Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 1206 - The head of base    

Chapter 1206: The head of base


“You’ve suffered. From now on, you’ll follow me. I won’t let this happen again!”

He was not her boyfriend, so Zhou Hao tried to comfort her as he was her boss.

Yang Yuanyuan still wanted to say something, but she didn ‘t.

Then, they saw many cocoons falling on the walls of the cave. There were many of them, and their heads were sticking out.

These heads were all terrified, but when they saw the two of them enter, they were ecstatic.

“Save me! I’m the son of the dark river star area’s master. If you save me, I can give you beautiful women. I have all kinds of beautiful women!”

“Save me first. I can give you anything you want, and I promise you won’t be disappointed!”

Tan lang could recognize a few of them who had prominent identities. These people were the sons of the overlords in this universe, and they were all powerful and influential.

If he had encountered such a situation when he was short of money, Zhou Hao would have agreed without hesitation.

But now, Zhou Hao did not. In fact, he could not even be bothered to look at her.

“Boss, why are you leaving just like that? are you not interested in their clan’s cultivation?”

Seeing that her boss had made a detour, Yang Yuanyuan was stunned for a moment before she caught up with Zhou Hao.

It wasn’t because Yang Yuanyuan was kind, but because she knew that there would be many benefits as long as she could be saved. That was the most important thing.

However, Yang Yuanyuan wanted to take advantage of this moment to ask for some benefits, just like she had done in the past.

The people hanging on the wall were all extremely happy, and they couldn’t wait to exchange right now.

“Let’s go and destroy the big guys here first. The mutated beasts here won’t kill them for the time being. We’ll come back and decide if we should take them out after we’re done!”

Zhou Hao was too lazy to make a move now.

Yang Yuanyuan looked at her legs and was very puzzled. If she still had arms and legs like a normal person at this time, she wouldn’t have to look at them like this all the time.

“You guys just wait, I’ll take you guys out when I come back!”

The evolvers were in despair. They had finally found someone who could save them, but now they had to wait.

In fact, every day and every second of their time here was a kind of torture. Right now, they wished they could leave this place immediately.

However, they now knew that it would be extremely difficult for them to leave this place.

“Don’t worry, I’m very interested in your wealth. As long as my boss and I settle our business, we’ll come back immediately. We’ll definitely come back to save you!”

After saying that, Li Yuanyuan followed Zhou Hao to the underground base.

Below the base was the headquarters. The head of the base was there, who was the person Zhou Hao was looking for.

“Who’s there!”

The evolvers below were of a higher level and were not inferior to any martial Saints. They had sharp senses and quickly discovered Yang Yuanyuan.

“Capture her! We can’t let her leave alive!”

Wuist saw Yang Yuanyuan. She was a test subject and number one, so she was easy to recognize.

On Yang Yuanyuan’s body hung a number tag, which could be seen at a glance.

When they confirmed that it was true, these Saint-leveled powerhouses immediately attacked.

“Yes, leader!”

These Saint-leveled experts had all locked onto Yang Yuanyuan, but they had neglected Zhou Hao who was beside her.

Zhou Hao was already a godly state expert. As long as he concealed his aura, it would be difficult to discover him.

“Not good!”

When they swarmed up and got close to Yang Yuanyuan, they realized that there was a very weak breath next to her.

The few evolvers immediately sensed it, but they realized that they could not sense Zhou Hao’s cultivation base.

At that moment, they were prepared for the worst. Even if all of them worked together, they might not be Zhou Hao’s match.

“What are you all waiting for? attack together and take him down!”

The leader saw all of this and realized how serious the situation was. He could only speak loudly to his men.

These people nodded their heads and charged forward together. They were using a combat technique called the bull’s charge.

Together, they were able to unleash a terrifying combat power.

It was like a planet that had been detached from its orbit and was crashing toward him.

At that moment, Zhou Hao knew that he could not allow them to take advantage of him. No matter what, he had to resolve this matter.

“Get lost!”

Zhou Hao’s strength poured out from his limbs and bones, instantly sending these evolvers flying.

How could this be!

The few evolvers could not believe it. Although they knew that they might not be a match for him even if they attacked him together, they did not expect the gap to be so huge.

They found it hard to accept that they had already come up with the latest research here that could stimulate their human potential to the greatest extent.

On Earth Star, it could be said that they were basically invincible.

However, they were unable to do anything to Zhou Hao at this moment. They could not even catch Zhou Hao’s movement.

“Leader, I’m afraid we’re no match for them. I request for experimental No. 2 to take action!”

One of the evolvers with a burly figure had an ugly expression. He made a prompt decision and said to the leader.

The leader pondered for a moment and nodded.”Sure!”

Then, the leader pressed a red button on the control panel.

Then, some of the houses in front of them opened on their own, and a pair of red eyes appeared.

Zhou Hao immediately knew that this was a test subject of the base. He had to be careful.

At this time, Yang Yuanyuan suddenly rushed to the front.

“Boss, leave this test subject to me. You can help me after you’ve dealt with them!”

Zhou Hao knew that she was trying to put on a brave front and his heart ached for her. It had been so long since then and she was still the same.

“Leave this matter to me. This is what a man should do. If I let you deal with a difficult opponent now and this matter gets out, how can I continue to be your boss in the future?”

Zhou Hao was confident that he could solve the problem, but he did not want Yang Yuanyuan to take any risks. She must have suffered a lot before this.

Now, Zhou Hao thought that he had done all he could to bear the responsibility, and let her deal with the rest herself.

Yang Yuanyuan did not have a human body now, so she could not continue to use her previous combat skills. At this time, the power she could use was less than 10%.

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