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Chapter 1205 - Identity confirmed  

Chapter 1205: Identity confirmed

From the past until now, the genes of mutated beasts had always rejected humans.

Even if a mutated beast caught a human, it would not eat him, nor would it fuse two genes.

So at this time, Zhou Hao had already denied the possibility that the person in front of him was Li Yuanyuan. It was very likely that it was just as Jonina had said, that this was a scheme of the Queen Mother.

“Who exactly are you? speak!”

Zhou Hao’s eyes narrowed as he spoke in a cold tone.

It was better to believe that she was a puppet than to believe that she was Li Yuan Yuan.

Li Yuanyuan was helpless. If only the gray-haired man was by her side at this time, then it would be easier to explain.

However, she wasn’t here right now, so she couldn’t explain herself.

Her boss had a deep hatred for mutated beasts for a long time. Therefore, she knew that it was useless to explain herself now.

“Boss, I’m really Li Yuanyuan. You just have to ask me some questions, and I’ll definitely be able to prove my identity!”

The mutated beast said with a sobbing tone.

Zhou Hao thought that if he had been so quick to conclude that it was really Li Yuanyuan, then what he had done would have been too cruel.

Hence, after taking a deep breath, Zhou Hao changed his attitude and said,””Alright, I’ll give you one chance!”

After that, Zhou Hao asked a lot of questions, most of which were related to memory.

Zhou Hao thought that if he got one wrong answer, he would attack.

However, after asking, Zhou Hao realized that the mutated beast in front of him was actually able to answer fluently, and all of them were correct.

“How could it be!”

Zhang San and Jonina couldn’t believe it. This was the first time they had seen a mutated beast fuse with a human.

“Boss, if you still can not confirm my identity, I can take you to a place. After that, I think you will understand everything!”

Li Yuan Yuan suddenly said.

It seemed like that was the only way. In fact, Zhou Hao had already believed Li Yuanyuan, but the amount of information was too much.

He had thought of many possibilities, but he never thought that he would actually encounter such a thing.

“Lead the way!”

Zhou Hao followed behind, and they soon arrived at a huge cave.

When they entered, they passed through the dark path and only saw light ahead.

Zhou Hao immediately walked out and found an open space in front of him. He looked around and saw a base.

If one didn’t look carefully, they would mistake it for a mutated beast that was crawling on the ground.

Zhou Hao immediately believed Li Yuanyuan’s words.

It was impossible to build a base in a mutant beast’s nest. From the start, mutant beasts could not trust humans, and they did not want to collude with humans.

Even though the mutant beasts had lost their advantage, they were still unable to come into contact with them, and there was no possibility of peaceful coexistence.

However, a base built by the human race had appeared in such a dangerous place. This was simply unbelievable.

After making sure that he was not mistaken, Zhou Hao acted quickly. First, he covered his ears and knocked out the two genetic Warriors who were guarding the place.

Then, he entered the base without a sound.

Their speed was very fast. Hence, the alarm in the base was not triggered, and no genetic warrior could discover them.

These genetic Warriors were all high-level genetic Warriors. However, it was not easy to discover them.

“Boss, follow me. I’ll take you to a place first. There are many people that need you to save!”

At this moment, Li Yuanyuan turned around and ran in one direction.

Zhou Hao followed her without any hesitation. Now, he also believed in Li Yuanyuan, the kind that believed without a doubt.

All Zhou Hao wanted to do now was to figure out the secret down there and why the base had appeared here.

It turned out that humans were colluding with mutated beasts, and they had even gotten the consent of the mutated beasts. He would not believe that there was nothing fishy about this.

Now, he just wanted to get to the bottom of this.

After a while, under Yang Yuanyuan’s lead, they came to an entrance.

An underground corridor appeared in front of them.

“Boss, why don’t we go in first? you can follow us when there’s no danger later!”

Jonina hurriedly spoke up from the side. Now that she was experienced, she knew how to make some preparations.

Zhou Hao knew what she meant, but he had no choice but to go down. At this time, he could only solve this problem by himself.

“Jorina, if you want to stay outside, I’ll go down there even if it’s a Dragon’s pool or a Tiger’s Den. This matter needs to be resolved as soon as possible. If it’s not resolved soon Linhai City will become the next City of Light!”

At the mention of Light City, Zhou Hao felt guilty. If he had stayed back then, Light City would have been free from the mutant beasts ‘siege.

Because they did not do a good job, the bright city lost the opportunity to go out and ask for help.

By the time he was done with his own matters, the bright city had suffered heavy casualties.

Now, he absolutely didn’t want to see a similar city appear again. Therefore, at this time, he knew that he had to settle the things that needed to be settled more than ever.

Only when all these were done could he be considered prepared. The next time such a thing happened, he would be able to solve it easily.

“AI, I’ll listen to you!”

Knowing that her boss was a stubborn person, Jonina did not try to persuade him any further. The words were at the tip of her tongue.

Zhou Hao rushed to the front with Yang Yuanyuan by his side.

“Boss, I never dreamed that I would be able to see you again. Boss, Wuwu!”

On the way to the central base, Yang Yuanyuan started to cry. She didn’t expect things to turn out like this.

In the past, she had a bright future and could become a new Star in the future.

However, good things didn’t last long. Something happened before that day could come.

If she had followed this boss back then, none of this would have happened. She might have even been able to leave and continue to maintain her original identity.

After that, he could still continue to do what he wanted to do.

From before to now, many things had happened. All of these added up were things that she had not expected.

Yang Yuanyuan had probably been suppressing her emotions for a long time. Now, she finally felt as if she had finally met someone who had been separated for many years but was not her lover. She opened up her mouth and vomited out all the bitterness in her heart.

Zhou Hao could not help but look at Yang Yuanyuan in surprise. He did not expect her to be able to live for so many years as a mutated beast.

If it was someone else, they would have probably chosen to kill themselves.

After all, mutated beasts had to kill people, and it was the kind that could not be avoided.

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