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Chapter 116: The One Who Shot From The Back

Chapter 116: The One Who Shot From The Back

After Cillin was finished speaking, Emmus then investigated some formulas and parameters with him. They even debated over a formula within a parameter.

Big Q and the others were not ignorant to examples, but when it came to stuff like formulas and parameters, they became staunch illiterates. Emmus’ and Cillin’s conversation didn’t last for long before someone beside Big Q started to complain, “Emmus, you’re just asking for a beating, aren’t you? Just cut the nonsense and keep things simple and understandable!”

Emmus neither got angry nor bothered to address the complainant as he turned his head back around and continued his discussion with Cillin. The Skull King continued to smile on top of his throne and did not stop Emmus. Even if Carranio himself did not understand the discussed content, but it was fine as long as Emmus understood, wasn’t it?

Emmus was an excellent weapon modder, and his skills were among the absolute best within Poison Fang’s technical team. During the time Emmus arrived at Poison Fang, he had created quite the amount of great weapons for them. This was also why Poison Fang was able to run amok at Sector V for a time without fear of the GAL army, the Hunter regiments and the great GAL families. Therefore, the longer Emmus’ discussion was and the deeper his understanding of the energy ores became, then the more unlikely that the weapons he modified would disappoint Carranio.

“Ahem, er, Skull King, do you have water here?” Cillin paused the discussion and looked at the Skull King. His eyes seemed to say: I’ve been talking for more than an hour, and yet you’re so stingy that you will begrudge me of a cup of water?

Perhaps it was because they were too excited about the energy ores, but when Big Q and the others heard that Cillin wished to drink some water, they too felt a little thirsty and dry.

Carranio clapped his hands and personally informed his men to prepare Cillin a fruit tea. The fruit used to make the tea was an local plant on the planet. Cillin watched the blood red liquid inside the cup and gave it a sniff. There was the fragrance of a herbaceous plant,

“This tea is pretty good.” Cillin said after taking a sip.

“Well, you can always drink it if you want to.” Carranio seemed to be hinting at something.

Cillin smiled, “I will return once I complete this mission.”

By that he meant to turn him down gracefully.

On the floor, Wa Qing sighed in his heart. What a thoughtless answer; he’s still young I suppose. Cillin should not have answered like this, for it was no different from cutting off one’s last chance of survival. No matter how you looked at it, he should have chosen a more tactful answer at least.

After he drank the fruit tea, Cillin then continued the discussion with Emmus. Emmus seemed completely absorbed by the energy ores and did not drink even a drop at all.

Seeing that Cillin and Emmus had begun their ‘high level’ discussion once more, Big Q and the others were back to scratching their heads in confusion. Big Q wasn’t sure if it was just his imagination, but he felt a little suffocated. He blamed the disconcerting feeling on Cillin and Emmus’ discussion. Personally, Big Q thought that it was enough knowing how to fire a gun and pilot a fighter. Just what was the point of learning so many ‘high level’ problems? Big Q looked down on Emmus on the inside. A person like Emmus only knew how to hide in the backlines and toy with his weapons. In the end, he was still trash on a battlefield, wasn’t he?

After the discussion, Emmus took out his dedicated daggers. These daggers were not high energy density cutting tools, but a kind of special alloy blended and forged under a certain ratio. It could be used to cut energy blocks within a localised area, and was every technician’s favorite tool. This was because a tool like this would not overly wear down the energy inside an energy block.

It would seem that Emmus truly was a professional talent.

First, Emmus cut a small piece off the red-and-black energy ore. Then, he freed out some fingers to press at a mod covering his other arm to pop up a semicircular item with a small notch in it. Emmus put the cut energy piece into the small notch, closed it and put the semicircular item at the empty space at the center of the hall. Finally, he pressed a button on top of the semicircular item, and a red-and-black energy shield instantly covered the semicircular item inside.

Cililn’s eyebrows lifted. It certainly was an intricate item belonging in the hands of a professional. No wonder Shawton had commented that Poison Fang’s equipment were pretty good. It would be stranger if they did not have good equipment with such talent, not to mention that there should be more than one such person in Poison Fang.

Big Q and the others self-consciously retreated as Emmus operated the mod on his arm. A launcher appeared, and a white beam struck the semicircular item. However, that item was not damaged in the least.

On top of his throne, Carranio’s eyes lit up. Even Big Q and the others could not help but take a step forwards.

Emmus pressed yet another button on his arm and took out four more launchers. There were now five launchers in total, and every launcher was firing three shots in rapid fire. A total of fifteen beams struck the semicircular item, but it was still perfectly intact.

“Wonderful!” Carranio could not stop himself. The energy shields created by these energy ores were just too good!

Big Q and the others went forwards for a closer look, “King, this thing is just too awesome! With this, we have no need to be afraid of those damn soldiers any longer! We’ll fuck them all over the next time we run into them!”

“That’s right. When the time comes, we shall show them exactly how powerful Poison Fang truly is!” Carranio collected himself and looked at Emmus, “Test the remaining ores! Show me their efficacy!”

Emmus nodded and walked beside the green energy ore while holding his dagger. He was just about to cut it when they suddenly heard Cillin muttering, “How… how can this be?”

Everyone turned to look at Cillin, and Carranio’s pupils shrank. Right now blood was flowing non-stop from Cillin nostrils, and no matter how he tried to wipe it away, it just wouldn’t stop. His hands were already covered in blood, and there were a few droplets that hit the floor already.

Carranio did not plan to execute Cillin this quickly at all. At the very least Cillin was of great use to him now, so who the fuck poisoned him before he gave the order?!

“Someone! Heal him this instant!” Carranio roared.

Cillin seemed to be completely frozen in fear as he pushed away those people who were came forward to examine him. Then he started coughing harder and harder to the point where after covering his mouth and coughing for a few times, he uncovered them to find that they were completely drenched in blood. He wasn’t just bleeding from his nose but also coughing blood out of his mouth!

Cillin stumbled for a couple of steps and sat down weakly beside the boxes that were filled with the energy ores. He was still coughing when he took his seat.

Big Q and the others appeared to be struck dumb by the situation. The guy who looked like he was going to set the world to rights and arouse a new era of knowledge moments ago, had suddenly turned into a serious patient who looked like he would pass through death’s door at any moment. Just what was going on?

“What the hell are you waiting for?!” Carranio walked down from his throne and roared.

The examiners quickly walked beside Cillin and began preliminary inspections, “King, he’s poisoned! But he should’ve been poisoned for two hours at best. We’ll need to look into this further to know exactly how bad his condition is.”

“Then do it!” Carranio’s entire body was brimming with killing intent as he swept a glance over the people inside the hall. Two hours… Cillin was already brought here about two hours ago, but it was possible that he had already been poisoned before he arrived. Just who had poisoned him?

“King, the captive!” Big Q yelled in surprise.

Carranio looked over and saw that Wa Qing was beginning to spasm on the ground. Blood flowed out of his nostrils, and he looked like he was trying to cough, but since his mouth was sealed, the excess blood sprayed out of his nostrils instead.

“What… what the hell is going on?”

“Hey, I feel… I feel like I can’t catch my breath!”

“Me too!”

While Big Q and the others were speaking, Warning bells suddenly rang in Carranio’s head as he exerted force into his legs, caused a pair of deep depression on the ground and jumped backwards. But he was still a little too slow. He had been shot at the arms, thighs and the back.

Big Q and the others were not so lucky. Both their heads and chests were shot. It was a fatal blow.

Someone was shooting at them from their backs!

Who was it?!

There should not be any other outsiders in this place except Cillin and the captive on the floor. There should not be any outsiders; there should not be anyone at all, unless…

That’s right. There was one person who could fire so many shots without a word and hit their targets at the same time!

“Emmus! You… traitor!”

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