Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 1210 - A familiar name  

Chapter 1210: A familiar name

However, they couldn’t grow wings. Therefore, the current situation was already destined for them.

Just like that, under Zhou Hao’s coercion, they revealed who their commander was.

Zhou Hao seemed to have heard of their commander somewhere before. He was stunned for a moment as he felt that the name was very familiar.

However, no matter how hard she tried, she could not remember where she had heard this name.

However, Zhou Hao knew that he must have heard of this name somewhere.

“Try to think, you’ll definitely remember!”

Zhou Hao racked his brain for a long time but still couldn’t figure it out.

Zhou Hao thought to himself,”no, I have to find out who the owner of this name is.” However, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. This was a problem.

While Zhou Hao was at a loss, Yang Yuanyuan suddenly said,””Could it be that commander Jiang …”

If Zhou Hao had heard such words in the past, he would have cut off all ties with Yang Yuanyuan and become a passerby.

But now, as Zhou Hao recalled these two words, he suddenly thought of something, but it was just a fragment of memory.

This was definitely someone he knew, but he wasn’t sure where this person was.

“Your reminder is very helpful. After we get out, we must find him no matter what!”

Zhou Hao wanted to continue thinking about it, but he suddenly felt a splitting headache.

Zhou Hao felt that if he continued to think about it, he would probably die. However, he did not want to die now.

He would continue digging after he got out, but Zhou Hao quickly threw the idea to the back of his mind.

After that, Zhou Hao continued to lead his men deeper into the forest.

Yang Peiyuan was just one of the pawns in the base. There must be many more pawns in the base. Now that they had come to this place, if they did not uproot him now, they would only cause endless harm in the future.

So, no matter what, he had to settle everything here before he could leave.

Zhou Hao continued to walk forward. When he was halfway there, he suddenly saw a group of people rushing out. These people were all filled with killing intent.

To be exact, they weren’t human beings, but evolved humans. They had zombie bodies, but human minds.


These mutated evolvers growled and pounced forward. They could climb along the wall, so they hung upside down like spiders.

These evolvers were also very fast, like a bolt of lightning.

It was only at this time that he was in a good state of mind. If he was still the same as before, he would probably regret it.

From before until now, he had done a lot of things, but in the end, he had not done them well.

Now, Zhou Hao wanted to do everything perfectly. Although he knew that he would make mistakes during the process, he still tried his best to do it well.

As long as he could do all these well, he would be able to do better in the future with his experience.

From the beginning until now, he probably already knew what meaning his actions had to him.

Now, he had to do this more than ever before.

Only by doing it well now would he be able to do it better in the future.

“All of you, keep up. Don’t lose them. The difficulty will continue to increase. If you’re not by my side, I can’t protect you!”

At this moment, Zhou Hao’s words were directed at Yang Yuanyuan. Now that he thought about it, he had failed to protect her before, so he must protect her now.

“Boss, you’re the best!”

Yang Yuanyuan immediately followed behind him and rubbed her head against Zhou Hao’s trousers affectionately.

Jonina was filled with regret. She shouldn’t have allowed Yang Yuanyuan to get close to Zhou Hao. That way, she could have taken over the boss all by herself.

Furthermore, they could enjoy their private time together.

However, because they had not made such a decision before, the outcome was different now.

He had not expected this at all.

However, Jonina knew that there was no use in regretting it. She could only think that she must follow her boss closely after this.

He definitely couldn’t let Yang Yuanyuan, this scheming bitch, succeed.

At this moment, Jonina didn’t know that Yang Yuanyuan was also thinking the same thing. She was planning to deal with them.

If Zhou Hao knew what the two of them were thinking, he would probably knock them on the head. He was protecting them, not letting them waste their time thinking about nonsense.

Now, Zhou Hao did not feel much pressure when facing these mutated evolvers. However, that was all. The situation would be different in the future.

If he couldn’t settle this now, then in the future, he might not even be able to protect himself, let alone Yang Yuanyuan and Jonina.

Therefore, he couldn’t be careless in protecting these two people. Only by doing it well now would there be no problems in the future.

He didn’t know how many things had happened since the beginning. Now, he could only grasp everything that he had grasped. Only in this way could he grasp some things that he couldn’t control before.


These mutated evolvers were charging forward without any regard for their lives. They were in the same state as the mutated beasts who had lost their minds. They only knew how to rush forward and kill their targets.

“Hmph, if it were those corpse Kings, you test subjects might be able to stop me for a few seconds. Now, you want to stop me by sending out these trash? simply ridiculous!”

Zhou Hao didn’t use any fancy moves. Now, he had already integrated the all-breaking technique that he had learned before into the skills that he could master.

Now, he could do as he pleased. When he clenched his fist, he smashed it forward.


This punch directly smashed a huge gap in the mutated beasts in front of him.

When the others saw this, they felt their blood run cold. They had never thought that things would turn out like this.

They were aware of the danger and knew how terrible it was.

“Damn it, when did a monster come in? release our latest model soldiers and block him, quick!”

The alarm went off in the base. All the staff members and those who were stationed in the base immediately took action.

When they saw that the five-star demonic beast that they had cultivated was dead, each of them felt as if they were facing a great enemy. They knew that the enemy they were facing this time was different from the ones they had faced before.

Now that they knew that they were in danger, they had to settle everything they had to.

If they couldn’t solve it this time, it would be even more troublesome in the future. They definitely didn’t want to wait until then.

Therefore, they all knew what their current opponent meant to them.

“Quick, go out and block him. You must stop him. Whoever stops him will get a Super Serum from commander Jiang!”

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