Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Chapter 829: The Power of the Black Dragon, Part 2

Chapter 829: The Power of the Black Dragon, Part 2

"I'm… still young… I don't understand…" the timid Black Dragon Zaka looked at the noisy sisters in confusion.

"It doesn't matter if you don't know. You're the only one of our sisters who hasn't been poisoned by him."

"Sister, don't believe what this liar says in the future."

"This is a true playboy!"

Despite such complaints and contempt, Black Dragon Zaka can feel the heartfelt joy and happiness of her sisters.

Can I do the same?

Can I do the same thing as my sisters?

If I can do anything, then I am willing to take action.

If it's this person, it's OK.


This time, Yun Xi instantly felt the fluctuation from Black Dragon Zaka.

The dark smell of terror was spreading from his forehead, which was the unique strength of Black Dragon Zaka.

If one of the four Zaka sisters can really pose a threat to the original giant dragon, it is Black Dragon Zaka, who evolved to the dragon of world devouring.

Strong as the original giant dragon, it first came to the world with the help of Black Dragon Zaka's power. Even because of Black Dragon Zaka's betrayal, her body structure has not been completed yet.

Black Dragon Zaka is the strongest weapon in the original giant dragon's hand. The dark blade that destroys the world.

At the same time, she is undoubtedly the most powerful of the four treasure beads obtained by Yun Xi.

The only problem is that Yun Xi is not used to using the power of Black Dragon Zaka.

Having skin relatives with the three dragons, he can skillfully use Desert Dragon Zaka, Ice Dragon Zaka, and Red Dragon Zaka's powers, but he can't mobilize Black Dragon Zaka's power.

Because he doesn't know how to use this power. Even for this reason, the black part of the flying Dragon Roar Wave is the least, which is a flaw caused by insufficient proficiency.

Except for the red, blue and yellow of the three primary colors, black should have been the corresponding color with the strongest attribute woven with the sacred silver white, but the Dragon Roar Wave didn't evolve such a formula.

"Tell me… What do my sisters know, but I don't know?" With curious pupils, the Black Dragon asked Yun Xi about thr things not in heritage memory.

The initial memory of the four Zaka sisters is similar, which is the knowledge and wisdom from the great original dragon mother.

When they were still in the egg, they were all similar individuals, but their personalities were slightly different because of the difference in attributes.

However, as they broke their shells and left the nest of the dragon, they had a different life and a different destiny.

The last born Black Dragon Zaka was forcibly catalyzed by the original dragon and completed the great cause of devouring the world, and then met her sisters.

Unlike what she imagined, her sisters didn't die but lived well, they seemed to have started a completely different life.

Their smiles are something she had never seen before.

They are even willing to die for human beings and have no regrets.

Compared with their mother who fell into madness because of anger, Black Dragon Zaka finally chose the side of her sisters.

Among them, the golden butter bread on the third floor of the tower also played a little role, really just a little…

At the moment, what Black Dragon Zaka wants to know is the secret that her sisters know and enjoy, but don't tell her.

What makes her want to be with this human being?

Just because he can make delicious bread?

Time seems to stop at this moment.

Black Dragon Zaka's young body appeared in Yun Xi's arms and stretched out her hands to him.

From the palm of her tender and smooth hands, bursts of cool air came into Yun Xi's body. This air slowly flowed into Yun Xi's body, leaving only a trace of cool meaning. It was very comfortable, and it would be better if it weren't black.

The dark force with a cold taste infected Yun Xi's body a little bit. It's strange that his body didn't resist this dark force, and it seems that it is not strange to have this dark attribute power.

"What you have done to my sisters, I also want…" although still young, Black Dragon Zaka's curiosity overcame her shyness, and she instinctively perceived the difference between herself and her sisters.

They have something she doesn't have. Even Red Dragon Zaka, who is just a little older than her, also has a sense of maturity she doesn't have.

Yun Xi lowered her head and looked at the pair of little "White rabbits".

"Hmm… Hmm…" as Black Dragon Zaka wished, Yun Xi gently kissed Black Dragon Zaka's small red lips.

When it comes to kissing, Black Dragon Zaka was not Yun Xi's opponent at all.

Her pair of clear, lively, kind and simple eyes were tightly closed, the two rows of long eyelashes were bent and trembling. The small, pink, soft and smooth body twisted, but it couldn't escape Yun Xi's clutches.

Even though she is still small, she inherits the fine tradition of the Zaka sisters. Although the buds on her chest were not very big, it had a full sense of protrusion, like a sharp bamboo shoot.

Yun Xi's hand moved down involuntarily, and soon it felt the softness.

Black Dragon Zaka blinked and seemed to understand what the sisters couldn't say.

"Oh… Ah…", her clear and simple eyes closed shyly at this time.

So, my sisters were treated like this!

I understand. Only in this way can I be like my sisters and make us truly united.

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