Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Chapter 828: Secret Treasure of the Dragon, Part 2

Chapter 828: Secret Treasure of the Dragon, Part 2

"I like you, Desert Dragon Zaka, you are the storm of hot sand, my third princess."

"I like you, Ice Dragon Zaka. You are the queen of ice and snow, my fourth princess."

"I like you, Red Dragon Zaka, you are the burning flame, my fifth princess."

"I like you, Black Dragon Zaka, you are the mysterious unknown, my sixth princess."

"If you can, marry me, great Zakas."

Yun Xi stretched out his hand, and the world extended infinitely between his fingers, confeschant to the four Zaka sisters at the same time.

They are sisters who will not be separated.

As long as you like one person, you will naturally like all of them, which seems to be destined.

Therefore, what they ask is "We", which is what they desire.

"We are Zaka sisters, the great Zaka sisters." Desert dragon Zaka triumphantly responded.

"We are Zaka sisters, the wise Zaka sisters." Ice Dragon Zaka responded with a smile.

"We are Zaka sisters, the fighting Zaka sisters." Red Dragon Zaka's enthusiasm remained the same.

"We are Zaka sisters, the mysterious Zaka sisters." Black Dragon Zaka's voice was a little low.

"Zaka sisters will never be defeated!"

"Zaka sisters will go forward!"

"Zaka sisters will win every battle!"

"Zaka sisters won't regret their choice!"

Yun Xi can't tell who is who, because the voices of the four sisters have been mixed together.

On the ground, the original giant dragon wearing an emerald mask stretched out her hand and began to call on the four beads in the sky.

It was an absolute order from the original dragon will, a compulsory order for the four sisters.

However, this time, the four Zaka sisters resisted the original dragon's instructions together, and the four Zaka sisters made the same choice.

The four treasure beads gathered together flew to Yun Xi at the same time, releazing the breath of the four Zaka sisters.

The dragon on the ground was stunned, suddenly her murderous intent rose to the sky, as she glared at Yun Xi, who had been favored by the four Zaka sisters.

"Ah… What a wonderful scene…" White Lotus looked at the golden balance that instantly recovered the balance, covering her small mouth.

"It's… shameless!" Red Lotus said that the man over there was hopeless!

"Desert field!"

The four Sand Eyes appeared again, bigger than ever, and the wind of hot sand released was more violent.

"Ice Mirror Array!"

More and denser ice mirrors emerged around Yun Xi, launching an unprecedented large array.

"Dragon Roar Wave!”

The deep red Dragon Roar Wave spread and roared, making the earth completely dyed red.


Once again, a huge dark dragon shadow appeared, but this time the dragon that devoured the world became the support of Yun Xi, the strongest help from Black Dragon Zaka.

At this moment, Yun Xi felt that the Starwings in his hand seemed to release a certain sense of elation.

Illusion, it's an illusion!

All the branch missions of the dragon war were marked with completion one by one.

At this moment, Yun Xi stood at the top of the world and raised the Starwings in his hands under the gaze of the twin witches.

The four Zaka sisters, who betrayed their mother, floated beside him at the same time and completely ignored the compulsory combination order from their mother.

"Hiss… Ha…" the original dragon with its head askew seemed to be in a state of extreme doubt and stretched out its hand again to issue a recall order to the four Zaka sisters.

"Sorry, I want to be here."

"I can't go back."

"Sorry, mother."

"Mom, I'm out of order."

At the same time, the four sisters rejected the call from the original dragon and danced around Yun Xi of their own will.

"……" the original dragon's killing intent began to increase at an unusual rate.

Anger, disappointment, or both.

The green light surrounded the original dragon's body. She once again closed her index finger and middle finger together, and a huge emerald sword began to take shape behind her.

At the moment of the formation of this huge sword, the golden balance began to shake violently, as if the fate of the world was about to encounter the final judgment.

"No, my mother is going to destroy the world!"


"Once again, the strongest Dragon Roar Wave!"

"What is a combination skill?"

The voices of the four Zaka sisters suddenly became tense, and the four treasure beads all wrapped around Yun Xi, and then entered Yun Xi's body.

Yun Xi's left hand was occupied by Desert Dragon Zaka.

Yun Xi's right hand was occupied by Ice Dragon Zaka.

Yun Xi's heart was occupied by Red Dragon Zaka.

Yun Xi's forehead was occupied by Black Dragon Zaka.

The black dragon, which devoured the world, began to roar. Zakas, the strongest forces that once overwhelmed Yun Xi, became the strongest foreign aid.

With all the power, Yun Xi can feel the will of the four Zaka sisters.

The sacred silver light points were flying at Yun Xi's fingertips and cheering!

"The sand blown from the horizon is the proof of our love!" Desert dragon Zaka began to boldly confess.

"The permanent ice and snow at the end of the world is a witness."

"Look, the sky is burning. This is the strongest flame of the Red Dragon Queen!"

"Eyes in the dark, staring at you."

Yun Xi raised the Starwings in his hand, and endless brilliance fell, which was the care of the stars.

The original dragon's finger fell coldly. It was the final judgment of the fate of the world.

Between heaven and earth, endless brilliance and green giant swords crisscross, explode and sublimate.

It's like what it was when it was being praised at the beginning of the world.

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