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Chapter 117: Who Are You

Chapter 117: Who Are You

Big Q and the others never thought that Emmus would shoot them from the back. They had always thought that someone like Emmus was most suited for the backlines, where he would be tinkering with technology, making weapons and exploiting resources for their sake. To put it bluntly, they never thought that Emmus would have the courage to shoot them from the back, and thus this contempt resulted in a technician who had never left the bosom of his formulas, parameters and calculations; a man who was no taller, no stronger, and no more imposing than them delivering them the ultimate fatal blow!

But where did he get the courage from?! Did he not know what betraying the Skull King meant?!

There weren’t many people inside the hall since Carranio did not like having too many guards around him. However, he did like raising pets, and sometimes he would punish a person by feeding them to his pets. Carranio loved to watch the scene where his pets tore and consumed a person, and the reactions of the surrounding Poison Fang members towards the bloody scene as well. Be it fear or excitement, it was something that Carranio was glad to see.

Normally, his pets would be the first to charge out in response to any abnormalities. After all, pets were often more loyal than humans. But something was wrong today. It was only now that Carranio noticed that he was careless. Although his pets would not normally reveal themselves, they were all hiding at a certain corner in this hall. But where were they now? Not a single one of them could be seen except the native beast sleeping beside his feet. Wait, that’s not right. How could it possibly sleep through such a big commotion?

Perhaps things were already awry from the moment his spider had escaped from his palm. But at the time, Carranio was engrossed in Cillin’s presentation, and his mind were filled with future plans to realise his ambition. Ultimately, he had been too careless!

As Poison Fang’s leader, Carranio was a man with true abilities. Moreover, he trusted no one, and even when faced with the demise of an underling who had worked under him for tens of years, he would at best lament the loss of a helping hand. He would not grieve, and he would definitely not commemorate the dead in any way.

The first thing Carranio thought after Emmus’ betrayal wasn’t why, but of dodging out of his attack range as if he had planned it all along. Carranio was a person who would find out about his underlings’ behaviors and be on guard against them, and he was always on guard against the people around him no matter what the occasion. Therefore, even when he relinquished the high ground and stepped down from his throne, he did not enter anyone’s optimal attack range. This was also one of the reasons why he was able to prevent his vital spots from being shot at.

While Carranio was retreating in haste, he activated the shields and backed away to a spot closer to the throne. A metallic wall rose to cut off the throne area from the hall at the bottom.

Emmus knew that he no longer had a second chance to kill Carranio after failing for the first time. With Carranio’s level of caution, he must have prepared a multitude of escape routes for himself. Right now, Carranio had probably retreated outside the hall and summoned his men to attack it. This was also why Emmus did not bother going after him. Instead, he pressed a few buttons on his arm mod before the people outside could charge in and tossed out a semicircular beam shield. A ray of light shot out of the semicircular beam shield and swiftly enveloped the few of them inside.

He did not content himself with such a measly amount of defense. Three more semicircular balls flew out in succession as the man skilfully cut a few small pieces out of the red-and-black energy ores and installed them into the balls, reinforcing the shield twice, thrice, four times in total. The series of movements were performed in an extremely short amount of time, and when the people outside noticed that something was wrong and attempted to charge in, four whole layers of shield had already been risen.

The red-and-black energy shields had completely enveloped the entire hall. For a short time, the people outside would not have a way to break through them.

At this time, Carranio was probably summoning his men and preparing to follow up on the matter. Carranio had no mercy for traitors. Of course, Carranio had no mercy for anyone either.

“Alright. From the looks of it, there should not be any problems for half an hour, but after that, I can’t say. Carranio must be mobilising the heavy weaponries right now, and he’s not someone who would hesitate to raze this place to the ground to kill us.” Emmus leaned against the boxes with the energy ores and said. They were the only three people left inside the energy shield, and Emmus had no intentions of leaving his back to either Wa Qing or Cillin.

Cillin, who looked like he was about to depart from the world just now stood up and wiped away the blood beneath his nose leisurely. The blood was no longer flowing out of his nose, and he looked healthier than a fit person. The same thing was happening to Wa Qing on the floor as his breathing gradually stabilised. Wa Qing stared at both Cillin and the Poison Fang traitor in confusion: What’s going on?

Cillin pulled out a gun and fired thrice at Wa Qing. All three bullets landed at the same spot and shattered his handcuffs with a resounding ring.

The recovered Wa Qing moved his weakened hands about and accepted the gun that Cillin had tossed to him. Then, he broke the legcuffs too and tore away the tape on his mouth, grimacing in pain during the process. Poison Fang probably never thought of tearing his tape at all, so the tape they used was so sticky it might as well had been a second skin.

Emmus’ eyelid twitched when he saw Cillin pulling out the guns. He could not see where he was taking out the guns at all, and it was most depressing when Cillin pulled out yet another gun for himself after tossing one to Wa Qing, and he still failed to notice where the weapon had come from. Although Cillin’s side was blocking the view, he must have made some kind of movement when taking out the guns, right? In reality thouh, Emmus could not see any such extra movements at all. The man raised his hand casually, and the gun was already there.

Emmus was completely puzzled. Logically speaking, Cillin must have been inspected multiple times before he was escorted to this place, and yet somehow he still managed to carry so many guns on his person after the inspection! Therefore, the threat represented by Cillin just rose a level higher in his heart.

Cillin looked once at Emmus indifferently, but he did not raise his gun. Instead, he asked, “The reason?”

Cillin himself did not expect something like this to happen within Poison Fang, and it was only during midway that he had changed his plan. While discussing formulas and parameters with Emmus, Emmus had introduced a code that only a certain number of professional technicians would understand. After he decrypted the code, Cillin discovered Emmus’ plan to betray the Skull King and hence tweaked his latter plans just a little. This was also why he was leaning against the boxes with the energy ores. The boxes could block beam shots, and Cillin did not fully trust Emmus. He had no intention of being shot at by ‘accident’ whatsoever.

Emmus shrugged his shoulders and said, “I want to live, and I want some time to explain myself.”

In order to save himself from being toyed to death by Cillin just like Big Q and the others, Emmus had detached himself from Poison Fang just in time and expressed his sincerity along the way by killing Big Q and the others before Cillin could.

Even before the fruit tea was served, Emmus had already found out that this man, who was even younger than him was beginning to exact his vengeance. If he hadn’t installed a special mod on his person, he would have completely failed to notice the things that entered his body without any signs at all during that time.

No wonder Cillin had spoken so animatedly just now. It wasn’t that he was too naive; he was simply acting to draw everyone’s attention to him. Even if someone was to suspect that he was intentionally drawing their attention for some nefarious plan, it was undeniable that Cilllin’s explanation of the energy ores was incredibly attractive and evocative. It was no wonder that Carranio himself had grown careless.

“Who are you?” Cillin asked.

Emmus smiled, “If I tell you the truth, will you extract the things inside my body?”


He understood that Cillin was telling the truth after looking him over once seriously. Then, Emmus made a hand gesture that every Hunter was most familiar with.

When he saw this hand gesture, Wa Qing, who had just gotten back on his feet immediately felt cold sweat pouring down his back.

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