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Chapter 146: The Tamer Appears

Chapter 146: The Tamer Appears

“Stop them!”

Kirk knew that their target was the manor. If they allowed the enemy to get close to the manor then it would mean trouble. The situation at the manor was already murky in the first place, and it could only go worse from there if the flying fishes were to join the fray.

The shoals beneath the sea could not make their way upshore, so no matter how hard they tried they would not be a serious threat to the manor. That was why Kirk was going to maneuver the defense teams inside the sea and switch to other targets. But he didn’t imagine that he still underestimated the threat posed by these sea creatures.

“Boss, sea snakes!!”

Kirk was just going to issue an order to the underwater teams, but had to glance at the screen when the subordinate beside him interrupted his actions.

A bunch of sea snakes had relied on their nimbleness and slender bodies to avoid the shots and began climbing ashore. The sea snakes’ patterns alone were enough to chill Kirk’s heart. The venom spat out by these sea snakes was extremely corrosive, and it had without a doubt made the defensive battle even more difficult than before. His subordinates had even told him that there were bigger sea snakes and other terrestrial sea creatures beneath the sea, causing Kirk to feel as if he could not breathe. A battle where both hands and feet were bound* was just so goddamn stifling.

*cannot act to one’s wishes

Thankfully, he had many years of experience to aid him through the crisis. After Kirk swiftly collected himself, he began issuing the orders once more.

A group of people retreated back to the seacoast and began targeting those sea creatures that had made their way ashore. The other group of people attacking the flying fishes in the air had to protect Warsaw at the center and could not move…

While Kirk and Castella were hard pressed by the enemy, Cillin slapped the gray cat’s head and said, “Pay attention to those flying fishes. I have a feeling that that tamer is on one of those creatures.”

The people outside the manor were given not the slightest chance to take a breather at all. If it wasn’t for their higher ranking genotype, they would’ve collapsed a long time ago. Meanwhile, the people inside the manor were on full alert. No one had been expecting to face such a massive battle between fish and man. The good news was that a fish was still a fish, and it could not fly as high or be as agile as an actual bird. Therefore, it was still relatively easy to shoot them down.

There was no way the Feniers Family’s manpower in other locations of Sector H could arrive immediately, so they dragged the battle as long as they could. Once reinforcements arrived, the situation should then improve.

The shields around the manor were raised when the flying fishes had appeared. However, it didn’t take long for them to realise that something was wrong with the shields. The emergency repair personnel discovered that the faulty locations were littered with several prawn and crab corpses. It was obvious that they had died from touching high energy circuits.

So this was where the disappearing marine products that were supposed to be served on the table as dishes had gone to. Their most important objective wasn’t Tobo, but the defense shields.

While watching everything that was happening inside the manor, Castella could finally get a sense of how powerful the influence of a tamer truly was. With just one person’s strength alone, they had caused an entire planet’s sea creatures to go crazy… Hmm? An entire planet?

Suddenly, Castella trembled from head to toe.

That’s not right!

There’s no way there is just one tamer!

It would’ve been way overpowered if a single tamer could command so many shoals and be at so many places at once. If the ancient tamers truly could pull of such a feat individually, there was no way they would have declined in Sector H.

Castella had received news that the coastal areas were under attack by the shoals, and that the controlled shoals were spread at nearly every important seacoast areas of the entire planet. They would not have failed to mobilise the manpower otherwise.

Although Warsaw said that the Wiesen Family had only one ancient tamer, but if by any chance they did have more than one ancient tamer…

The fact that so many areas were attacked by controlled shoals indicated that there was more than one ancient tamer in the midst. But why this place alone?

It was true that the Feniers Family’s little young master Tobo, the Feniers Family’s Sector H CEO Kirk and the Binger Family’s men were all at the manor. However, this manor was just a private residential area, and the several real central administration zones responsible for the Sector’s businesses were all someplace else. If those zones were to be damaged, then their management of Sector H would fall into trouble. If the goal was to strike at the Feniers Family’s business at Sector H, then there was definitely much to be gained by attacking those places. But why spare those places and simply delay reinforcements if they truly had more than one ancient tamer?

It was self-contradictory!

Castella knew that this wasn’t the time to think about such things, but once the thought began it was hard to stop it. Castella felt the blood in his body running a lot cooler than usual.

Which other Family had stuck their foot into places it didn’t belong to?!*

*the English idiom would be sticking one’s nose into someone else’s business

If there really was a fourth Family involved in this battle, then the situation was no longer as hopeful as he thought before. That being said, from the look of things this fourth Family’s attitude was a little too ambiguous. Although they had decided to help the Wiesen Family to strike at the Feniers Family, but they made sure not to go overboard and did not stand completely on the opposite side. It should not have turned out like this according to Castella’s understanding of those families who held grudges against the Feniers Family.

The gray cat had been paying attention to the flying fishes in the air ever since it was reminded by Cillin. Slowly, it zoomed in on one particular fish.

“Cillin, it’s that one!”

When the gray cat uttered this, Cillin had obviously made the same discovery as well. While staring at the flying fish that had pretended to be shot down from the sky, he patted the gray cat and said, “Let’s go. Let’s have a look at this legendary tamer!”

Cillin and the gray cat jumped directly out of the window. The monitoring crew reported Cillin’s activity to Castella, and Castella sent a few men to follow behind them. He knew that with LC Cillin’s abilities, he must’ve made a discovery. It must have been something important too.

The flying fish that pretended to be shot landed not far away from the manor’s garden. Its belly faced upwards, and it appeared unremarkable amidst many other flying fishes that were shot out of the air. However, not long after it landed on the ground, it spilled a pool of something sticky out from the back that was touching the ground. The color of the sticky substance was very similar to the flying fish’s back, and adding that to the fact that it was stuck to the flying fish’s back earlier, it was no wonder that the abnormality could not be spotted easily while the flying fish was flying in the air.

Under the cover of many flying fish corpses, the sticky substance began slowly shifting its way towards the manor.

Cillin did not act immediately. Instead, he pulled the people Castella sent to follow behind him to a stop.

The men tailing behind him did not appear to be too surprised or embarrassed to be caught by Cillin. However, what Cillin told them later was definitely a shocking blow.

Cillin pointed at the general direction of sticky thing and said, “The tamer is right there, but you need to inform Castella first that there are many flying fishes on the ground that are still capable of moving. Tell him to send some men and deal the final blow.”

The flying fishes that had plummeted to the ground were gravely injured and looked to be bloodied all over. But they were still alive. If someone were to scan them using a life detector, they would discover that one third of the flying fishes that had fallen to the ground still had life in them. If they were made use of by the tamer again before they were completely dead, then the manor might suffer quite a blow. It was like a beheaded snake. Even with only a head left, a snake could still attack out of reflex.

Naturally, the group of men knew about this as well. After hearing Cillin’s explanations, they immediately reported the news to Castella. After Castella had heard it, he immediately put his men into action.

This was the Feniers Family’s business. The reason Cillin was interested in the tamer was not only because of their mystical ability to control sea creatures, but also the flying fishes themselves.

Cillin had not read about this type of flying fish while he was going through some books about the special fish species in Sector H. Cillin suspected that these fishes were genetically modified and secretly bred by either the tamer themselves or the Wiesen Family.

The pool of sticky fluid seemed to notice that it was found out, so it condensed into a human shape and revealed its true form. He could move a lot more nimbly in human form.

A shapeshifter! The tamer was actually an extremely rare shapeshifter!

It took a lot out of the Feniers Family to find the tamer, so naturally they spent a huge amount of manpower to deal with them.

While the Feniers Family’s men were battling against the tamer, Cillin and the gray cat continued to collect data from not far away (T/N: a Hunter to the cell, man). Cillin realised that he sensed something familiar from this tamer.

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