Star Rank Hunter

Chapter 115: Explanation

Chapter 115: Explanation

The newcomer was an average human with long bangs, and he appeared to be around twenty-six or twenty-seven years old. He did not have any tattoos, but he had a lot of mini mods on his person. Cillin knew that the mods were deadly even without knowing what their functions were.

Although the young man also addressed Carranio as king, his tone was more casual, and not as fearful and reserved as Big Q’s. However, it would seem that everyone in Poison Fang was used to his tone and behavior, and even Carranio himself did not express any displeasure as he chuckled at the young man.

“Come, Emmus, quickly. Let me show you something good.” Carranio smiled until his fangs were sticking outwards. Beckoning, he pointed at a chair and motioned for Emmus to sit down.

The chair Carranio pointed him at was closer to the throne than Cillin’s, but Emmus did not head over immediately and instead looked Cillin up and down first before slowly making his way to the chair. Sitting down casually and crossing his legs, he stared interestedly at Cillin and the crowd.

Footsteps rang from outside the hall, and before his underlings could announce their arrival, Carranio had already invited them in loudly, “Come in!”

A dozen or so people came in right after his invitation. The three leaders of the entering group were probably around the same status as Big Q’s, and they sat at the side just like Big Q after saluting the Skull King.

Judging from their looks, it would appear that they were not pure humans. Well, that was to be expected. A chaotic place like Sector V had all kinds of races, and without a stable enough social system and population distribution, multiracial individuals were not an unusual sight.

The Poison Fang members who followed behind the three leaders were carrying a few boxes of energy ores with them. They placed the boxes at the center of the hall before retreating to the back and standing still. Unlike the rest of the people in this place, small fries like them had no courage to take a seat without the King’s permission.

“Eh?” Emmus’ eyes lit up as he swept a glance at the boxes that were still closed. The mods on his person were already reacting to what’s inside.

“Haha, it looks like Emmus is already getting impatient!” Big Q laughed.

Carranio moved his finger and motioned for the people at the back to open them. The glow of the red-and-black, green, white and translucent ores immediately captured everyone’s eyes, and Emmus had even darted right off the chair and walked circles around the energy ores. His eyes burned with so much passion that it was as if he had met his lover.

“This is some good stuff!” Emmus touched an energy ore and sighed.

Big Q and the others were unable to hold back as well as they got up and caressed the energy ores. They looked like they couldn’t wait to hug them all in their arms.

On the ground, Wa Qing stared wide-eyed and disbelieving at Cillin before turning to look at the energy ore inside the box. He closed his eyes and shook his head repeatedly. Wa Qing understood that the Sixth Squad planned to use these ores to exchange their lives, but he knew better. Poison Fang never planned to release them in the first place, and not even the messenger who delivered the ores, Cillin, would leave this place alive. There was no such thing as ‘trust’ in Poison Fang’s dictionary. The only things they worshipped were domination and slaughter.

“King, these energy ores are different from the ones we usually use!” A person beside Big Q looked and touched the ores all over while exclaiming in great excitement.

“Of course they are!” Carranio laughed twice loudly before inclining his head towards Cillin, “Now, let us have the discoverer of these ores, Sixth B Squadron’s Cillin, explain these energy ores so that everyone can understand them better.”

Wa Qing abruptly opened his eyes and stared straight at Cillin. The aggressiveness in his eyes stated that he would go down with him if he dared say a word.

Cillin gave Wa Qing a smile and said, “Don’t worry, LC Wa Qing. It’ll be fine.”

Like hell I can not worry. Like hell it’ll be fine!

Words could not describe the anxiety in Wa Qing’s heart. They should not have revealed anything about the energy ores even if all thirty or so of their lives were completely sacrificed in the process, much less bringing them over. Wa Qing himself was wrought with both remorse and shame. Now, this kid was even going to explain to them exactly how the energy ores worked?! Seriously?!

Wa Qing consoled himself by thinking that Cillin was probably employing some sort of tactic to fool Poison Fang. What he revealed to them would probably all fake.

But Cillin disappointed him. He almost couldn’t catch his breath and blacked out upon listening the very first piece of content. This bastard is actually telling the truth! How foolishly young and inexperienced was he! Just why did the commander send someone like him over to negotiate?!

Wa Qing made a lot of muffled noises on the ground, but since his mouth was sealed and Cillin did not tear off the tape on his mouth, all he could do was wriggle and groan. In contrast, Cillin was giving the performance of his life as he explained brilliantly and excitedly to the Poison Fang members with spittle flying all over the place. Not even at the Sixth Squad had he seen the kid talk this much before.

While Big Q was stretching his neck and listening closely to Cillin’s explanation, he felt that his thighs were a little itchy and gave it a careless scratch. Then he continued to listen to Cillin’s explanation.

At the same time, the big spider beneath Carranio’s hand noticed that there were many half translucent little balls rolling towards it. These little balls gave it a very bad feeling, but at the same time they also seemed very tasty. It was a paradoxical feeling. While the spider was still hesitating, the little balls had already rolled to its body and became stuck to its hair.

Meanwhile, the little balls had also rolled into the local creature’s mouth snoring beneath Carranio’s feet. Some of the balls were sucked into its mouth while it was breathing.

Carranio was listening quite enthusiastically to Cillin’s explanation and imagining in his head just how powerful his weapons would be if they were powered by these energy ores. To his surprise, the big spider beneath his palm suddenly moved intensely and escaped from his grasp before running off somewhere. If this was any other time, Carranio would have sent someone to look for it. But right now he simply wasn’t in the mood with nearly all of his attention caught by the things that Cillin were describing. He was distracted because these energy ores were capable of satisfying his ambition.

The information Cillin revealed were easy to understand, and Carranio had learned some of these information from the captives already. However, the minute details that Cillin described had made Carranio even happier, such as the red-and-black ores capable of inducing certain life forms to evolve hardened scales on the skin. Every time Cillin introduced a new type of energy ore, he would give out some examples on how to apply them. Although Carranio had thought up some of these applications himself, Cillin’s explanation was more vivid and attractive just like a monochrome painting given color. Plus, Carranio was sure that what Cillin had told them was true.

It was also why Wa Qing’s face grew more and more ashen while Big Q and the others grew more and more excited.

Meanwhile, Emmus continued to caress the energy ores as he listened to Cillin. His long bangs hid his eyes and kept them from being seen.

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