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Chapter 1203 - Never changed  

Chapter 1203: Never changed

And now, this native actually wanted someone as powerful as her to kneel.

“Zhou Hao’s ability to stir up trouble has not changed since the beginning!”

Some of the girls who knew Zhou Hao could not help but sigh.

This was the first time Zhou Hao saw him when he left Earth Star. He also liked to cause trouble everywhere.

After a long time, they thought that Zhou Hao had changed a little, but he was still the same as before.

Zhou Hao noticed them too, but he did not say anything.

Matt chose to make his move, and like a volcano that had erupted, he completely erupted.

“I’ll slap you to death!”

Matt’s battle technique was one of the best among the many battle techniques. She raised her hand and sent out a palm strike, and the power within her body also began to gather.

This was only a threat to those of lower ranks. In front of Zhou Hao, it was not of much use.

Zhou Hao was already a godly state expert. He had already mastered laws that most people could not master, and he had also achieved things that many people could not do at this time.

No matter how long it would take for it to end, they only knew that there were some things that had to be done.

Only in this way would they be able to do better in the future when they encountered more difficult things.

From before until now, it wasn’t the first time that people had come looking for trouble like this.

“Matt, you forced me to do this. I’ll fulfill your wish!”

Zhou Hao took a deep breath and felt helpless. It seemed that he had no choice but to make a move now.

All she could do was raise her hand and make the last decision she wanted to make, which was to punch him.

With the support of the power of law, she could now freeze time and space. These experts who wandered the starry sky had no idea what kind of technique she was using.

“How could it be!”

Matt had originally thought that he could easily defeat Zhou Hao, but now, even after becoming an expert in the starry sky Walk, he still couldn’t do anything to Zhou Hao.

More importantly, she realized that her body was strangely still, as if someone had cast a body freezing spell on her.

Just like that, Matt could do nothing but watch helplessly as the fist came closer and closer.

“I won’t lose. How can I lose? this can’t be true!”

Matt wanted to use all his strength to dodge this circle, but he found that no matter how hard he struggled, the result would be the same.

“We can’t just sit here and wait for death. If we lose now, how can we continue to live in the future!”

Matt was constantly telling himself that the consequences of losing this time would be severe, and he wanted to use this to stimulate his body’s potential.

However, after a while, even when the fist hit his chest and he felt the pain, he still couldn’t stimulate his potential.

“How could it be like this!”

In an instant, a mighty force sent Matt flying.

Matt was sent flying like a rubber ball, flying more than ten meters away before finally landing on the ground. It was unknown if he was Dead or Alive.

“That idiot! Zhou Hao’s 3-star mutated beast was already taken care of and she’s still here to provoke us. She’s looking for death!”

Many people looked at Matt as if he was an idiot.

The members of the black vulture Regiment were all extremely embarrassed. Not only did their boss lose face, he had also lost all of their faces.

Although they wouldn’t be stripped of their status, they wouldn’t have a good life in the future.

It was also in the afternoon that Matt slowly woke up. However, at this time, he still had lingering fears.

“In the future, when you see that fellow, you must not attack him. Go around him!”

Matt immediately gave an order to his team members. He finally understood why so many families had suddenly become so well-behaved.

He had thought that something big had happened, but it turned out to be because of Zhou Hao.

However, she now knew that she had also suffered a lot.

Now, Matt swore to himself that he would back off as long as he heard anything in the future.

But Matt didn’t know that Zhou Hao didn’t take him seriously at all. Even if he ran to the front, it would be fine.

Most importantly, as long as they didn’t cause any trouble, they would be fine.

Although Zhou Hao was a vengeful person, it didn’t mean that she would treat any Tom, Dick, or Harry as her enemy.

Zhou Hao then brought Jonina to hunt for more mutant beasts.

Boss, I suddenly feel like something is missing without that guy around.

Zhou Hao glanced at Jonina. He knew that the person she was talking about was her friend from before.

Before this, they could be considered as life-and-death friends. If it wasn’t for that incident, they would probably still be going on adventures like friends.

Perhaps, they might even be able to follow him to the end.

However, due to the mutant beast Army, they had to part ways. At that time, they didn’t even know where he was going.

When he returned, Zhou Hao had sent people to look for it, but no matter how many people he sent out, the news was like a stone thrown into the sea.

Now, she didn’t have any related news. She didn’t know how long she had waited.

He didn’t want to wait any longer, because at this time, if there was any news, it would have come a long time ago.

“I hope that guy will remember us in the future and come to Earth Star to find us!”

Zhou Hao sighed with emotion. He knew that those days would never come back. At this point in time, there was nothing she could do.

Now, she could only do what she needed to do. This way, even if something really happened to her one day, she would die a worthy death without any regrets.

“Boss, I think it’ll be hard for us to meet that guy again!”

Jonina suddenly spoke.

Jonina had always had the ability to predict the future, so she probably saw something. Zhou Hao asked her if she saw anything.

Jonina said that she saw the guy being surrounded by a group of mutant beasts.

Hearing this, Zhou Hao’s heart sank. If that was really the case, coupled with the fact that they had disappeared, it was very likely that they were already in a bad situation.

“Boss, let’s not talk about this anymore. Let’s pray for that guy. He should be fine!”

Jonina quickly consoled.

The boss and that guy were considered close friends, and he had always wondered if they could meet again.

This boss of hers couldn’t be overly sad because of this matter.

The mission this time was very important. Whether or not the relationship Director could develop in the future, he had to do it well this time no matter what.

She didn’t want something like that to happen again, so she could only do what she had to do now.

If all of these were not handled well, the future would be very bad.

Zhou Hao knew what Jonina was worried about. He quickly adjusted his mood, thinking that he could not continue to delay this matter.

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