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Chapter 144: Song of the Mermaid Princess

Chapter 144: Song of the Mermaid Princess

“Those big guys in the deep sea? Can the tamers control even them as well?” Kirk said in surprise.

Although Kirk didn’t know much about tamers, the thought that those overlords of the deep sea coming under the tamer’s control was… truly chilling and too monstrous.

“No, they cannot control the deep sea overlords, but they can control the other fishes and alter the sea environment, driving the deep sea overlords to act.”

“You’re saying that… the reason Wiesen’s people altered the dissolved oxygen in that area was to better herd those deep sea overlords to move along the path they planned?” Kirk remembered the unusually low dissolved oxygen in that particular sea region.

Kirk could not find the tamer behind these shoals. Up until now, he still hadn’t received any news about the tamer at all.

Although tamers could not control the big guys, they could rouse them from their sleep.

Right now, the shoals were still rushing towards their direction, and when the roused deep sea overlords needed to hunt for food and discovered that the food in their surrounding was lacking and the dissolved oxygen around them was extremely low, they would be forced to swim to a better environment with more food. The tamer had created a fake environment and misled the the deep sea overlords to think that there were good underwater environments and abundant food to be found in their direction.

Warsaw had her subordinates fly a Binger Family spaceplane over and said, “Mr. Kirk, I may be able to delay those big guys for a moment. Please use this opportunity and find that tamer during this time. If all else fails, then we will have to use WMD*.”

*Weapons of Mass Destruction

This planet was very important for the Feniers Family, but if they were to use those high energy weapons frequently it would have an extremely severe effect on the planet’s environment and marine ecosystem. The destruction of the overall system would cause the ‘Sapphire’ to lose its shine. After all, the sea wasn’t just a fish pond. This was not the outcome Kirk wished to see. Therefore, he could only act according to Warsaw’s plan.

Both Kirk and Castella did not imagine that a tamer could be this capable. No wonder the old men of the Feniers Family said that every Sector had their own primal power, and it would be best if they could avoid clashing against them.

After Warsaw had entered her family’s spaceplane, the vehicle then flew towards the distance.

After the spaceplane had exited the coastal waters, a round platform popped from the vehicle’s front end. Warsaw was standing right above it.

Deep beneath the sea, a few giants were currently moving towards the coastal waters. There were more giant shadows coming one after another from the distance.

While staring at the borderless ocean, Warsaw began to chant many high-pitched verses from her throat. No one could understand what she was singing, but Kirk realised that the shoals near the shore had eased up quite a bit. The interference resistant scanner indicated that the dots swimming towards them from the deep sea had slowed down as well.

The reason Warsaw did not dare to sing when the echo conches were being carried out was because she was afraid of achieving the opposite of the intended effect. If the echo conches came into contact with this sound wave and decided to join in the ensemble then it would be game over. Now that the echo conches were no longer an issue, Warsaw was free to do what she wanted. This was also a good opportunity to create controlled fear among the Feniers Family people and increase her own influence among them, not to mention putting the Binger Family in a better light in Kirk’s eyes and bringing greater interest to the Binger Family.

The mysterious language and high pitch chants were like carols of the deep sea. It was abstruse, distant, and filled with an ancient aura.

This was the song chanted by the blood of the ancient race, the New European of Sector H. It enabled the New Europeans to communicate with the greater life forms beneath the sea. The higher the evolutionary grade of a sea creature, the smoother the communication would become. Therefore, while the shoals attacking the coastal waters had simply eased up after listening to the song, the big guys of the deep sea understood better the meaning that was being conveyed by this voice.

While looking at the display in his hand, Kirk discovered that the detectors set up around Warsaw’s sea region could not transmit any data back to the HQ. The sound wave interfered with the magnetic field in that area, and disrupted the transmission of energy and signals.

No wonder Warsaw insisted on using their own specially made spaceplane. It had been built specifically for Warsaw and was capable of resisting these sound waves. If it was any other spaceplane, it might have lost control and fell a long time ago.

Now, Kirk thought that he might have to reevaluate the Binger Family. Although there were not many New Europeans in the Binger Family right now, and they had only one ‘Mermaid Princess’, but they were a family who originated from this Sector. How much more strength they kept hidden, Kirk couldn’t actually tell. Take Warsaw for example. Based on individual martial strength alone, Warsaw was at best a normal rank A genotype. But if the ability of her bloodline was brought into question, then Kirk dared say that his trained subordinates would hug their heads and roll on the floor the moment they came in touch with these sound waves.

No wonder Warsaw’s status was so high within the Binger Family. Her individual strength was also a major factor beyond her work capabilities.

The places near the coastal waters and the underwater bases were all under attack by the shoals, and even if Kirk wanted to transfer more personnel to his aid he’d have to think through the decision seriously. Right now, this place had the highest amount of guards, and if he was to transfer any more men from other places then something bad might happen. He could not use the people on the space station outside the planet because it was the planet’s most important defense line. That was why Kirk hadn’t transferred any more men to his aid.

“Still nothing?” Kirk asked a subordinate beside him with a very unpleasant expression.

Kirk had the feeling that the tamer was hiding somewhere nearby. That was why he had ordered his subordinates to look for that tamer. However, they hadn’t come up with anything up to this point. This made him very displeased and wary of the ancient power of the Sector his elders told him. At least Warsaw was expressing her abilities in plain sight, but this tamer was hiding in the dark and was the one that was more difficult to deal with.

“I’m sorry boss, but there’s nothing yet.” Kirk’s subordinate bowed his head and said.

“Try harder!” Right now they were in a race against time, and Warsaw herself had said that she had no idea how much longer she could delay the inevitable. It might be a few days, or it might be the next instant. She herself could not be sure.


Cillin continued to look at the sea through the window. Although they were so far apart, he could hear the ‘Mermaid Princess’’ chant all the same. But this wasn’t the time to be impressed by the mermaid princess’ abilities.

The number of people who could infiltrate the Feniers Family’s territory was definitely few. Since Castella had cleaned out a group of people based on some clues earlier, there should be even lesser people who remained. Right now Cillin was waiting for the most special one or several people within the group, namely the tamer who could command the remote sea fishes to show up.

At the manor, inside the room where Tobo and the others were staying in.

After the explosion, the three little fellows had completely lost their sleepiness. Since the bodyguards forbad them from exiting, and they were bored out of their wits doing nothing inside the room, Tobo and Rost began to play chess while Emma watched from the sidelines.

While the two boys were clashing against each other on the chess board with clenched teeths, and Emma was cheering them on noisily, three crisp pops drew their attention to the side.

Three penetrated crabs lay not far away from them. It was the three crabs they had captured from the beach purely for amusement purposes.

Tang Qiuqiu held her silencer and no longer paid any attention to the crabs. Her eyes were gleaming, however.

In another room inside the manor, Castella had received a report. A number of live marine products that were stored in the kitchen and marine storage warehouse to be made into food later had disappeared.

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