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Chapter 1204 - The conspiracy of the mutated beasts    

Chapter 1204: The conspiracy of the mutated beasts


“Let’s go and hunt more mutated beasts!”

Zhou Hao, Jonina and Zhang San entered the core area. The mutated beasts there were more dangerous and stronger.


As soon as they entered, they encountered mutated beasts.

The mutant beasts outside were all in groups. A single one had little advantage, so they could only fight in groups.

It was needless to say inside, as most of the mutated beasts here fought alone.

Although these mutant beasts were alone, they were extremely powerful. Even if they attacked in groups, they would be torn to pieces in an instant.

“Be careful!”

Jonina had taken the wrong path and encountered an Earth Dragon.

The earth Demon Dragon was also a type of Demon Dragon. However, compared to the demon Dragon that they had provoked before, the current earth Demon Dragon was more dangerous.

The Earth Dragon was a mutated chameleon. After the mutation, its disguising ability had been improved, and its attack power was very strong, only inferior to that of the demonic Dragon.

In terms of sneak attacks, the earth Demon Dragon was definitely the best.

“Thank you, boss!”

Zhou Hao sent the Earth Dragon flying with a kick, saving Jonina’s life.

The earth Demon Dragon’s attack power was not the strongest, but its bite force was the strongest.

If she was bitten, Jonina would probably be crushed, or even split into two.

Jonina heaved a sigh of relief, but before she could recover, she noticed a huge black bear running over.

This black bear was also a mutated beast, called violent earth bear. It could easily stun people, and the sound waves it emitted could also cause dizziness.

“It seems like the Queen has already noticed our presence!”

Zhou Hao’s head hurt. He didn’t expect that he would still be discovered even though he had been careful enough.

If she had known that she would be discovered, she wouldn’t have had to be so careful. However, it was useless to say anything now.

This was because some things were destined. No matter how well one did, as long as there were mistakes in the future, some things that should not have happened would still appear.

As long as these things appeared, the results would change.

In other words, it didn’t matter what he did during the process.

“Jonina, you walk in front, I’ll follow you!”

Zhou Hao quickly made the arrangements. He had Jonina in the front so that she could protect her more easily.

The other way was to use this method to carry the mutated beasts in the back and make dumplings. It could be said to be killing two birds with one stone.

The higher the level of these mutated beasts, the higher their intelligence. Some of them were even similar to ordinary people.

In other words, some mutated beasts would use the same strategy as humans.

If they wanted to complete the mission, it would be equivalent to going against someone with a very high IQ. So at this time, the only thing she could do now was to do better.

This was the best solution she could think of in a while. Other than this, she couldn’t think of a better solution.

As long as she could do this well, she believed that she could definitely do better in other times.

That was it. She had roughly determined what she should do.

From the past to now, he had lost too much. He did not want to repeat the same mistakes again.

After walking for a while, Jonina, who had been walking in front, suddenly spoke.

“Boss, I keep feeling like someone is watching us!”

Zhou Hao was stunned. She did not sense anyone approaching. If someone was approaching, she would have sensed it immediately.

However, he had not sensed anyone’s presence or anyone appearing beside him since just now.

If it had, she would have discovered it by now.

However, he hadn’t discovered it yet.

“Don’t worry, just walk in front. If he dares to make a move, I’ll get rid of him immediately!”

Just like that, Zhou Hao continued to lead his men forward.

Not long after they left, a black shadow suddenly came out from inside. No, to be precise, it jumped out.

“Boss, you’ve finally come!”

Just as Zhou Hao was about to raise his hand and slash down like before to hunt quickly, he suddenly heard a human-like sound coming from the black shadow.

Although many mutated beasts could speak human language, this black beast’s words were beyond imagination.

“What did you just call me?”

The mutated beast did not attack. Instead, it stood in front and kept its distance. Its eyes were wide open, as if it was about to cry at any moment.

“Boss, be careful. This might be the mutated Queen Mother’s scheme!”

Remembering how the mutant Queen Mothers were unscrupulous, Jonina immediately looked at the mutant beast with vigilance.

As long as he noticed anything unusual, he would not hesitate to kill the mutant beast in front of him.

Zhou Hao was also staring at the mutated beast. If it was before, she would have immediately killed it, but now she did not.

The reason he didn’t do so wasn’t because he couldn’t kill the beast, but because he knew that he would regret it if he did so.

Right now, she had such a strong feeling in her heart, so she didn’t make a move.

“Why do I feel like I’ve heard your voice before?”

Zhou Hao hesitated for a moment before finally voicing out the question in his heart. He had a feeling that he had heard of this before.

But when he tried hard to recall, he discovered that he couldn’t remember no matter how hard he tried.

This was strange. Zhou Hao did not continue thinking about it. Right now, even if she cracked her head, she would not be able to figure it out.

“Boss, I’m Huang ‘er. Don’t you remember me?” she said.

The black mutated beast’s eyes were filled with tears as it cried out in pain.

Zhou Hao was stunned as if he had been struck by lightning. He finally remembered that the voice belonged to Li Yuanyuan.

He always called her Luan ‘er and treated her as his sister. She had disappeared in the midst of the mutant beasts and thought that she was dead for sure.

“Impossible, she’s already dead. Tell me, are you a spy sent by the Queen!”

Before Zhou Hao could say anything, Jonina could no longer remain calm, and said excitedly.

Back then, many people had witnessed Li Yuan Yuan being devoured by a flood of beasts. She had been left with no bones.

It wasn’t just Jonina who didn’t believe it, Zhou Hao didn’t believe it now.

There were many mutated beasts that could imitate human voices, so it was not surprising that they did not believe it now.

“I’m really Chen ‘er. Boss, you can ask me some questions. I can prove that I’m her!”

Li Yuanyuan said excitedly. She was afraid that if she spoke any slower, she would be separated from him again.

Zhou Hao asked a few questions to test the waters. These questions were all related to Li Yuanyuan, and most of them were unknown to others.

That was a secret between him and Li Yuanyuan, and only he and Li Yuanyuan knew it.

Zhou Hao asked these questions and then waited quietly.

Zhou Hao thought to himself,’how could it be Li Yuanyuan? it’s impossible for a mutated beast to fuse with a human.’

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