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Chapter 145: Fish That Flies

Chapter 145: Fish That Flies

Castella sighed when he heard his subordinates’ report. They were careless!

Since the enemy had sent a tamer after them, then be it the fishes that lived in the sea, the ornamental fishes or the fresh marine products, they could all be controlled by the tamer.

This also alerted Castella to an important information, and that was the trainer must be very close to the manor already!

Otherwise, there was no way those sea creatures that were used for food and ornamental purposes could have acted the way they did. After all, they managed to avoid some of the manor’s eyes and ears. This would’ve been impossible with their normal IQ.

While Castella was issuing one order after another, Tobo and the other two little fellows were looking at the shot and immobile crabs on the floor and staring angrily at Tang Qiuqiu. They did not know how the crabs managed to climb out of the box they were in, but the trio who were already dissatisfied with Tang Qiuqiu in the first place grew even angrier.

“Tang Qiuqiu, what is the meaning of this!” Emma was the first one to jump out and roar at Tang Qiuqiu, pointing, “It took us so much effort to catch these crabs, how dare you open fire at them?! This is practically unforgivable!”

Tang Qiuqiu did not paid her any attention at all. This was because Cillin had told her that the enemies who planned to kill Tobo might not necessarily be human beings. Therefore, Tang Qiuqiu had acted completely on instinct and killed off anything that could threaten his life.

In that instant just now, Tang Qiuqiu suddenly experienced an extraordinary feeling before noticing the crabs that were acting differently than usual. It was just three crabs; Tang Qiuqiu had watched Tobo and his friends capture the crabs, and at the time the crabs gave her a somewhat mechanical feeling. In short, they were something that could be used as food. However, she had sensed a killing intent – a very obscure killing intent that could not be picked up by the bodyguards staying outside the room at all – in that very instant. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was brought up in the chaotic zone of Sector V and hence, capable of capturing that obscure killing intent, she would died hundreds and thousands of times at Sector V already.

Rost was of course biased towards his own family and joined Emma in denouncing Tang Qiuqiu’s wicked conduct. However, Tobo simply frowned and stared back and forth between Tang Qiuqiu and the crabs.

Naturally, there were monitoring cameras inside the room, and the observers were afraid that these little ancestors would throw a tantrum and cause trouble after Tang Qiuqiu had opened fire. Plus, the Tang Qiuqiu kid was carrying a gun with her. So when the bodyguards outside opened the door and came in, the Binger Family bodyguards especially had blocked around Emma and Rost because they were unfamiliar with Tang Qiuqiu.

However, after the two person in charge of the Feniers Family and the Binger Family’s bodyguards glanced at the three crabs and matched each other’s eyes once, they ignored Emma and Rost’s complains and gestured for their subordinates to inspect the room.

Just now, Castella had informed them to pay attention to anything relating to sea creatures. Be it prawns, crabs, fishes, sea snakes and so on, they must all be given high attention since they might very well have been controlled already.

When the two PICs saw the three crabs that were shot by Tang Qiuqiu, they both sighed to themselves. Thank goodness this little girl had noticed the abnormality, or god knows what kind of consequences would have followed. At the same time, the Binger Family’s PIC was still guessing at Tang Qiuqiu’s identity, wondering if she was someone with true skill or just a blind cat that accidentally ran over a mouse*.

*blind luck

Meanwhile, the bodyguards had discovered yet a few more prawns and wiggling sea born mollusks in several concealed air vents.

By now even Emma and Rost had noticed that something was wrong. After all, they did have a little bit of sense of danger, and could connect this incident with a few dots in their heads. Therefore, they stopped complaining and quietly watched the bodyguards inspecting everything inside the room.

Tang Qiuqiu paid no attention to the bodyguards at all even though they were investigating the room and observing her at the same time. After feeling that there were no longer any threats around them, she sat back to her chair and played her game once more. She never gave Tobo a straight glance, pissing off Tobo so much that he nearly flipped out again.

What the cameras could see, naturally the gray cat could see as well. Therefore, both the gray cat and Cillin knew about the incident.

“Qiuqiu is an excellent Hunter. At the very least, she’s stronger than those bodyguards.” the gray cat said, “Her side should be fine now, right?”

“Probably. The Feniers Family and Binger Family bodyguards aren’t incompetent. As long as their sights are set on the right direction, then those sea creatures would not be able to approach them.” Cillin looked at the sea outside the window, “Since this hidden shadow is able to control these low intelligence animals inside the manor, I believe that he or she is about to show up.”

Although Warsaw had managed to delay the deep sea giants, the attack of the shoals around the coastal waters had only grown fiercer and fiercer. There was literally a sea of fish corpses floating above the sea, and many fish bones buried beneath the sea as well. The excessive amount of compact fish bodies affected the Feniers Family’s movements greatly, and the underwater bullets with low penetration power were basically useless. But they did not dare to use the more powerful torpedoes either. If it affected Warsaw then it would be bad. They would be facing not just these shoals, but the deep see overlords as well.

Right now Kirk was very worried and uneasy. Even though they knew that the tamer was right around them, they were unable to flush out that cunning bastard. It wasn’t a good idea to allow the situation to continue like this, and he knew that at the manor they were probably put on the very defensive. Right now the one thing he regretted was underestimating the Wiesen Family’s abilities.

If he were to think negatively, then Tobo was probably not the only one who would come under threat by this attack. Feniers Family’s entire arrangement on this planet would be severely affected. There was nothing he could do about all habitable planets in Sector H were mostly covered in sea.

What a headache!

While Warsaw was cautiously delaying the deep sea overlords, Kirk was wracking his brain to come up with a plan, and Castella ordering the manor’s men to increase their defense, many flat figures lay low near the bottom of the sea and swam towards the shore under the cover of the shoals.

Therefore, when the spaceplanes in the air and the submarines in the sea were coordinating closely to resist against the shoals, Kirk’s alarm system had suddenly rang. This was the first time the system had rang this intensely after he had reprogrammed the monitoring program.

What’s going on?

Kirk froze when he looked at the display.

He never thought that he would see such a scene after holding an important position in the Feniers Family for so many years.

What was the difference between a bird and a fish?

One flew in the air, while the other swam in water. This was what Kirk and most people had thought to be true. Right now though, what Kirk was seeing had completely overthrown his previous view.

Who said that a fish that lives in water cannot fly?

Kirk would be lying if he said he wasn’t shocked when he saw the flat figures bursting out of the sea surface.

Kirk did not know what type of fish they were. They were all at least five meters long, and some even exceeded ten meters. Their exterior made them look a little like manta rays, but they were flatter and lighter than them. Their specialised pectoral fins were elongated like wings, enabling them to burst out of the sea surface and fly in low altitude.

If there was only one of these things then it would’ve been a non-issue. But there were hundreds and thousands of them, and their numbers looked to be increasing still.

Fearlessly, the creatures rammed towards the spaceplanes in the air, severely disrupting the spaceplanes’ ability to obstruct the shoals beneath the sea. At the same time, they were so numerous that some had seized the opening to charge towards the shore.

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