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Chapter 864: Aqua Moon Saintess

Chapter 864: Aqua Moon Saintess

Too many big shots have arrived including the successors of Gold City and Lifeless Palace. Virtually all of the main lines in the territory came bearing gifts.

“How strange, the young lord’s main marriage didn’t have so many guests. It’s just a concubine from a small clan this time and the young lord specifically ordered for it to be kept low key.” The old butler thought that something was wrong.

“The young lord is brilliant and has so many friends, this is normal. Plus, we’re famous among the twelve southwest territories, this makes sense.” Another worker said.

The butler nodded in agreement and thought that this was still a good thing. These big shots were bringing plenty of rare gifts.

The ancestors from the Meng were elated to see the big shots, thinking that the young lord of Firmaments thought of them highly to invite so many guests. Normally, they would need to look up at the guests, unable to actually speak to them.

“Our clan will rise since the young lord favors Lingyan.” One ancestor stroked his beard, already fantasizing about his clan taking charge of Season and being prosperous for generations to come.

At this time, Liu Suzi led her group into the young lord’s mansion. The butler right now was smart to not ask the guests anything and simply wrote down the gifts. Someone like him couldn’t question these nobles and lords.

In Suzi’s convoy, only Feiyun and an old man actually entered the banquet area.

She met a few familiar faces - all prodigies of the current generation. For example, the young lord of Gold, the saintess of Aqua Moon, the twin brother and sister of Lifeless. The other youths automatically stayed to the side because their status wasn’t equal to Suzi’s group. They would only greet by bowing from a distance.

Feiyun and the old man were considered servants so they stood several hundred feet away, observing the dragons and phoenixes among men.

The saintess of Aqua Moon in particular was special. She had a radiance glowing around her while possessing an immaculate beauty. She didn’t look like she was from this world. Feiyun himself became slightly moved after seeing her, thinking that she looked a little familiar. [1]

She was standing on the ground but everyone got the feeling that she might ascend at any moment.

Many geniuses greeted her with nothing but respect. Even a few unfathomable old men did the same.

The old man sitting next to him was from Season’s governing faction. He had his eyes closed.

Feiyun’s phoenix gaze wasn’t enough to see through his cultivation. The guy was clearly a master.

However, he opened his eyes and told Feiyun: “That’s the saintess of Aqua Moon Paradise.”

“Aqua Moon?”

“A supreme holy ground created by Aqua Moon Goddess. It was created 16,000 years ago but its status is comparable to the ancient sects that have been around forever. The saintess has a special status among the central dynasties. Even Heaven’s Ascension experts are respectful towards her.”

“Aqua Moon?” Feiyun’s soul seemed to be leaving his body as he murmured this title. Painful memories surfaced in his mind. The toughest heart and mind still had a few weaknesses.

The old man wasn’t surprised at Feiyun’s reaction. After all, Aqua Moon Goddess’ cultivation and status were virtually equivalent to a saint.

Everyone looked up at her; some even worshipped her status. Thus, this youth’s reaction was understandable.

Feiyun clenched his fists; his fingernails dug into his skin while staring at the saintess. He understood the familiar feeling now - this saintess cultivated the same merit law as Shui Yueting - Heart Meditation Sword Scripture.

The saintess right now looked like a saint ruling above the nine firmaments. The geniuses had no choice but to lower their head before her.

The young lord of Gold City and the twins of Lifeless stood near her, acting as guards. They stopped lower-status cultivators from getting closer lest they disturb her.

She came to Firmaments City on a trip to talk about the dao with a Heaven’s Emergence senior here. Liu Suzi told her about this wedding; the two of them were quite close so she came to congratulate.

Feiyun calmed down; his expression became normal again. He asked: “Our lady is close to the saintess?”

The old man didn’t know Feiyun’s true identity and thought that he was a new follower. He pondered for a bit and answered: “You have only joined for a short time so there are many things you don’t know. The lady and the saintess are good friends. Why are there so many geniuses here for Xiao Tianyue’s wedding with a concubine? They’re here for the saintess.”

Feiyun’s eyes narrowed and understood a few things. Someone of her status wouldn’t show up in public so easily. This was part of Liu Suzi’s scheme.

“Thank you for visiting our humble abode, Saintess. I was late in greeting you so I’ll drink three cups as an apology.” Xiao Tianyue rushed over after hearing the news, completely ecstatic.

The saintess’s presence was a great honor. This wedding would definitely go down in history.

Flowers made out of fog and clouds surrounded her, causing the hall to look spiritual.

“Young lord, this is your 104th concubine so it should be 104 cups.” Liu Suzi sauntered forward; one hand posed behind her back and the other held a paper fan.

Xiao Tianyue already had the cup touching his lips; he stopped after seeing her. Why is she still alive?

This unexpected development made him have a bad feeling about the whole thing. Looks like the guests weren’t friendly.

Nonetheless, he wasn’t afraid because he left zero clues behind regarding the assault. She had no evidence and he could just deny all of her accusations.

He showed zero emotional fluctuation and smiled back: “Not to mention 104 cups, even 104 jars are fine when the saintess is here, haha!”

“Just drinking is boring now.” Liu Suzi smiled in response.

Someone else immediately followed along: “Right, I heard that the young lord has finished cultivating Firmaments Force, the seventh person to do so from the city. I want to see it for myself.” The speaker was the genius from Lifeless Palace.

He was young but his vitality was vigorous with a heavenly eye on his forehead and a pair of wings on his back, looking quite holy.

A young noble from Heaven Restoration Faction said: “Today is the young lord’s wedding, save the challenges for later.”

“It’s rare to have an event like this at the twelve southwest territories where the geniuses gather. I’m afraid we won’t have a better chance.” Liu Suzi said.

“The saintess is traveling the world so we won’t be in her presence again. We need to fight our heart out during this momentous event.” The young lord of Gold City had an ancient beast image glowing behind him. He was ready to fight.

These geniuses were eager to show their skills in front of the saintess, hoping to win her favor.

Xiao Tianyue was tempted as well. Because of her status, even Heaven’s Emergence experts had a hard time meeting her. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

However, another genius remained cautious and said: “Our cultivation is too high and it’s hard to hold back. This will harm our friendship along with ruining this auspicious day. No one wants to see that, it’s better to avoid it.”

Tianyue became curious as well and glanced over at Liu Suzi. This woman was here with nefarious intent.

If something were to happen to the children of a big shot here, Firmaments City would be blamed.

He told himself that today was quite strange and prudence was necessary. He smiled and said: “I agree with Brother Ye Chang. It’ll be problematic if something goes wrong. Let’s hold the challenges for later.”

1. Aqua is Shui, Moon is Yue

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