Spirit Vessel

Chapter 44: Red Spider Lily

Unexpectedly, Feng Feiyun touch a hand!

Feng Feiyun had felt the hands of many people, but the majority were the hands of young and beautiful girls. This was the first time touching such a cold and shriveled hand.

“Mother! What in the devil is this?”

Feng Feiyun immediately rushed backward, and he stared straight at the wall; could it be a ghost?

Supernatural matters naturally couldn’t scare Feng Feiyun because he was someone that had died once; however, this ghost thing was truly too strange! It was even scarier than a real ghost!

On it was a gray monk’s robe; the cloth fabric had turned pale white. The white lines engraved at the chest area must have been embroidered a few thousand years ago, woven into the shape of a red spider lily; it was surrounded by a group of tiny ancient words that were beautifully embroidered next to the flower.

“Red spider lily; one thousand years to bloom and one thousand years to wither, flowers and petals never meet each other. Feelings not because of karma, fate preordained before life and death!”

This was a small phrase embroidered on the monk’s robe. These gentle fonts hid a dao truth. Even though several thousand years had passed, but these small words still carried along a dreary and solemn sadness, still carried the same aura as before.

A simple glance would be enough to cause others to become teary.

This monk’s robe was floating in front of Feng Feiyun. It was as if an ancient monk was standing before him; however, in reality, this was only a monastic robe. This robe had an aura that could protect it from the eternality of time, allowing it to float in the air.

There was a feeling that a transparent monk was standing in front of Feiyun; it smilingly stared at him.

There were a few blood stains on the monastic robe. Even though a few thousand years had passed, the blood was still beautifully bright, just like a red plum.

“Red spider lily! Red spider lily! Petals becoming flowers that have not yet bloomed, flowers becoming petals that had already fallen! Separated by only an inch, never seeing each other during an entire life!”

“The owner of this monastic robe must be someone with a story!”

Feng Feiyun’s heart was one part less afraid and one part more curious.

The monastic robe was seemingly rotten, and the inside was empty. Its owner had been dead for who knows how many years; only this robe was eternal.

No, there was also a ghastly skeletal right hand!

A skeletal right hand was protruding from the robe’s right sleeve. It was tightly gripped; the flesh and blood had already been long gone, and the bones were corroded with thousand of small holes; it was as if a gentle touch would reduce it to scattered ashes.

A few thousand years would be enough time for the flesh and bones of humans to deteriorate into ashes, but this right hand had not faded; this made him curious about the reasons within.

“It seems like this hand is gripping something?”

The five fingers of the skeletal hand were tightly gripping a certain item, even after a few thousand years, he still couldn’t bear to let go.

What could this item be that even a dead man was still so reluctant to let go of?

Feng Feiyun’s curiosity recently has been heavy. Even though he had no antagonistic feeling towards the monastic robe, he still wanted to wrestle the fingers open in order to see what it was gripping.

Feng Feiyun was currently at the early Immortal Foundation, and the power of his hands was extremely formidable, it was to the point where it could even bend a steel ingot. However, no matter how much strength he exerted, he couldn’t find a way to move even a part of the skeletal hand.

“One thought was born, ten thousand crags and torrents; one remembrance extinguished, the blue sea turned into mulberry fields!”

There was a distant solemn voice filled with vicissitudes full of love and yearning for the mortal world, yet it also carried an intense unwillingness. It caused listeners to become dejectedly melancholic.

It was as if there was someone leaning against the balcony to watch the moonlight while they recalled their memories!

After a while, there was a long sigh.

The two legs of the monastic robe were blown by the wind, and it gently walked away, back into the blue door.

The door was gently shut, and it still made no sound.

Feng Feiyun stood in a daze, and he rubbed his eyes. He felt that what just happened was just a dream, not part of reality.

“A few thousand year old monastic robe started walking. One could tell how powerful its owner must have been; such a strong person, what could his past be like?”

“Pagoda temple, blood stained monastic robe, red spider lily, skeletal hand…”

Feng Feiyun felt that he had entered a place he shouldn’t have; he inadvertently alarmed an existence that was asleep for thousands of years.

“Feng Feiyun, have you thought it over?”

The sound of the bewitching young man came from the outside with a bit of coy along with a pent up anger.

“There is nothing to think about. If you are capable, then personally come inside and take it. This young master will be waiting for you here!”

Feng Feiyun naturally did not trust their nonsense. Even if he gave them the bamboo block, they surely would kill him to keep the matter a secret.

Right, what actually is this bamboo block?

Ever since he had successfully stolen this bamboo block, Feng Feiyun had not taken a good look at it. However, if it was valued so highly by both Du Shougao and the bewitching young man, then this bamboo block must contain a big secret.

Right when Feng Feiyun was about to examine the secret of the bamboo block, a cold wind rushed in from outside the pagoda temple.

“Then I will come take it!”

In the end, Du Shougao lost his patience, and he made a move. There was no other choice; he was heavily wounded, and he was essentially unable to compete with Feng Feiyun or the bewitching young man. Every passing minute, his strength would steadily decrease.

He could only take a risk. Otherwise, it will become increasingly disadvantageous for him.

The sabre in Du Shougao’s hand was a spirit treasure. Even though he couldn’t activate the spirit treasure’s power, the sharpness of the sabre was still peerless compared to ordinary magical weapons.

Not mentioning a pagoda temple, he could even split a palace in half with one blow.

Feng Feiyun naturally wouldn’t just sit there and accept his death. Separated by a window, he met the blade with a palm strike; the Infinite Spirit Ring in the palm of his hand began to activate, and a black magical energy flew out and transformed into a gigantic palm that struck down from the sky.


Du Shougao’s cultivation was extremely high, and his sabre techniques were honed to perfection, but he was still blown away by this palm, and his body hit the ancient willow tree behind him.


The body of the ancient willow tree shook, and its leaves fell down, covering the sky.

Du Shougao’s body dropped from the tree’s body to the ground, and then spewed out a mouthful of blood; his injury worsened.

His eyes were filled with fear. The palm strike earlier was truly too powerful. Even though the palm caught him by surprise, it was enough to see its tyrannical strength.

Feng Feiyun’s strength was absolutely not at this level!

“This is… the power of a spirit treasure… There is another expert inside the pagoda temple!”

Du Shougao could only come up with this possibility.

His willpower was surprising! Even though he had multiple injuries and was only a thin line between life and death, he supported his body with the sabre and stood up; he was like a man that would never fall down.

“No wonder why the little brat Feng Feiyun won’t come out! There is an expert protecting the pagoda temple.”

The bewitching young man became more careful.

The two of them didn’t know that Feng Feiyun was carrying along a spirit treasure. In the end, the power of a spirit treasure was too great, yet its numbers were too few. A child from the fifth generation of the Feng Clan definitely would not possess one.

Even an expert like Du Shougao, with his status as the most talented of the Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace, could only carry a flawed spirit treasure.

The sabre in his hand was of spirit treasure ranking, but it had defects. The power was much greater than a pseudo-spirit treasure, but it was less than a true spirit treasure.

Feng Feiyun definitely would not carry a spirit treasure, so the owner must be a different person. This person would most likely be the master of the pagoda temple.

Feng Feiyun gained the protection of the pagoda temple’s master, causing Du Shougao and the bewitching young man to be more cautious; they did not dare to act rashly.

The value of a spirit treasure was too great, causing even families to ignore face and kill each other for them. Unless it was absolutely necessary, Feng Feiyun wouldn’t take the Infinite Spirit Ring out to use it.

When he was hiding within the pagoda temple, Du Shougao and the young man couldn’t see clearly what was inside, so he used the spirit treasure to intimidate them.

“As long as they ‘refrain from throwing at the rat for fear of breaking the vases’, I will have a chance for survival!”

Feng Feiyun now had a plan in his mind. He suddenly kowtowed on the ground, facing the roasted half of a chicken on the table next to the window, and he bowed his head, yelling:

“Thanks for Predecessor’s chivalrous action; this junior truly appreciates it! What, Predecessor says my aptitude is of genius level, so you want me to become your disciple? How do you have the nerves to ask this? What? Predecessor was the renowned Dao Master of death from three hundred years ago? This junior has heard of your great name! I heard that you used to dominate an era with famous battle achievements; even the palace master of the Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace was crucified by you on Mo Bei Cliff!”

Feng Feiyun spoke with great earnest. His voice sometimes carried a sad lamenting feeling, and at times, it was brimming with passion.

Du Shougao originally wanted to try entering again to find out the truth because earlier, he only lost to the palm due to his own carelessness. However, after listening to Feng Feiyun shouting for his father and mother, this caused the assassin to stop in his track. He didn’t dare to recklessly step forward.

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