Spirit Vessel

Chapter 862: Bride Stealing

Chapter 862: Bride Stealing

Feng Feiyun changed his face and turned into a tall and thin youth. He entered Season City again. He walked through the streets, feeling the old city’s prosperity.

The battle between the Meng and the half-demon alliance caused quite a stir one month ago. People were still talking about it. The name “Feng Feiyun” was naturally brought up as well.

Several cultivators were sitting on a jade bench beneath a millennium spirit tree, just gossiping.

“The Meng actually has a ninth-ranked spirit treasure and a marriage alliance with Firmaments City. They’re now one of the top clans in Season.”

“Virtually all the half-demons in Season mobilized that day. They got completely massacred, losing four elders too. Their top genius, Zhan Yue, died in battle too. Looks like the Meng doesn’t care about the battle palace and the domain lord due to their strong backing.”

“The top genius of the alliance should be Feng Feiyun. He crippled three historical geniuses and killed five elders. Even an ancestor of the Meng called him a death god.”

“All the half-demons are talking about him and consider him their spiritual totem. They talked about him so much, some say that he’s a descendant of ancient sacred demons and a first-generation half-demon strong enough to instill fear into the Meng.”

“Hmph, the half-demons are exaggerating. The ancient sacred demon races are far stronger than humans. He’s not a descendant.”

“Right, the Meng’s real experts didn’t come either, only one branch and just one ancestor. Feng Feiyun wouldn’t have gotten away otherwise.”

“I heard he’s dead now after running from pursuers. He jumped into the evil river, they can’t even find his corpse.”


Feiyun heard people talking about him as he headed for the half-demon alliance.

The gate looked shabby and beaten. The place was cold and cheerless, even worse than his first visit.

The half-demons wearing badges looked lost and sad just like a walking corpse. The massacre a month ago made them taste despair and realized the gap between them and humans.

The more they knew, the weaker they felt - truly discouraging.

A girl with crimson hair walked out - white skin and slender figure. She had a red spirit bow on her back.

She walked down the jade steps and slightly stopped. Her face was covered with murderous intent.

She didn’t notice Feiyun standing nearby since she was deep in thought.

He recognized her. Her name should be “Ye Xiaomu”. She was close to Meng Taiyue, Zhan Yue, and Feng Wanxia.

She was at peak ninth-level God Base before being crippled by Meng Xinghu. However, her spirit energy was pure and powerful right now. The Buddhist pill clearly cured her.

“Ye Xiaomu.”

She was on her way to the city but heard someone call out her name. She turned around and saw a man with a friendly smile nodding his head.

“Do I know you?” She became guarded.

“I’m a half-demon, I watched you fight Meng Xinghu back at the battle palace.”

“Who are you?”

“This isn’t the place to talk, follow me.” Feiyun didn’t want to enter the alliance before there were too many people there.

It clearly had spies too because his identity was revealed. Perhaps the Meng had some waiting right now.

He didn’t want to expose himself so soon. It was safer to hide in the shadows.

Xiaomu hesitated a bit before choosing to follow him.


A floating palace in the city had several thousand spirit stones floating around it. This was a place for cultivators to enjoy food and wine. Many young beauties served as entertainers to earn spirit stones.

“You’re a half-demon?” Ye Xiaomu sat on a violet jade chair that hasn’t been carved. The bronze table was filled with spirit fruits and rare wine. One could see the entire city while looking down.

She saw other floating palaces, spirit paths, spirit beasts, and old cultivators soaring above. This was her first time experiencing this.

A half-demon like her couldn’t afford to enter this place. Just the entry price alone was three hundred stones.

However, the man sitting in front of her didn’t bat an eye when paying this sum. How could a half-demon be so rich?

Feiyun smiled and the flesh on his face started changing. He quickly returned to his initial appearance.

“Brother Feng!” Ye Xiaomu couldn’t hide her excitement as her soft and ample body rose up from the chair.

She wanted to pass this great news to the alliance but Feiyun stopped her.

She was very grateful because he gave her a pill that restored her cultivation. There was no way she could ever repay this so she tried to get on her knees but he stopped her again.

“The Meng has warned the alliance several times in the last month but we still sent people to look for you. Alas, we found nothing while they announced that you have jumped into the evil river and not even bones were left. We refused to believe it, we knew that you’re special and will return.” Xiaomu revealed a rare moment of weakness with tears dripping down her cheeks. She had clearly suffered a lot recently.

The spirit of the alliance was at an all-time low; everyone felt helpless.

“I’m returning to make them pay.” Feiyun said with determination and charisma.

Xiaomu saw his eyes and needed to lower her head; her heart was beating chaotically; her face turned red. She quietly said: “What is your plan? I will help you.”

“I saw bloodlust emanating from you outside the entrance earlier, what did you want to do?”

“The Meng is sending Lady Meng Lingyan away as a concubine in order to climb up the ladder. However, she and Brother Meng are a pair, that young lord has so many concubines yet is still greedy, purposely separating lovers. This is the case for those elders too, sacrificing a girl for their own benefits. They’re not worthy of being an ancient clan.” Her eyes turned cold.

“Don’t tell me you want to try and assassinate the young lord.”

“I have to try even if it will end in death. Like you said, for honor and dignity.” She looked up.

I did say that. Maybe the half-demon elders used his line to motivate others.

He coughed and said: “It depends on if it’s worth it and how feasible. Your cultivation is too weak, you’re just suiciding for nothing. Leave this to me. Go back to the alliance and bring Taiyue here.”

“I can do more.” She couldn’t handle staring at his eyes and had to look down again. Her heartbeat became erratic.

“No need for that, just tell Elder Mu that I’m fine and tell him that once the Meng is destroyed, I want a fourth-ranked badge.” Feiyun said.

That night, Feiyun used his garments to sneak Meng Taiyue into the Meng’s residence to meet Meng Lingyan.

“I’ll wait outside, let’s get this done quickly… ahem, maybe not, forget it.” Feiyun left her room and closed the door.

He performed various formations to seal the area so that the elders of the clan wouldn’t figure out that something “good” was happening.

He had told Meng Taiyue about the plan. He had no love for the clan despite growing up here and agreed to work with Feiyun. Moreover, he could stay with his lover. Why would he refuse?

If he didn’t do it tonight, he could only watch Meng Lingyan being taken by Xiao Tianyue. That’s why he needed to risk it all.

The last thing Feiyun told him was: “Heaven destroys those who don’t look out for themselves. Think about it then make a decision.”

This was a persuasive line.

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