Spirit Vessel

Chapter 863: Firmaments City

Chapter 863: Firmaments City

The crescent moon was covered by layers of clouds and fogs above a domain city. Each domain city was a perfect place for cultivation.

“I wonder if this is helping or hurting them.” Feiyun sat outside of Meng Lingyan’s room. His long hair draped down; his brows slightly furrowed.

Though he looked quite cool right now with his sitting pose, he was playing the part of a “pimp” in a brothel.

There were many guards in the courtyard since the ancestors were afraid that she would escape before the ceremony.

However, they were asleep right now while still standing from being drugged. Feiyun sat outside to prevent anyone else from coming.

“Of course you’re doing them a favor. Both sides are willing, brought together by heaven itself. Nothing is more joyous than this.” A purple figure slowly manifested in the air and landed on the roof.

She was still in a male outfit. She sat down and waved her paper fan, looking like a young noble. She did indeed look cool with her confident style.

Feiyun looked up and smiled: “Is that right?”

“I’m perfectly right.”

“Why are you here?”

“To look at the moon?” Liu Suzi stopped, thinking that it was distasteful to tease a lowly half-demon. She became serious again and said: “I’ve been trailing you the entire time. I didn’t expect that you’re a monk, not wanting to touch an excellent woman like Meng Lingyan and would rather get a different half-demon to get her virginity. I’m curious, do you not like women?”

“Didn’t you say both sides were willing? Plus, Meng Taiyue is a good friend of mine and one does not touch his friend’s wives. That’s not who I am.” Feiyun touched his nose.

“What about the little beauty from the alliance?” She looked down at Feiyun and asked. She had exquisite features; her hair tied up in a bun with a purple ribbon gently moving to the night wind.

“It’s a bad habit to spy on others.”

“Please, do you think I enjoy spying on a wretched half-demon? I just didn’t want you to screw up my plan.” She glared at him.

Tomorrow was the wedding ceremony between the young lord of Firmaments and Meng Lingyan. The bride-stealing was only one aspect of her plan. She wanted to humiliate Xiao Tianyue in front of everyone, letting the entire world know that he has been cucked.

It was definitely a good slap to the face.

Feiyun also made his own preparations. Xiao Tianyue wasn’t a normal person. Once slapped, he would definitely vent. The first unlucky ones were naturally the Meng then whoever took his bride’s virginity would face his merciless wrath as well.

“Meng Lingyan will definitely become a target. Have you prepared a way out for her?” Feiyun asked.

Liu Suzi stared at the beautiful moon while resting her head on one arm. She laughed in response: “Why should I? Saving her would require too much effort, not worth it and no need either.”

“You…” Feiyun narrowed his eyes and stood up, wanting to get inside to stop those two. If he couldn’t get her out of Firmaments City tomorrow, then it would be a terrible disaster.

He wasn’t that heartless. However, what if he were to see something that he shouldn’t see by rushing in?

This made him hesitate.

“However, since you saved me last time, I will give you a wormhole stone. After the whole thing is exposed, she can leave using that stone. Of course, it’s quite dangerous, I won’t guarantee that the experts of Firmaments won’t cut her off.” Suzi seemed to be teasing Feng Feiyun. Her eyes had gleams of amusement.

Feiyun wasn't too angry. The problem here was his lack of power, not intelligence. If he had ample resources, he could also give Lingyan a wormhole stone. No, if he was strong enough, he would just directly kill the Meng instead of using a borrowed knife.

Plus, even if Meng Taiyue and Meng Lingyan were to try and escape right now, this woman would stop them. The stone was the only way.

“Don’t be mad now, half-demons are born lowly and won’t become real masters. Their fate is to be humiliated, toyed with, and eventually swallowed.” She spoke with a serious expression.

“Believe what you want.” Feiyun didn’t mind: “One day, I’ll show you that I’m very interested in beauties.

Tonight passed by peacefully.

On the next day, the entire city was lively because the groom’s side was here to pick the bride up. Many old powers were affected.

The convoy was large with gigantic beasts leading the way. The leader was a nine-headed flood dragon. Its head looked like nine mountain ranges. Its roars engulfed the city with its aura.

This was a true flood dragon - the next transformation of a spirit serpent. It was comparable to an ancestor.

One tail whip could destroy a thousand miles; one sneeze would initiate a downpour.

The ancestors and elders of the Meng were up early. They greeted the convoy with a smile.

Others in Season were envious. After all, Firmaments City had a sacred position.

According to the rumors, it used to have a pseudo-saint. Thus, its resources and foundation were beyond imagination. Other domain lords treated it with respect.

“The Meng is reaching the heaven with one step, they’ll be the lords of Season soon.”

“No wonder why they’re so arrogant recently, that’s their backing. Even the domain lord will need to act with prudence.”

“The young lord of Firmaments is a great genius with more than a hundred wives and concubines. Half of these women are historical geniuses. Meng Lingyan will only be a concubine and won’t be regarded that highly by him.” Another sneered.

“Nonetheless, the Meng’s status will rise as a result. Don’t you see how those ancestors can’t stop smiling?”


The convoy left Season using a formation and returned to Firmaments City. Several Meng ancestors were chosen to come for the bride’s side.

Firmaments was a floating city. The center was a massive inverted mountain spanning thousands of miles. On top of it was the capital city consisting of numerous fortresses and palaces.

Other architectures also floated around it - smaller cities, pagodas, walls. They were built with the city in mind. The expansion continued in a prosperous manner.

Season City was impressive enough, just not when compared to this place. Firmaments looked like a city of immortals.

Liu Suzi had a big background so she didn’t bother hiding her identity. She still wore the same purple robe. Her group consisted of guards carrying extravagant gifts. Feiyun disguised himself as a servant; his skin was yellow like ginger, looking very ordinary.

Many big shots and prodigies have arrived for the celebration, even those who didn’t get an invitation.

“Young Noble, you can’t come in without an invitation.” An old man wearing a butler robe stopped a man in golden armor.

He came bearing generous gifts and even spirit treasures. Alas, no invitation.

“Open your dog eyes, our young noble is the young lord of Gold City, he’s here to congratulate Firmaments Young Lord. Are you courting death?” A middle-aged man walked up. Flames coiled around him and formed a dragon seal, wanting to kill the butler.

“?!!... I’m sorry, so this is the young lord of Gold. Please, please come in!” The butler and receptionists got on their knees while trembling with fear.

Gold City was a super power. A servant like him couldn’t afford to provoke their young lord.

After he came in, other big shots without an invitation also arrived. The lowest status among them were still the sons of domain lords.

Thus, the butler and the receptionists felt their knees going numb from kneeling too long.

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