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Chapter 139: Hunters And What Not Really Are Infuriating

Chapter 139: Hunters And What Not Really Are Infuriating

The manor was beside the sea, so the sea view was available with the push of a window.

However, the people who came to Sector H enjoyed being close to the sea more than just watching from afar.

The people who arrived at the manor before Cillin’s group were from the Feniers Family’s cooperative partner at Sector H, the Binger Family. Although the Binger Family’s influence was incomparable to the Feniers Family in the entirety of GAL, there was no belittling their influence within Sector H itself. The Binger’s Family origin point was Sector H, and they were a big player long before the Feniers Family had spread their influence within Sector H.

The two families had worked together for several hundred years, and their relationship could only be described as intimate. What was worth mentioning was that Kirk’s wife was a member of the Binger Family, whereas those two kids was the children of Kirk’s wife’s brother. In other words, they were Kirk’s nephew and niece. Their age was not far apart from Tobo’s, and they often played together, so they shared a good relationship with each other.

The boy was called Rost Binger, and he was one year younger than Tobo. The girl was called Emma Binger, and she was the same age as Rost. They were twins, and the ‘certain family’s little princess’ Kirk mentioned earlier was none other than Emma Binger.

Right now, the three kids were playing at the beach. They used sand to build sand castles, and Emma had even picked up many beautiful sea shells to decorate them.

Since the manor was near, the surrounding sea regions were strictly guarded and fortified with tight security. Moreover, the bodyguards were following and protecting the kids on the beach, so normally speaking there should not be any danger.

The bodyguards on the beach unfolded a beach pavilion for the kids, but the three little fellows did not appreciate the gesture and tossed it far away after folding it. When they were tired and thirsty after a period of playing, they would call for their respective bodyguards to bring them their towel and fruit juice.

Not far away from the three little fellows, Tang Qiuqiu had unfolded a beach pavilion of her own. While lying on a recliner, she pulled out the pavilion’s tray and placed an iced fruit juice on it. She enjoyed the peace and quiet while playing video games and drinking fruit juice.

Emma and Rost had looked several times at Tang Qiuqiu and asked Tobo about her identity. Tobo couldn’t be bothered to say much about her, and simply told them that she was his bodyguard and they did not need to pay attention to her.

After hearing Tobo’s assessment of Tang Qiuqiu, both Emma and Rost looked at Tang Qiuqiu with slight disdain and disgust on their faces. There were countless people who approached them to curry favor due to their identity, and their mother once told them that those kind of people only cared about their family’s wealth and treated them well for ulterior motives. Naturally, they categorised Tang Qiuqiu as one of those people, since she did not look like a regular bodyguard no matter what due to her age. In fact, she looked more like someone who was just there to leech on Tobo.

As for Tang Qiuqiu, she could ignore anything as long as it wasn’t a murder-filled gaze.

Not far away, Cillin also opened a beach pavilion of his own and was reading an e-book while lying on his recliner. The gray cat had gone hunting for food in the sea. The seaside did not contain anything worthwhile, so it had gone far away into the deep sea. Cillin wasn’t worried for the gray cat; he fully believed in that glutton’s abilities.

“Lieutenant Commander Cillin.”

A voice rang beside him, and Cillin turned his head to look. It was a bodyguard responsible for Tobo’s safety called Steele. He probably took orders from Castella.

Steele might be the main person in charge of Tobo’s security, but he himself was not a solemn person. Unlike the other bodyguards, he did not wear a stiff face all day long.

When he heard Steele, Cillin said, “Is there anything, Mr. Steele?”

Steele unfolded a chair and sat beside Cillin, “Why didn’t you accept this bodyguard job? You are the Lieutenant Commander of Vanguard’s Sixth B Squadron. Your remuneration would have been be pretty high.”

“I’m not interested. I’m better off watching over my children* and playing with them.”

*this time he’s referring to both Tang Qiuqiu and the gray cat

Steele looked at Tang Qiuqiu playing her video game and smiled, “Tang Qiuqiu is definitely one of the most special children I’ve seen of her age.”

Steele had witnessed Tang Qiuqiu’s gun skills before, and Castella also said once that not anyone could have a gun instinct like hers. Even experienced killers might not necessarily reach her level of proficiency. Castella even told him to not look down on Tang Qiuqiu just because she was ten years old; the number of people who died before her gunpoint could only be described as numerous.

They were all about ten years old, but when Steele looked at Tang Qiuqiu, and then at the little brats playing sand, he could only say: holy shit the difference is huge.

Cillin did not express an opinion on Steele’s comments. He glanced once at Emma and Rost decorating their sand castles and said, “You may encounter great difficulties in your work this time.”

“Oh?” a severe gleam flashed across Steele’s eyes, “What have you guessed, LC Cillin?”

“Guess? Do you alway ‘guess’ when you protect your charge?” Cillin withdrew the e-book and stared at the far away sea surface while putting his head on his arm. Ahh, the sea is so blue.

“What do you mean by that?” Steele stared at Cillin intimidatingly as if trying to confirm if this young lieutenant commander truly had figured out something.

“Do you want to know? Then give me your price.”

Steele’s face muscles twitched. Give… give a price? This was definitely a Hunter’s style; grabbing onto any opportunity to earn some cash.

Since Steele said nothing, Cillin too said nothing. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sea breeze, looking so comfortable that he would fall asleep at any moment.

Finally, Steele could hold it no longer and asked, “Did you discover something out of the ordinary?”

“Your security isn’t done poorly, and you’ve chosen to monitor the right targets as well. However, I believe that you still have not discovered a certain important point until now.” Cillin continued to shut his eyes as he answered lazily.

Back then, the fact that Castella had lowered his eyelids then meant that the enemy would most likely take advantage of Emma and Rost’s presences to further their own operation. However, Cillin was willing to bet that Castella definitely would not figure out the enemy’s methods.

Steele pondered. They had monitored every person in the Binger Family closely, and they gave special emphasis to Emma and Rost following Castella’s orders. After all, Tobo was hanging out with them, so Steele had also monitored the Binger Family bodyguards beside Emma and Rost in secret. The second there was anything out of the ordinary, they would be killed without mercy.

That being said, the security didn’t have any work up to this point. Although Steele did not doubt Castella’s judgment, it was true that they hadn’t heard of anything out of the ordinary from any side.

Now that he had heard Cillin’s claims, Steele’s mind immediately became disturbed. After pondering for two seconds, he then said, “The price should be proportional to the level of importance of your intel, LC Cillin.”

Cillin opened his eyes and lifted a finger, “Ten million, GAL credits.”

Steele: “…” Could he beat up the guy in front of him?

“It’s okay. Take your time. But it’s not my responsibility if the intel expires.”

Seeing that Cillin was going to fall asleep again, Steel clenched his teeth and said, “Okay.”

The second Steele said ‘okay’, Cillin immediately took out a bill from his pocket and handed it to Steele. It was obvious that he had prepared it beforehand, “Sign here.”

Steele roared inside his heart as he stared at the glittering numbers: Hunters and what not really are infuriating!

Once he put the bill away, Cillin did not waste words and took out his e-book. Once he flipped to the right page, he passed the book to Steele.

Steele accepted it. At first, Steele was a little confused as to what he was seeing. But he had been by Castella’s side for many years and thus broadened his horizons by a fair amount. The more he read the paler he became, and after dropping a line, “I’m borrowing your e-book for a while!” he turned around and acted to leave.

Cillin waved his hands and said, “Take it. The book rental is calculated separately, by the way. It would be ten thousand per hour.”

Steele staggered on his feet and forced the word through the gaps of his teeth, “Okay!”

Since the situation was serious, and he was in a hurry to report to Castella, Steele did not hesitate to accept Cillin’s request.

After Steele left, the gray cat ran over from the sea and shook off the water on its body. It opened its mouth. It looked like it had enjoyed its meal.

“Cillin, something’s happening inside the sea.”

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