Star Rank Hunter

Chapter 138: The Blue Sector, Zafia

Chapter 138: The Blue Sector, Zafia

Sector H didn’t have many habitable planets, but most of their planets were pretty special. More than fifty percent of every habitable planet’s surface was covered in water, and some planets at rank B planetary habitability were almost one hundred percent covered in seawater. Therefore, Sector H was also known as the Blue Sector.

Cillin had seen quite a lot of marine products from Sector H when he was loitering around Seven Lights trade zone, and he had to admit that their marine products were better than other Sectors. Therefore, there were a lot of business groups or great families who, after finding of a planet of their liking, acquired the planet’s development and management rights for marine breeding and so on. The Feniers Family was one of them.

While flipping through the planet introduction on an electronic star map, Cillin saw a few planets that he was familiar with. For example, the planet called ‘Aquamarine’ was a planet on Seven Lights used for field work purposes. That being said, since Planet Aquamarine was quite far away from the planet they were headed to, there was probably no chance that he would run into someone from Seven Lights.

Their current destination was Sector H’s Planet Zafia. This planet was the central administration of the Feniers Family business in the entire Sector H.

“Zafia… sapphire?” Cillin had read and learned a little of the Sector H’s Sector language before he came here. In Sector H’s Sector language, Zafia meant sapphire, and the name alone was indicative of how important this planet was.

Unlike other foreign starships, their four starships did not need to go through the space station’s security inspection before coming through. After stopping outside the spaceport and docking with a space station, a personal spaceplane escorted Tobo and everyone else into the planet. At the same time, there were many escort spaceplanes and fighters that had flown out of the spaceport and accompanied them as well.

Their landing zone was different from other foreign spaceplanes as well. They landed at a different ad hoc landing zone, and someone was already waiting for them on the ground nearby.

When Cillin saw the disposition of the forces around the spaceplane, he was somewhat speechless. Did they seriously need to hire a bodyguard somewhere else with this amount of forces? That being said, if the hire was truly necessary, that meant that the attackers came from within their own ranks. Otherwise, how could any outsiders possibly get close to them with the Feniers Family’s temperament?

“Tobo, my beloved little nephew. I am very glad to see you again!” An impressive looking middle-aged man walked over with a friendly smile and held up Tobo.

Unfortunately for him, the beloved little nephew he spoke of did not have any kindness to share with him. The young boy pushed away his stubbled mouth and said, “(Second) Uncle*, you didn’t shave again!”

*Second uncle means your grandfather’s second eldest son. In English almost no native speaker will differentiate this, unlike second/third/fourth cousin, but in Chinese there is the distinction. I will be using a bracket like above so that the distinction is clear, but when you read in English you should leave out the bracketed word.

Kirk simply smiled and tossed Tobo twice into the air before finally putting him down. Tobo was obviously very used to this greeting ceremony, and so simply scowled and said nothing.

After putting Tobo down on the ground, Kirk then nodded towards Castella and said, “Thank you for your hard work.”

Castella’s etiquette was perfect, and he returned a bow and said, “It is my duty.”

Kirk Feniers was the name of the man called ‘(Second) Uncle’ by Tobo, and he was the head administrator of Planet Zafia and Feniers Family’s CEO at Sector H.

Cillin had conducted a small search on information regarding the Feniers Family before he came here, and Kirk Feniers was someone who appeared more frequently than others in business magazines of high contribution points. Right now, Kirk Feniers did not look as sharp as he was in the magazine and appeared to be a lot gentler, but this gentle disposition was reserved for Tobo and Castella alone. While Kirk wasn’t looking at other people with eyes that were excessively severe, he was still giving out an imposing and unapproachable feeling.

It was obvious how influential Kirk was in the Feniers Family as the chief of all the family business at a major Sector like Sector H. However, not only did the CEO of this major Sector did not put on any airs in front of Castella at all, he even seemed to hold the old man in deep respect. Cillin saw this very clearly with his own eyes.

It looked like Castella’s status was not ordinary within the Feniers Family.

“Eh, who is this little girl? You truly are your father’s son, Tobo, to think you’re a womanizer already at such a young age.” Kirk winked at Tobo while saying. Tobo’s father was infamous for his affairs prior to his marriage.

Tobo’s entire face had flushed red, “Like anyone would like such a bad-tempered freak!”

“Come on, she’s very cute. In fact I think she’s much prettier than a certain family’s little princess. Plus, she has the blue eyes that I like the most!” her supposedly bad temper was even less worth mentioning, since no one had a lousier temper than the little young master himself. Of course, Kirk did not say this, or Tobo would absolutely erupt there and then.

However, when Kirk looked playfully towards Tang Qiuqiu, the CEO of a major Sector could not help but surprised on the inside.

When Kirk was looking at Tang Qiuqiu, Tang Qiuqiu was also looking at him. However, what surprised Kirk was the near complete lack of emotion in Tang Qiuqiu’s eyes. It didn’t look like the eyes of a girl her age at all. Shouldn’t a girl at her age be shy at his teasing, or getting awkward in the sense that she was stuck between getting angry and not daring to show it?

Although Kirk did not sense any killing intent from Tang Qiuqiu, he had the feeling that the girl might pull out a gun and shoot him instantly without an expression had they been in a different environment and setting.

The strange feeling that he should not have felt from a girl this age caused a gleam to flash across Kirk’s eyes. He immediately stood straight and swept his glance around the surroundings once. Kirk’s eyes paused on Cillin for a moment before he withdrew his gaze.

During this process, Kirk and Castella had a brief moment of eye contact. The fact that they didn’t need to exchange too many words and could know each other’s intent with just a simple eye contact meant that the duo was very familiar with each other.

Cillin’s first instinct was that Kirk was not their target and the culprit who aimed to harm Tobo. His second instinct was that the culprit must be aiming to attack Tobo on this planet!

In that case, who was this person who chose to target Tobo at the Feniers Family’s Sector H headquarters?

The gray cat had no interest in this subject. Ever since it exited the spaceplane, it had been sucking in deep breaths non-stop. There was the smell of fish and the sea in the air… this was truly a heavenly place.

Kirk led Tobo and the group to a private residence. Just like the one at Little Garden, the residence was a large manor. While it wasn’t as colorful and full of flowers like the manor at Little Garden, it was still a breath of fresh air. There were all sorts of colors between light blue to deep blue, and some places were even inlaid with sea shells. The moment the wind blew, they would let out soft, different tones of blowing sounds, and there were wind chimes made from all sorts of seashells that would let out crisp, ringing sounds too. They added a bit of liveliness into the atmosphere. In this unique setup, the entire manor was filled with the smell of the sea.

After they entered the manor, Cillin noticed that there were some other guests in the manor a long time ago.

The boy and the girl hopping towards their direction looked to be eight or nine years old, “You’re finally here, Tobo! We’ve been waiting for you for several days!”

It would appear that the two kids were old friends with Tobo. The scowl on Tobo’s face this entire time finally turned into a smile.

“Why are you guys here?!” Tobo ran over and joined the two kids.

When Cillin passed by the two kids, a gleam of indecipherable meaning flashed across his eyes. Before he entered the house, he looked at Castella walking in front of him, and Castella just happened to be standing sideways and turning his head at his direction as well. After his eyes met with Cillin’s, Castella lowered his eyelids and continued to walk towards the front.

So this is what’s going on! Cillin finally understood why the Feniers Family had chosen to hire a Hunter like Tang Qiuqiu as Tobo’s personal bodyguard, when they had never done so until now.

This boosted Cillin’s confidence in Tang Qiuqiu, however. After all, it was much easier to get familiarised with a game that you’d already played once.

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