Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Chapter 828: Secret Treasure of the Dragon

Chapter 828: Secret Treasure of the Dragon

Cause destruction to both sides?

No, it's the disastrous defeat of Yun Xi!

Holding hands with Yun Xi, Red Dragon Zaka's abdomen was accurately penetrated.

The sword of Black Dragon Zaka has accurately targeted the biggest weakness of the three dragons alliance and Yun Xi!

The Core of Molten Fire provides the source of Red Dragon Zaka's infinite energy, and it is also the basis for the three dragons alliance and Yun Xi to display their combined skills.

The original God weapon hidden in the body of Red Dragon Zaka was knocked out of her body by the sword light of Black Dragon Zaka, revealing her original appearance.

It was a red crystal, showing a constantly rotating posture, in which countless flowing lava could be vaguely seen.

It is enough to hold the origin of the fire element in one world. Among the four original God weapons, it is the only fire attribute God weapon with the "Infinite" attribute.

The biggest threat Yun Xi poses to Black Dragon Zaka is the four-color Dragon Roar Wave. Without the support of this molten core, neither Red Dragon Zaka nor Yun Xi can launch the ultimate combination skill.

"Ga…" Red Dragon Zaka, whose Core of Molten Fire was forcibly knocked out of the body, fell into Yun Xi's arms, and her whole body softened.

"Cough…" Desert Dragon Zaka, who was in the state of launching the combination skill with Yun Xi, was no better. The forced interruption of the four-color Dragon Roar Wave also caused a huge backfire on her.

"She… is not our sister Black Dragon Zaka…" Ice Dragon Zaka's body was shaky, showing an expression of near despair.

Opposite, Black Dragon Zaka was also miserable. Her mask was broken, revealing her young and silent face, but there was no emotion in her dark pupils.

The attack of the four-color Dragon Roar Wave was not ineffective. The big hole on the left side of her chest was the wound left by the strongest attack launched by Yun Xi and the three dragons alliance.

However, such an injury is not fatal to Black Dragon Zaka. Instead, Red Dragon Zaka, who lost the Core of Morten Fire, lost almost all her vitality.

This time, even the little green flower in her heart can't save Red Dragon Zaka's life.

Without the infinite energy supported by the Core of Molten Fire, the vitality of Red Dragon Zaka began to fade at a visible speed, and her originally shiny dragon horn also became rough.

"This must be… a punishment from my mother…" Red Dragon Zaka covered her mouth and was unwilling.

"It's all your fault… My mother can't forgive me…"

"Sorry to involve you in this war." Yun Xi looked at Red Dragon Zaka in his arms with guilt.

Through the connection of life, he clearly felt that Red Dragon Zaka's life began to count down.

Black Dragon Zaka's sword has an undeniable attribute against the dragon, which cut her vitality to zero the moment it ran through Red Dragon Zaka's body.

The veritable sword of dragon killing really doesn't look like a sword skill that the speechless Black Dragon Zaka can use. She doesn't look like the person who would kill her sisters.

"Hum… But… I won't regret it…" Red Dragon Zaka slowly closed her eyes and gently told Yun Xi:

"Only with you, I won't regret it."

"Returning to the embrace of the original dragon mother is probably our destination."

"We were all her children."

The green flowers left the heart of Red Dragon Zaka and returned to the fingertips of Yun Xi.

"Sigh, even if I have to die, I have to die with glory." Desert dragon Zaka stood on tiptoe and kissed Yun Xi on the cheek.

"Goodbye, my playboy." Ice Dragon Zaka also learned from her sister and kissed Yun Xi on the cheek.

Obviously, they weren't hit by Black Dragon Zaka's sword. Desert dragon Zaka and Ice Dragon Zaka were both dead together with Red Dragon Zaka.

The bodies of the three people began to turn into light spots of different colors, as if summoned by something, and flew towards the treasure beads suspended in the sky.

It was indeed a call from the original dragon, but a call of death.

Am I alone again? Looking at the green flower at his fingertips, Yun Xi looked at the three dragons, which turned into light spots and disappeared with sad eyes.

No, it's not just the three dragons that have disappeared. The body of Black Dragon Zaka, whose mask was shattered by the four-color Dragon Roar Wave, was also disappearing.

"This is…" Yun Xi suddenly raised her head and looked at the four treasure beads in the sky.

Desert Dragon Zaka's Dust Treasure Bead.

Ice Dragon Zaka's Ice Treasure Bead.

Red Dragon Zaka's Fire Treasure Bead.

Black Dragon Zaka's Nightmare Treasure Bead.

The four Zaka sisters have all turned to dust, and died together.

Finally, Yun Xi and the three dragons jointly performed the ultimate combination skill, which was not ineffective. They did help him defeat the strongest Black Dragon Zaka at the end.

Zakas returned to where they come from.

The four treasure beads are their incarnations.

So, who is in front of him now?

"Don't be careless, Prince, the battle is not over!" White Lotus looked at the golden balance in her hand, and the heart of the red dragon and the black vortex disappeared at the same time.

Instead, there are two chips to judge the ultimate fate of the world.

Instead of the heart of the red dragon, the king with a sword appeared at the left end of the scale.

Instead of the black vortex, the emerald dragon shadow appeared at the right end of the balance.

The sleeping primal dragon was waking up!

Black Dragon Zaka's young body started growing, and the once shattered black mask was replaced by a new emerald-colored mask.

The real final battle began after the return of the Zaka sisters.

Yun Xi, finally facing the ultimate evil of the world, which is also the strongest ultimate creature - the original dragon.

Under the emerald mask, a chilling smile appeared, which was a dangerous smile of "I finally caught you" and "How can you escape now".

Yun Xi has never felt such a sense of oppression, which is a fatal threat that even the heart will stagnate.

Yun Xi has no doubt that the waking original dragon has the strength to crush him.

At the same time, in Yun Xi's mind, a task suddenly began to shine, as if it was reminding Yun Xi of something.

Optional Branch 4 - find the hidden secret treasure of the evil dragon.

Dragon's secret treasure? What's that? Yun Xi looked at the prompt that suddenly appeared, and his heart moved. He looked up and saw four treasure beads floating in the sky.

They are the treasure beads representing Desert Dragon Zaka, Ice Dragon Zaka, Red Dragon Zaka, and Black Dragon Zaka respectively.

Although they died, they didn't disappear, but continued to exist there in this way.

Born from the original dragon will, they will become the strongest weapons of the original dragon, which is their essence.

Is the so-called secret treasure of the dragon?

The strongest black mark on Yun Xi's hand suddenly started to heat up.

Are you making a sound to me?

Finally, Black Dragon Zaka!

"Yes, the anger of our mother is unstoppable. She will destroy the world."

"If you really want to save the world, use us."

"We made a choice."

Yun Xi's heartbeat began to accelerate unprecedentedly. If the world has been surrounded by endless darkness, the voice echoing in his ears at the moment is the final salvation.

"Confess to me, fool."

"Confess to me, playboy."

"Confess to me, liar."

"Confess, what is it?"

The voices of the four Zaka sisters echoed in Yun Xi's mind at the same time, just as they were still alive.

Ah, I see.

The most precious secret treasure of the evil dragon is you.

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