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Chapter 148: Meowfucker!

Chapter 148: Meowfucker!

Cillin and the gray cat dove into the sea to chase after the tamer. Although they only had a glimpse of their rear view, both Cillin and the gray cat knew that they weren’t an average human – after all, since when did the average human have tentacle limbs?

Moreover, the tamer’s speed… it was just like a sea born fish’s. The tamer was not slower than the black back marlins from before.

Since the tamer escaped to the distant sea after realising that they had been exposed, they no longer bothered with the shoals and thus, the shoals at the coastal water immediately fell into disorder.

These shoals began to fight each other without needing the Feniers Family members to act. Thousands and tens of thousands of fishes of different species and factions began to attack each other as the coastal waters was thrown into a shoals war for a time.

After the tail Castella sent to follow Cillin and the gray cat had reported Cillin’s movements, and combining that intel with the chaotic shoals at the coastal waters, Castella guessed that Cillin had probably discovered that hidden tamer. He sent his men to follow behind Cillin and the gray cat and pay attention to their whereabouts, but told them not to act recklessly.

Kirk told the men stopping the shoals offshore to stop whatever they’re doing and switch their focus onshore; to aid with the effort to capture the other tamer. After all, the flying fishes over there were controlled by the shapeshifting tamer. That tamer was the key.

Cillin and the gray cat chased closely behind the figure at the front, but they were unable to shorten the distance in a short time due to their opponent’s physical advantages.

What surprised Cillin was that the tamer was escaping towards the deep sea giants. Above the sea, Warsaw continued to hang on strenuously.

While watching the dense masses of giant shadows, Cillin thought to himself: what is this tamer trying to do?

He quickly knew the answer.

As the tamer approached, the great sea beasts that were initially quieted by Warsaw had begun to stir restlessly.

Above the sea, Warsaw’s voice on the spaceplane suddenly cut short as she took two steps backwards with a pale face and only barely managed to halt herself by grabbing the handrail at the side.

Seeing Warsaw’s appearance, the Binger Family people immediately came forth to support her and hand over a specially prepared liquid. Warsaw’s panting subsided a little after she drank the liquid, but sweat continued to pour continuously down her pale face.

After holding on for such a long time, one could say that Warsaw was about to hit her limit. Therefore, she could no longer hold on when the tamer had suddenly charged over and made a mess of things. She told her subordinates to bring over the communicator. When the line went through, Warsaw said urgently with unsteady breathing, “I’m sorry but I can’t hold out any longer. A tamer affected them, and I can no longer hold them back. You must deploy a response to this situation immediately.”

Just now, Warsaw discovered that the stable sound wave had suddenly been severed at a certain point by an unusual wave band. This also caused the sea beast who corresponded to that particular point to grow restless. At her peak Warsaw could deal with this situation nonetheless, but right now it was difficult for her to even speak.

If there was one, then there was also two. The chain reaction caused the other sea beasts to break away from their calm state one after another. Right now Warsaw could no longer suppress them, so it would seem that a good outcome for today’s incident was a foregone conclusion.

The low dissolved oxygen inside the sea was already recovering slowly under the effects of certain instruments, and the fishes in other areas of the sea were beginning to move there slowly as well. After all the sea was huge, and although the tamer had controlled a portion of the shoals, they were nothing but a small character with regards to the entire sea.

If only they could lure these deep sea giants to the distant sea, then the situation would become much easier to handle. The problem was that the deep sea giants seemed to have set their eyes on this particular area of the sea. If they came any closer, then Kirk would absolutely order his men to activate the weapons of mass destruction, and as a woman with the New European bloodline who grew up in Sector H, it was not something Warsaw wished to see. But a wish was one thing, and reality was another. What else could they possibly do now? Warsaw ordered her men to fly the spaceplane higher just in case the sea beasts suddenly attacked the lower altitude.

Back to Cillin. Cillin was chasing after the tamer before him when the gray cat cried out after a slight tremor, “That fellow is controlling the sea beasts!”

The tamer at the front quickly slipped through the gaps of those large bodies, and the big sea beasts would immediately move their bodies to block off the gaps after they passed through them. Therefore, Cillin could only find a different gap to slip through.

For a tamer, the only way they could draw any visible effect from the giant sea beasts was from close range and on one target only. Moreover, they could only create a thought inclination so that the big sea beasts would be induced to think in a certain way in that one instant, and not control them completely. Therefore, while this kind of control might not work one hundred percent of the time, it was an opportunity for the tamer the second even one of them worked.

Take what happened just now as an example. Previously, the sea beasts did not react when the tamer had passed through some gaps. But now, the sea beasts had acted according to the thought inclination the tamer had created and cut off Cillin’s pursuit path when the tamer was passing through this particular gap. If Cillin were to find a different gap and continue the pursuit, then he must waste a certain amount of time. However, the tamer could continue to escape and pull further ahead.

The big sea beasts paid no attention to either Cillin or the gray cat. As the overlords of a certain territory in the deep sea, their tempers were naturally not that good. Previously, when the overlords were gathered they had ignored and chose not to fight each other temporarily, or rather Warsaw had appeared before they could begin to do so.

But now, Warsaw no longer had the power to hold out and placate them. Adding that to the fact that the tamer from before had the intention of angering these big sea beasts, if even one of these deep sea giants was successfully enraged to attack the other sea beasts, then the waves raised by the angered deep sea giants would be enough to form tsunamis that could flood the manor on the shore.

There were a dozen of so deep sea giants in the area, and after the disturbance some of them had half surfaced above the sea to reveal their peak like dorsal fins, and some myriapoda-like sea beasts flung their thick and long limbs above the sea surface.

Tall wave crests were raised on top the sea surface.

The shoals at the coastal waters were either dead or scattered. The other tamer had already been captured as well. Without the tamer’s control, the sea creatures no longer attacked in an organised fashion. In fact, they couldn’t wait to escape as quickly as possible.

Kirk recalled his men and ordered his subordinates, “Attack immediately if those big fellows passed through the coastal waters’ warning line.”

The people Castella sent to tail after Cillin did not even manage to get close before the sea beasts had gone crazy. Left without a choice, they could only stay away for the moment and act later.

The gray cat who was pursuing the tamer along with Cillin accidentally got whipped by the thick limb of a big sea beast. Not only was it whipped far, far away, it even spun in midair like a spinning top.

“Meowfucker! You go ahead, Cillin. I’m going to teach this blind fellow a lesson!” the gray cat who swam back in the blink of an eye said.

Up until this point, the gray cat had always thought itself to be someone who put the interests of the important above all else. But how could it not be angry when something had literally whipped it with a whip?

“Don’t let them get close to the coastal waters, Qiuqiu is still inside the manor you know. If you can, draw these big fellows to the distant sea.” Cillin knew that the gray cat knew had its own measure of things, so he did not add anything further. The tamer at the front was escaping further and further away.

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