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Chapter 147: Tamers are All Freaks

Chapter 147: Tamers are All Freaks

The tamer controlled the fallen but still alive flying fishes and the rest to attack the manor, but Castella and Kirk had already made the appropriate deployments. Although the manor’s shields could not be activated because they were faulty, the tamer wasn’t able to do anything to the manor for a time as well.

The repair crews who were repairing the defense shields in a hurry estimated that the process would take about ten minutes, and the Feniers Family’s reinforcements from other planets would also be arriving in ten to fifteen minutes as well. If the tamer continued to make no progress within this ten minutes, then he would no longer have the chance.

Excitation light bullets and alloy bullets rained on the flying fishes whether they’re flying in the air or struggling on the ground, and the Feniers Family members did not stop unless the creatures had completely stopped breathing. The counterattack of a dying flying fish would bring trouble to the defenders, so they must be nipped in the bud.

Castella stood at a room inside the manor while watching at the situation unfolding at this place. He was silent as he read the reports coming in from his subordinates.

Castella did not need to conduct the battle personally. All he needed to do was to briefly explain the direction of their deployments before leaving the rest to the guards and the person in charge of the bodyguards to sort out by themselves. They were talented people whom the Feniers Family had spent much effort to train after all, so there was no way they needed Castella to tell them how to fight.

The guards coordinated quite well with each other too. The superiority of talents cultivated by a big family stuck out in this critical moment. Had they been the guards on Planet Brown Earth, the situation would’ve been a total mess.

Since the tamer was a shapeshifter, normal metal bullets and cold weapons* did not have any substantive effect. Therefore, the Feniers Family guards had chosen to use excitation energy weapons instead.

*weapons that are non-firearm i.e. swords, spears, bows etc.

In order to avoid affecting Warsaw’s control, no one used high energy density weapons in combat. But judging from the current situation, it was definitely possible to drag the battle for another ten minutes.

The tamer themselves did not think that the opposite side would discover him this quickly. The overall plan had appeared quite well, but the echo conches were discovered ahead of schedule, and the ‘Mermaid Princess’ Warsaw with the blood of a New European had delayed the deep sea giants. No progress was being made in regard to Tobo either.

Even if the tamer could control thousands and tens of thousands of fishes, they only had so many helpers on land. The sea snakes, prawns and crabs that had climbed ashore were being held back by a Feniers Family group and were unable to offer him any assistance. They understood that they would lost all chances of success if the situation were to drag out any longer. The tamer began to grow irritated.

“These are strange spectrums.” crouching not far away, the gray cat said while watching the battle and collecting information.

Cillin also sensed that spectrum vaguely, but right now he was more focused on that bizarre feeling of familiarity.

Cillin was certain that he did not recognise this tamer, but it was just as undeniable that this tamer gave him an indescribable familiar feeling. Unfortunately, he was unable to make sense of it.

This familiarity was a real thing and not an illusion. Cillin dared to bet that he had met someone who gave him the same feeling as this person. What’s strange was that despite his obviously exceptional memory, he wasn’t able to capture this nostalgic feeling at all. It was like a hazy light dot that flashed and disappeared repeatedly. It was as if he could catch it in his hand, only to find nothing when he opened his palm.

The thing that gave Cillin the familiar feeling wasn’t the strange spectrum or the tamer’s racial identity as a shapeshifter*. It was the vague aura created by the tamer.

*apparently, there is a shapeshifting race. Awesome!

Where had he seen such aura before?

Since he could not capture that fleeting feeling, Cillin decided to toss it all to the back of his mind first and paid close attention to the tamer. But the more he looked, the odder he felt.

Judging from the tamer’s current condition, Cillin believed that they were not holding themselves back. Otherwise, they would’ve been shot into sieves a long time ago. But it was definitely strange if he was to assume that the ability the tamer was currently displaying was their peak.

From some of the spectrum data the gray cat transmitted to him, and the frequency changes of the mini magnetic field created by the tamer’s aura he had collected himself, multiple operations and matrix analysis revealed that the tamer’s maximum effect field was not as wide as first imagined. The current situation was that beyond the zone of the effect field Cillin had calculated, the shoals were still being controlled to attack and attract the Feniers Family’s firepower in a well planned and well organised manner. This meant that there was another tamer within the area who was controlling these shoals. They had to be at the coastal waters at least.

If someone learned that Cillin had managed to calculate such complicated equations in such a short time with his human brain alone, they would’ve been so shocked that their molar teeth would fall off. A human brain that could do this was comparable to a machine already.

“Wheeze, there is another tamer around the area!” Cillin told the gray cat beside him.

Since the gray could could receive these spectrums, naturally it had noticed the abnormality as well. Hearing Cillin’s words, it switched its focus to seek out the other tamer hidden within the area.

There were too many interferences, and the scan was severely impacted. Moreover, when the gray cat attempted to make a comparison between the data on this shapeshifting tamer and another tamer, it discovered that he did not have a similar match in its database. After adjusting the parameters to the average human and a few other races the gray cat had seen before, it cross analysed the data yet again but still could not find a match within the predicted scope. This meant that the hidden tamer was very likely of a race that the gray cat had never seen before.

It could not be helped. The amount of people the gray cat saw on the hunting planet it lived in were very few, and it had only broadened its horizons after becoming a two-man team with Cillin. However, the amount of races the gray cat had encountered was still few when compared to the other Hunters within the Sixth Squad. It was no wonder that the gray cat would bump into walls constantly due to limited data. Of course, the gray cat grew even more expectant about meeting more races and more life forms in the future.

“I can’t find them. The amount of racial data I’ve collected are too few. I can’t get a match.” the gray cat sighed dispiritedly.

Cillin looked at the situation around and above the sea and asked the gray cat after a moment’s thought, “Can you capture the spectrums in each area? Including the ones in the air, the land and the sea.” Cilin’s analysis of the spectrums became much weaker the further away they were, so he could only rely on the gray cat.

“Yep.” in this aspect, the gray cat had absolute confidence.

“That’s good. You don’t need to list out the shapeshifter’s racial parameters and make a comparison. Basing on the spectrums and changes in the mini magnetic fields in every area, use cross elimination to find that fellow’s location…”

The gray cat began its second search attempt after hearing Cillin’s words. Since the gray cat and Cillin were close to one another, the gray cat could share some of its information with Cillin.

If this disturbance zone was to be put on a map, then every time the gray cat calculated a data, a color marked zone would shrink on said map. After several calculations, the color marked zone that was at first nearly overlapping with the entire map had shrunk by a lot.

Ten seconds later, the gray cat and Cillin became roused at the same time.

Found you!

A colored mark lay quietly at the coastal waters on the gray cat’s analysis map.

Cillin and the gray cat charged towards that direction with great speed.

Although Cillin and the gray cat had concealed themselves well, the tamer was obviously extremely alert. The moment they discovered that their position had been exposed, they immediately swam towards the distant sea with a whoosh. The instantaneous exertion of force had even caused the area they left behind to form a vacuum area, followed by a whirlpool right after. One could see just how strong they were.

Both Cillin and the gray cat swore simultaneously as they watched the fellow escaping beneath the water like an artillery shell.

Fuck, tamers are all freaks! (T/N: the two of you have no rights to say that LOL)

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