Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Chapter 829: The Power of the Black Dragon

Chapter 829: The Power of the Black Dragon

The black dragon's shadow covered heaven and earth, releasing a breath that frightened all things. Black Dragon Zaka, once the strongest enemy in front of Yun Xi, was now his greatest help.

After the sacred silver white light spot, it was constantly rotating lines of four different colors.

Desert dragon Zaka's gravel color.

Ice Dragon Zaka's frost color.

Red Dragon Zaka's flame color.

Black Dragon Zaka's nightmare color.

This time, it was the real ultimate Dragon Roar Wave. The three primary colors of red, yellow, and blue plus black and white can deduce 10000 colors!

This was Yun Xi's Holy Dragon Roar Wave.

Every second, there were endless colors flying around Yun Xi, along with the songs of Zaka, fighting side by side with Yun Xi.

Yun Xi, who wields four treasure beads, has the qualification and strength.

Desert dragon Zaka's treasure bead gives him the power of gravel, Ice Dragon Zaka's treasure bead gives him the power of frost, Red Dragon Zaka's treasure bead gives him the power of fire, and Black Dragon Zaka's treasure bead gives him the power of nightmare.

Instead of becoming the supreme sword of the original dragon, the world's most powerful dragon treasures chose Yun Xi, betrayed their mother and came to him.

The Dragon Roar Wave, which has unlimited energy and the power of devouring the world, will not disappear!

It's like the incarnation of the four Zaka sisters, and will be with Yun Xi forever.

The Dragon Roar Wave danced between heaven and earth, turning into a rotating spiral blade and hitting the emerald sword of the original dragon, destroying the sword that would have been composed of them over and over again, making the original dragon's anger rise constantly.

This is the trace and proof of the existence of the Zaka sisters, and also a signal of their love for Yun Xi.

The emerald-colored giant sword fell and bombarded the Dragon roar wave. Each of its attacks had overwhelming power, tearing apart heaven and earth.

It's impossible to imagine how powerful the sword the original dragon wielded would be if she held the perfect original God weapon composed of four treasure beads at this moment.

It may be nothing more than exaggeration to describe it as groundbreaking.

Yun Xi can feel the surging power in his body, which was completely controlled by himself, making his body seem to be burning.

The Zaka sisters told her in this way that even if their flesh and blood disappeared, they would be with him and fight side by side.

Tears welled up in his eyes, as he felt gratitude towards the Zaka sisters who gambled everything.

They knew that if he won, they would disappear with the original dragon, but they still made a choice.

Therefore, he will bear all of them and fight.

"The Star of the Sand!" Pointing the Starwings to the sky, Yun Xi launched the ultimate skill of Desert Dragon Zaka, summoning a star that can destroy the world.

The star composed of endless gravel appeared in the sky, and then began to fall rapidly. Four Sand Eyes surrounded the star, summoning more gravel to make the star composed of gravel more huge.

The original dragon raised her hand, and the green giant sword behind her instantly began to cut the Star of the Sand.

It seems that it is almost as difficult for her to cut open the star that fell to the ground as it was for her to cut an apple.

"Frozen for thousands of miles, trio!" Yun Xi released three forbidden spells without stopping.

The snow line spread instantly on the earth, and the ten-thousand-year-old ice and snow turned into ice rings, froze everything, and everywhere you saw a vast white expanse.

Pure white without any impurities.

Let the world become pure and white.

The battlefield turned white.

The green halo around the original dragon spread and was not affected by the ice. The extremely low temperature seemed to be just a breeze blowing across her face.

"Look, the sky is burning!" Yun Xi stood up his index finger and middle finger and pointed to the sky.

One, two, three, four… Seven flame meteors formed in the sky, and then countless fire clouds began to boil, like magma bubbles under the ground.

The original dragon looked dismissively at the burning clouds that began to boil, opened her small mouth, and spit out a jade dragon's breath.

Before the seven flame meteors began to fall, they were transformed into nothingness by the spreading emerald dragon's breath, as if they had been completely decomposed.

Strong, hopelessly strong. Yun Xi couldn't even figure out the real strength of the original dragon in front of him. It seems that she hasn't been serious since she came on stage.

"My mother, in fact… Is still asleep…"

"It's just… Her anger…"

A slightly hoarse, low voice came from his ears, which was the murmur of Black Dragon Zaka, the most powerful of the four Zaka sisters and the least familiar to Yun Xi.

As the strongest Zaka who was once dominated by the original dragon, she is the only one of the four Zaka sisters who has really touched that kind of will.

"If you can calm our mother's anger… Maybe you can save the world…"

I know she is angry, but why? Yun Xi asked the youngest Zaka who was whispering in his ear.

"That's because… she had nightmares." Black Dragon Zaka couldn't understand what was going on.

It was too difficult for her to understand why the great original dragon mother was angry.

That gnashing of teeth, and bitter hatred, seemed to be only aimed at one person.

Considering that there is only one human being in the world who can resist the original dragon, the answer seems not difficult to reason.

It was none other than the "Prince" who caused the original dragon's anger.

"You… are mother's nightmare."

After reaching this conclusion, Black Dragon Zaka's voice suddenly became silent.

"I know. My mother's hatred must be on you."

"The reason… Maybe you can guess?…"

"I'll tell you the truth. Who let you not even let go of the youngest sister Black Dragon Zaka!"

In his mind, the three dragons came together again. It seemed that even if they lost their flesh, their contempt for Yun Xi would remain unchanged for ten thousand years.

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