special Zhou Hao’s physique was, he could vaguely tell that Zhou Hao’s physique was rare among the evolvers.

It was not easy to encounter such a Constitution.

At this moment, they wanted to take down Qin Lang.

“Let’s attack together. We can’t take down this brat just by letting it attack!”

Liu Peiyuan could tell that Zhou Hao still had a lot of trump cards up his sleeve. He shouted angrily at the other members who were still indifferent.

These team members had suffered losses before, so they were very careful and didn’t dare to make a move.

When they heard their leader’s order, they knew that they had no choice but to take action.

If they didn’t make a move now, they would definitely regret it later and pay a heavy price for it.

In the base, this leader was equivalent to a leader.

If they didn’t do it now, the leader would have the right to kill them in the future.

Therefore, at this moment, they knew that they could only obey orders.

Just as they were charging forward, they were stunned. What did they see?

The flame Tiger suddenly stopped and crawled in front of Zhou Hao, even using its head to rub against Zhou Hao’s pants.

That’s right, the flame Tiger was just rubbing against Zhou Hao’s trousers like an obedient kitten.

The few of them were dumbfounded. They couldn’t believe it. Some of them even thought that they were hallucinating.

However, when they rubbed their eyes, they finally confirmed that they were not mistaken.

“Number two, what are you doing? come back here!”

Liu Peiyuan, who was shocked, felt that he was about to lose his experimental subject number two. He immediately wanted to call back the flame Tiger.

However, when Liu Peiyuan gave the order, experimental subject No. 2 did not even move. It was like an obedient kitten lying at Zhou Hao’s feet.

“Damn it, what kind of spell did this kid cast? can someone tell me what’s going on?”

Liu Peiyuan was not the only one who wanted to know what was going on. Yang Yuanyuan was also confused.

Yang Yuanyuan had wanted to remind him, but then she saw a scene that shocked her.

If she had not seen it with her own eyes, she would never have believed that such a ridiculous thing could happen in the world.

Now, Yang Yuanyuan knew that what she saw was the truth.

“Boss, you’re amazing! You’re the person I admire the most!”

It was also at this time that the netizens in the live broadcast room were boiling with excitement. In fact, the live broadcast room had already been opened.

The netizens in the live broadcast room were still the same as before, expressing their worry for Zhou Hao.

This time, the difficulty of entering the cave was no less than any of the previous challenges. They felt that Zhou Hao might be in trouble.

They didn’t know what they would encounter, but they knew that something unexpected would happen.

There was also a lot of danger involved in this matter. For example, just now, they were certain that even if Zhou Hao did not die, he would not be able to leave this place in one piece.

In the end, what they saw next made their jaws drop. They had never thought that this matter would go so smoothly.

If he had known before, things would not have ended like this. It would have ended very quickly.

[Host, you’re getting more and more awesome!]

“Host, how did you do it? can you tell us?”

“Host, I want to learn from you. Host, I want to be a master Beast Tamer!”

In the universe, being a master Beast Tamer was a very popular profession. As long as one had such an identity, they would not have to worry about food and drink in the future.

However, they did not know that Zhou Hao was not a master Beast Tamer. In fact, he was not even a Beast Tamer.

Zhou Hao was speechless. These netizens ‘imaginations were too wild. They actually thought that he was a Beast Tamer master.

Thinking about it, the current scene was indeed something that only a Beast Tamer could do, so he felt that it was not surprising.

“Boss, when did you become a Beast Tamer? why didn’t I know about this before?”

Yang Qianqian came over and was full of admiration. She had completely transformed into a little fangirl.

Now, Yang Yuanyuan was very close to Zhou Hao, thinking that this boss might take the opportunity to develop their relationship, as long as their relationship was better.

In that case, they might even become lovers. Although it was not on the surface, she was satisfied as long as they could become secret lovers.

Zhou Hao was trying to send a secret order to the flame Tiger to see if it could understand humans.

“Kill them all, leave none alive!”

To Zhou Hao’s surprise, the flame Tiger could actually understand. The flame Tiger was a high-level evolved mutated beast, and it was very rare to encounter such a beast.

The mutant beasts rushed up and started to bite Liu Peiyuan.

“What are you idiots still looking at? hurry up and pull this beast away, hurry!”

Liu Peiyuan was furious. He wished he could drive these evolvers away, but if he did, he would have no one to use.

So, he didn’t do that now.

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