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Chapter 1202 - Global poverty alleviation

Chapter 1202: Global poverty alleviation

“My first condition is that your evil eye clan has to open up a space route for us!”

Zhou Hao thought about how Earth Star had not had such a sea route for a long time, which caused their lives to deteriorate.

Now, as long as there were more roads on earth, they wouldn’t be as hard pressed to purchase resources from other planets in the future.

Before this, because of this, they had become a poor and remote place in the eyes of many residents on developed planets.

In fact, with the development of this place, it was no longer the case. It was just that there were no sea routes, so it was laughed at.

It was fine for her to be laughed at, but if there was no such path, then the Earth Star under her feet would also be laughed at.

“No problem. I’ll contact my big brother right now. He’ll help you set up the route within a month!”

The evil eye clan could easily solve this problem. Their clan had a group of engineers that specialized in this sort of work.

Zhou Hao continued with his second condition.

“The second one is that you can’t participate in the fight for the Queen Mother after we take it down!”

This sentence stumped the current evil eye Yi Jie, making her feel very troubled.

This time, she wasn’t just trying to prove herself, she was also doing it for the honor of her family.

This time, it was not only the family behind her that was watching her, but the entire Empire.

If the dynasty felt that he was not good enough, it would be a huge blow to the evil eye clan.

“Can you change the condition?”

Evil eye Yi Jie wasn’t willing to agree just like that, so he gritted his teeth and said.

The people who were watching and the people in the livestream room held their breaths. They were all shocked beyond words.

They had never thought that Zhou Hao would be able to make evil eye Yi Jie wear slippers, and more importantly, in such a submissive manner.

The evil eye Yi Jie they had seen before wasn’t like this, and some of them even began to doubt if the one they were seeing now was the real Yi Jie.

However, they all knew that this was definitely true.

“Okay, I’ll change my condition. Your evil eye clan will send a group of diplomatic corps to earth and cooperate with us!” Zhao Feng said.

Zhou Hao’s request once again stumped evil eye Yi Jie.

However, compared to the previous condition, this one was a little simpler.

Evil eye Yi Jie knew that he would be pushing his luck if he refused now, so he didn’t rush to refuse.

Evil eye Yi Jie considered for a while before making a decision, and that was to agree to this condition.

“Oh my God, did I hear wrong? she agreed!”

Many of the team members were in disbelief. To them, this was like a dream. It felt so unreal.

However, they both knew that it was true, and it was true.

“Alright, you can go now. Next time you see me, remember to behave yourself!”

Zhou Hao patted evil eye Yi Jie’s shoulder, before leading Zhang San and the rest to continue hunting mutant beasts. Now, her hunting targets had changed from low level mutant beasts to high level mutant beasts.

These high-level mutant beasts were charging at him without any regard for their lives, but Zhou Hao did not Dodge, choosing to face them head on.

Zhou Hao’s thundering three thousand could now be used as he wished. He could Dodge the attacks while also attacking the mutated beasts.


Some of the mutant beasts did not even know how they died, and they died in pools of blood with their eyes wide open.

Zhou Hao felt that things had gone too smoothly this time. They had already killed their way into the central area, and there were not many teams left in this area.

Out of the 300000 people who had come to carry out most of the missions, more than 200000 were trapped outside. They had not even dealt with the encirclement of the low-level mutated beasts.

The people who entered were all strong and powerful. Many of them were mercenaries, and each of them was an elite among the elite.

They were all on guard against each other. At this time, they were all experienced and knew that the biggest threat to them was not the mutated beasts, but their opponents.

These opponents could be said to be everywhere. One person who kept smiling could become an assassin and start assassinating them at any time.

This was the real reason why the mission was so difficult.

“Zhang San, go and ask around later. Ask them. I want to know why there are so many members from different factions here!”

The people from the Hong Meng sect and the Blood River Association were all here. It could be said that they were a group of famous people.

Originally, they were not supposed to appear in this place.

However, now that they were all here, it could be said that there was a big problem.

At this time, Zhou Hao felt that it was necessary for him to figure it out. Otherwise, when those people found this place, they would probably be caught off guard again like before.

Something like this had happened in the past, and she didn’t want to have such a precedent.

Zhang San went.

At the same time, the captains of many forces also noticed Zhou Hao.

“Hehe, Zhou Hao, you’re here too. Just in time, let’s settle our previous scores!”

The leader of the black vulture mercenary group walked over and rubbed his hands together.

The members of black vulture behind him were also rubbing their fists. They had always wanted to take revenge.

However, Zhou Hao had run away and disappeared without a trace.

They had issued a wanted order, but they still couldn’t find him. Now that they had finally seen him, how could they let him go?

“You don’t know my current identity?”

Zhou Hao was very surprised. He didn’t go to look for them, but they came to look for him.

Black Vulture’s Captain Matt felt that something was wrong, but he didn’t know what it was.

“Do you have another identity besides being a native?”

Hei Teng looked at him with disdain. In his eyes, a person like Zhou Hao would not change much no matter how much time had passed.

When Zhou Hao left Earth Star, he was an Aboriginal. He was still an Aboriginal now.

“Matt, it’s been so long, but you’re still the same. I can’t bear to beat you up. If you apologize to me now and give me all the beast cores you have, I’ll spare your life!”

Zhou Hao’s eyes were cold. She really couldn’t bear to hit the silly Matt guy now. After all, this guy didn’t do anything out of line.

It was just a few harsh words.

Hearing this, Matt’s face darkened. A native actually said that he would spare his life. This was simply looking down on her. No, this was not taking him seriously.

“Zhou Hao, I’m giving you a chance, not a chance now. If you don’t do as I say, I’ll crush your head right now!”

Matt was extremely furious. She was from the seventh planet, and she was a local tycoon.

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