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Chapter 137: Disguised Machines

Chapter 137: Disguised Machines

Even though everyone knew that Tang Qiuqiu had become the little young master Tobo’s personal bodyguard, they were all viewing it as a prank played by a disgruntled kid. There were very few people such as Castella who actually knew that Cillin and Tang Qiuqiu were members of Vanguard Sixth B Squadron.

During the few days prior to leaving ‘Little Garden’, the little young master was as idle as ever. Since he now had a new little bodyguard, he took Tang Qiuqiu out to relieve some boredom while Cillin and the other bodyguards followed not far behind them.

Inside the small flower car, Cillin and the gray cat were playing chess.

The gray cat saw Dough and Eudy playing chess before, so it felt a momentary interest to play it too and nagged Cillin to play a few rounds with it. Admittedly, a cyborg had incredible computing power, so the gray cat’s chess skills could be said to be pretty good. However, computing power wasn’t the only thing that’s required in playing chess, and in comparison Cillin’s mind was a lot more flexible than the gray cat’s. That was why the gray cat was forced to play passively all this time.


After the gray cat stared at the chessboard with a drooped head for a long time, it shamelessly pressed the reset button.

I lost again…

Cillin looked outside the window and did not bother with the gray cat rolling and tearing its own hair on the table.

After the gray cat rolled back and forth and whined for a long time on the table, but did not get a reaction from Cillin, it lifted its paw and pulled at Cillin’s sleeves.

No reaction.

It pulled again!

Still no reaction.

After getting no reaction despite pulling at Cillin’s sleeves for a long time, the gray cat turned furious and unleashed all of its anger, including the ones it had accumulated when it had lost in chess. It jumped up to the air and landed on Cillin’s head. Then, it began damaging his hair style.

Cillin raised a hand and flicked the gray cat’s head. Then, he pointed outside the window and said, “Look over there.”

The gray cat spat out the hair in its mouth and looked to where Cillin’s finger was pointing at. There were people dressed in wedding suits and dresses taking pictures over there. It was nothing special; newlyweds would often visit from faraway places to take pictures here. It had seen quite a lot of such people since the first day.

“What’s so interesting about wedding photoshoots? Don’t tell me that you’re thinking about getting married, Cillin? Hmm, if you want to marry then you should find a woman that’s rich, beautiful, can bear children and not a wastrel… Mm, that’s what Cary said. When you see him you can ask him for further details.”

Cillin pulled the gray cat’s ears, “So stupid, I’m not talking about that!”

“What’s what then? You’re obviously pointing at that wedding photoshoot.” the gray cat slapped Cillin’s forehead in dissatisfaction.

“Let’s test your eyesight.” Cillin pointed at the people taking their wedding photoshoot, “With where the bride stands as the center point, how many butterfly bees are there in a circle of one hundred meter radius?”

“A hundred and sixty nine.” the gray cat gave the answer almost immediately, “Among them, one hundred and thirty two are carbon-based life forms, whereas thirty seven are machines in disguise.” after a pause, the gray cat continued, “Out of these thirty seven machines in disguise, there are seven that are monitoring the people taking the wedding photoshoot, ten monitoring the surroundings including us, and twenty around Tang Qiuqiu and the little young master Tobo.”

While the butterfly bees would all appear to be the same in other people’s eyes, the gray cat was able to identify which ones were real and which weren’t with just a single glance. Although the disguised machines looked no different from the real butterfly bees, in the gray cat’s eyes, there is a world of differences between a carbon-based and a machine object. A single glance was all it needed to differentiate them.

There were no monitoring devices inside the flower cars. On the surface, it seemed like the Feniers Family placed great emphasis on their tourists’ privacy, but in reality they just had other ways to monitor them.

“Not bad. A passable effort.” Cillin nodded.

“Of course, who do you think I am…”

Cillin interrupted the gray cat’s self-enlightenment, “Then did you notice which disguised machines have micro weapons system in them?”

The gray cat flicked its ears and jumped down to the table from Cillin’s head. If someone was to pay attention to its eyes, they would notice that its pupils had expanded greatly while it was staring outside the window.

“I see call monitoring, communications monitoring, genotype rank analysis, laser scan, high-density energy excitation beam…” the gray cat mentioned the types of systems loaded on those disguised butterfly bees in a row, “Holy meow, they even have a self destruct device!”

The gray cat’s whiskers moved a little before it looked at Cillin, “I didn’t notice because I wasn’t looking earlier, but there are also a lot of disguised machines among the flowers, and the soil as well! I just saw a machine disguised as an earthworm, and a few machine ants as well! Isn’t this amount of spy devices a little excessive? Doesn’t this mean that they’re monitoring us this whole time?”

“It is as you say. The Feniers Family has a lot of protective monitoring going on here. But this is not necessarily a bad thing for us.” Cillin pulled this gray cat’s whiskers once and asked, “What do you see?”

It was exactly as he said. While there were disguised machines everywhere monitoring everyone around the area, this made life much easier for the gray cat as well. This was because it was able to tap into the disguised machines monitoring images without being discovered by the Feniers Family.

“Oh my meow, they’re actually kissing in public!” the gray cat let out an odd cry.

A young couple was making out with each other in the flower car slightly further than fifty meters away from Cillin’s. Originally, there was no way they could see them from their car’s point of view, but the gray cat saw them through the monitoring images of the disguised butterfly bee.

The young couple had thought that no one would be able to discover their activities, but although they could not see anyone outside the window, their every action were known by a certain someone.

“Yo, the girl’s skirt is being parted…”

Seeing that the gray cat was growing more and more indecent, Cillin slapped it and said, “Go check out how Qiuqiu is doing.”

“Hmm, Qiuqiu is playing a game, and that little young master Tobo is slapping the table and looking very angry. He’s also yelling loudly, although Qiuqiu isn’t paying him any attention.”

Meanwhile, Castella and a bodyguard-like person sat inside a different flower car not far away.

“Is everything ready?” Castella said with half-lidded eyes.

“It is ready. However, we received news that they might do a little something. Is this not a little too risky? Young master is with us after all.”

Castella sighed, “There is no choice. This is the master’s intention, so we can only do our best. If we do not run into those people and everything goes well, then naturally it is for the best. If we did run into them, then we can only keep the young master stays away from the danger zone as much as possible.”

“Please do not worry, we will do our best to protect young master. However, the people from Vanguard…”

“That you do not have to worry about. I have my plans.”

After the many urges of the little young master Tobo, Castella finally ordered his men to be ready to depart.

Three corvettes would be escorting them during the return journey. Although it wasn’t as impressive as when they’d first arrived, this protection was still on a large scale compared to other people.

The three corvettes formed a triangular formation that protected the starship Tobo was seated upon at the center. Cillin was also on the starship. However, in order to avoid arousing suspicion and obeying some of the rules mentioned in the contract, Cillin hadn’t come into contact much with Tang Qiuqiu. After all, Cillin had not accepted the escort mission directly.

As usual, Tang Qiuqiu held her console and played video game everyday. Tobo had been practicing his shooting skills on the starship ever since he lost to Tang Qiuqiu, but no matter how hard he practiced, Tang Qiuqiu’s comment never changed – so stupid!

She had completely picked up Cillin’s tone and words while he was criticising the gray cat (T/N: and now Cillin is a sinner as well!).

The four starships’ flight was rather peaceful, and they did not run into any incidents during the journey. Their next stop was not Sector F, but Sector H. Sector H was a pit stop they needed to pass through. The Feniers Family had a base there that was also the central administration of the entire Sector H. Castella had said that he had received orders to handle some work over there, and they would have to delay the return journey for two or three days. However, this time the little young master Tobo did not get angry. In fact, he was rather happy.

What was the most famous thing about Sector H?

Marine products!

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