Star Rank Hunter

Chapter 114: Welcome to My Kingdom

Chapter 114: Welcome to My Kingdom

If Poison Fang could pry out the info about the energy ores from the prisoners, then they must know how the Sixth B Squadron had discovered the energy ores as well. That meant that they must know about Cillin and the gray cat. If the energy ores could attract the Skull King Carranio’s attention, then Cillin’s worth would surely fall under Carranio’s purview as well.

When the spaceplane had landed on the planet, Big Q and a few other Poison Fang members surrounded Cillin at the center to prevent him from playing any dirty tricks he might have.

Cillin looked around him. Looking at its conditions, it would seem that this planet’s planetary habitability was at Rank B as well. It was pretty difficult to find a Rank B planet in Sector Z, but judging from the surrounding buildings, it was obvious that Poison Fang had occupied this planet for quite some time already.

Cillin didn’t get off the spaceplane for long before he was told to pass through a door frame-like device before exiting the port. He had seen this device in all sorts of places in other Sectors. It was a device that detected subspace containers.

After the device was activated, the center of the device became blurry and distorted. Cillin stepped into that area. The device beeped continuously during the inspection process, and at the same time, the display monitor at a side indicated that there was a spatial abnormality at a certain body part.

After Cillin had passed through the device, Big Q walked towards him yet again. This time he did not use his gun however, and instead lifted a smile that did not reach the eyes and said, “Don’t do anything dumb. Give it to me.”

Cillin took off a bracelet from his wrist expressionlessly and threw it to Big Q. Big Q pressed a switch on the bracelet and dumped everything inside the bracelet on the floor.

As he stared at the scattered rations and water bottles, Big Q clicked his tongue and crushed the food rations to bits, grinding them twice against the ground. However, he kicked the water bottles to the people beside him. The water could be used if they passed through the inspection.

Big Q pushed Cillin and said, “One more time!”

Cillin followed orders cooperatively. The second inspection went through without any problems.

“Let’s go.” Big Q beckoned the men at the side and they led Cillin to where Carranio was.

Meanwhile, a small, metallic lump that looked almost identical to its surroundings moved away slowly from the bottom of the spaceplane without anybody noticing. It soundlessly sneaked out of its cover and attached itself to the bottom of another spaceplane that was about to take flight. When the spaceplane had taken off, the small lump released some half transparent balls about the size of sesames that were incredibly difficult to distinguish without a closer look.

No one at the port noticed the small balls that were rolling along the dust and soil. They continued to talk and laugh loudly about a certain slaughter.

Cillin was led to a building over twenty meters tall. It could not be considered grand, but it was definitely unconventional to say the least. The building was painted in a blood-like red color, and the pillars were hung with some large emblems of Poison Fang. Outside the hall, there were three people who were stripped and nailed against the pillars. They hadn’t drawn their last breath, but they were just inches away from death. There was no doubt that this was torture.

The clothes of these three bloody people were placed beside them. They were the uniforms of the Sixth B Squadron. One of them belonged to a combat personnel, while the other two belonged to the technicians. Cillin remembered everyone he met before, and he recognised these three people as LC Akayi and LC Wa Qing’s subordinates.

Big Q and some of the surrounding Poison Fang members let out pleased chuckles at the sight. Cillin picked up some broken rock shards from the ground and flung them at the trio before Big Q and the others could react.

Better dead than to live in such agony.

Big Q and the surrounding men raised their guns at once at Cillin. However, Cillin turned his head and spoke to Big Q as if he hadn’t realised what he just did and said, “Lead the way.”

Big Q narrowed his eyes, wrinkled his nose and let out a low, animalistic roar. But he quickly calmed down and said, “Don’t get cocky, brat. When the time comes, I’ll skin you alive and nail you to the pillar! I’ll cut your flesh out bit by bit and feed it to my adorable pets!”

Up to this point, Cillin had put on a calm act and did not pretend to be weak or frightened. After all, to do so would be no different from burying his head in sand. Poison Fang might be lunatics, but they were not idiots. They knew that there was no way the Sixth B Squadron would send a weak and cowardly thrash to negotiate with them. To pretend so would only result in the opposite effect and draw even greater suspicion onto himself.

Although Cillin had only seen Carranio once through the video footage, he had a feeling that he was a person who desired to dig out your secrets the harder you tried to hide them. This coincided with Cillin’s own wishes. This way, he could better ensure that things developed the way he planned it to be.

“Welcome to my kingdom!”

Carranio the Skull King sat above the main hall, looking down on Cillin as he walked towards him. When he spoke, his fangs stretched outwards and gave him an even more savage appearance than before.

Cillin looked at Carranio seated at a high spot and said, “I am honored to be able to see the legendary Skull King with my own eyes, and I believe that you have checked as to who I am. So, should we cut straight to the chase?”

Carranio smiled and pointed at a chair not far away from Cillin, “There’s no rush. Come, take a seat first.”

There was a huge spider beneath Carranio’s hand, and when Carranio put his hand on its back, it was less than one fifth of its size. There was also an unknown animal lying at Carranio’s feet with many pairs of legs and covered in a layer of dense scales. Its tail was curled upside down, and two pairs of eyes – one big and one small – stared at him with an ominous glint behind them. This was probably an original species of the planet.

The moment Cillin sat down, he said, “I can tell you more about those energy ores. But I wish to see my companions first and confirm that they’re alive.”

Carranio looked to be in a good mood as he turned his head and spoke to the Poison Fang members beside him.

Cillin frowned at them. They were not speaking with the GAL language.

Cillin had frowned god knows how many times ever since he arrived here, and Poison Fang was very happy to see this reaction. Carranio and his men had conversed using Sector V’s language.

After he was finished instructing, Carranio looked towards Cillin once more and said, “I heard that you have a talking cat who can search for the energy ores.”

Ever since he learned about the gray cat from the prisoners, Carranio had been planning to attack the Sixth B Squadron a second time and capture the cat. However, that plan was still in the planning phase, so Carranio had to admit that it was exciting news when he learned that Cillin was the Sixth Squad’s messenger. From what he gathered, the ore seeking and talking gray cat belonged to Cillin. If he trapped Cillin here, then it would be a lot easier to obtain that cat.

Cillin nodded, “Yes, I do. But I have not brought it with me for this trip.”

While speaking, a Poison Fang member carried a man inside and threw him directly on the floor. The person had both his hands and legs cuffed and his mouth sealed. He looked to be still regaining his breath, and his eyes were a little out of focus. But when he finally recovered and saw Cillin’s figure clearly, he struggled in attempt to climb up to his feet. The person beside him kicked him down on the floor once more.

When Cillin saw him, he immediately stood up from his chair and swiftly knelt beside him, saying, “LC Wa Qing, are you okay?”

While caressing the big spider’s back, Carranio smiled and stretched his fangs outwards when he saw Cillin letting out an obvious sigh of relief after inspecting Wa Qing’s condition.

“King, what have you called me here for?!”

It was at this moment a young man stepped into the hall.

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