Spirit Vessel

Chapter 45: Shrinking The Earth To An Inch, Moving A Thousand Li With One Step

On the contrary, the red phoenix eyes of the bewitching young man came with a somewhat cynical glare, and he mumbled:

“Dao Master of death — only you would come up with something like this. How could a Dao Master live in a pagoda temple? Feng Feiyun, your boasting is way over the top!”

It seems like he understood Feng Feiyun very well, and he didn’t believe there was really a peerless master in the pagoda temple. He slowly approached the pagoda temple without making a sound.

“Oh, no! It seems like this demonic man is really familiar with me, seeing through my trick!”

There was a sense of unrest in Feng Feiyun’s mind, and then he gazed towards the blue door behind him. The door was engraved with lines of incantations that were surrounded by countless spider webs. It was apparent that no one had walked through the door for a long time.

However, earlier, Feng Feiyun saw a monastic robe walking through it with his own eyes!

In the end, what was behind that door?


The soft footsteps outside was slowly approaching, and the bewitching young man seemed to be standing outside the window.

Feng Feiyun no longer hesitated; he rushed forward, and he pushed on the stone doors with his two hands. Suddenly, the door opened.


This time, the opening noise of the door was extremely loud. The friction created from the stone door with the pagoda’s floor turned into a deafening screech.

Inside the door was black as ink, and a chilling air blew directly on one’s face.

The magical incantations started to move, and a faint light flashed; the light slowly disappeared into the walls.

Feng Feiyun did not hesitate, he rushed in, but once he did, he instantly regretted it. When he wanted to turn back, it was too late; the stone doors had been closed.

A curved formation was engraved on the stone door like it was carved by a blade; it was too difficult to open this stone door.

It was pitch black in front of him, and he couldn’t see his own fingers or anything else. Also, he couldn’t hear any sound. Feng Feiyun could only touch the wall and move forward.

This walk went on for two hours!

One has to know that the pagoda temple was not big. It would only take three minutes to do a full rotation, but Feng Feiyun had been walking along this wall for two hours without reaching the stone exit. He felt a chill in his heart; it was as if he was, step by step, walking towards the depths of the abyss.

Ahead was still an eternal darkness; it was as if one will never see the light again!

Even though Feng Feiyun was quite courageous, but, at this moment, he didn’t dare to keep on moving forward. He turned around while still touching the wall to go back. As long as he could reach the stone door again, he could use the power of the spirit energy to blow away the door.

This current situation truly stirred fear in his heart.

He couldn’t help but remember the blood-stained monastic robe. In retrospect, it seemed even more strange and ghastly; it was like it was standing behind his back, and the skeletal hand was reaching for him.

With that thought, Feng Feiyun couldn’t help but speed up the pace. At this moment, Feng Feiyun’s heart became even more dejected because he had been walking the old path for around four hours; however, he couldn’t get to the old stone door.

The matter became increasingly strange, and it made him feel even more uneasy.

What the hell was this place?

Feng Feiyun stopped moving; he didn’t continue on because it was impossible to leave from here. It seemed as if he had been trapped in a secret ground. He was likely trapped inside a formation, and he was just walking around in circles.

“First Dark Origin Flame!”

Feng Feiyun channeled his energy to his fingertip. He wanted to burn energy in order to illuminate his surroundings. However, even though he could feel the temperature of the flame in his finger, his eyes couldn’t see any light even with the Heavenly Phoenix Gaze.

“Even the First Dark Origin Flame couldn’t light up this space. It seems like there really is a formation here. Maybe the Second Dark Hell Flame would be able to illuminate this place?”

Difference spaces required a different rank of flame in order to light them up.

For example, the current life in this world, just ordinary firewood would be sufficient for lighting up. In other places where immortals gathered, only the First Dark Origin Flame would be able to illuminate those areas.

Of course, in this world existed other dangerous grounds and special spaces that could only be illuminated with the Second Dark Hell Flame.

There was also the bottom of the Avici in the legends. It was an endless night all year long, and only the Third Dark True Flame’s light would be able to bring about rays of light in that place.

The level of bizarreness in this place greatly exceeded Feng Feiyun’s expectations.

“Infinite Spirit Ring!”

Feng Feiyun unleashed a palm towards the wall. His thumb with the Infinite Spirit Ring activated a boundless source of energy, and suddenly flew forward.


Feng Feiyun felt as if he had hit a big mountain. The wall did not move one bit, but his hand was completely numb. If he didn’t have a persistent and powerful body, then that blow would have cut off his hand.

Even so, he was shaken, and he had to take a few steps back.


From under his feet, a broken sound came about like he had stepped on something.

Feng Feiyun wanted to bend down in order to pick up the item, but an invisible power came over him. It caused him to uncontrollably float upward, higher and higher. It felt like it was impossible to hit the top of the pagoda temple.

“Return to where you came from! You don’t need to come here anymore!”

The ancient voice rang again!

In the midst of everything, Feng Feiyun found that he could clearly see everything in the pagoda temple. There was only a monastic robe sitting in a meditative pose, surrounded by tracks of footsteps. There was also a rotten Buddhist bead that was crushed by someone’s foot.

“Could it be that I was only walking around this monastic robe in a circle?”

Not allowing Feng Feiyun to think too much, the scenery in front of his eyes suddenly disappeared. A chilling wind came, causing him to shiver his whole body.


His whole body fell into the water.

“Shrinking the earth to an inch, moving a thousand li with one step.”

Feng Feiyun climbed up from the water. In front of him was a surging river with trees on the riverbank, and a nightingale singing to the side; the sound was so pleasing.

This place was clearly not the pagoda temple!

This place was clearly void of Du Shougao and the bewitching young man’s pursuit!

He was sent away by someone using a spirit technique to a location a few hundred li away. This place was the city protecting river of Violet Firmament Ancient City!

The spirit technique “shrinking the earth to an inch, moving a thousand li with one step” could not be used by an ordinary person. Could that monastic robe be this powerful?

Feng Feiyun became even more puzzled as he thought about it.

“Nine ancient willow trees, nine pagoda temples… What is hidden in that mansion? Could it be that I can only find the answer by meeting the master of the mansion?”

Once Feng Feiyun’s curiosity was piqued, then even ten Qilins wouldn’t be enough to pull him back.

Feng Feiyun returned to the Hidden Dragon Courtyard when it was the next day’s morning.

“Feng Feiyun, Little Sister Jianxue didn’t come back with you?”

Feng Ming curiously asked.

Feng Feiyun had just entered his living area, and he met Feng Ming, who was practicing in the courtyard.

“Didn’t she go to report to the main house about what happened yesterday? She should have returned by now.”

Feng Feiyun replied.

Feng Ming shook his head, and he said:

“Little Sister Jianxue left yesterday after you were gone, and she never returned. The Feng Clan had already sent sixteen protectors to deal with the Hidden Dragon Courtyard situation. Little Sister Jianxue should have returned together with them.”

“…” Feng Feiyun’s eyebrows slightly puckered, his eyes showed an expression of deep pondering.

Just then, a light footstep came from the outside!


The door was pushed opened, and Feng Jianxue wearing a white robe had entered. When she saw Feng Feiyun and Feng Ming together inside the pavilion, her beautiful face revealed a surprised expression; especially when she saw Feiyun, she was taken aback for a few minutes.

“Wife, after a whole night, Wife didn’t return; where did you go?”

Feiyun carefully observed Feng Jianxue. Outside of the fatigue on her face, there was nothing else noticeable. Feng Feiyun deliberately stared into her eyes. The dual pupil was still crystal clear and beautiful like the stars and the moon. At this moment, he dispelled the doubt in his mind regarding her.

A person’s facial features could be changed through the movement of the flesh, but one’s eyes absolutely could not be changed.

Feng Feiyun had some suspicions that Jianxue and the bewitching young man, who was pursuing him, was the same person; however, when he saw the dual pupils in Jianxue’s eyes without any hidden secrets, he felt that he was too paranoid.

Feng Jianxue said:

“I originally wanted to go to the main house of the Feng Clan yesterday, but halfway through, I met a mad dog; it chased me the whole night.”

“Haha! What a coincidence; Little Sister only met one mad dog, but I met two of them. They chased me until I almost couldn’t call out for my father and mother anymore.”

Feng Feiyun smilingly said.

“Don’t you want to know why the mad dog was chasing me?”

The anger in Feng Jianxue’s heart was great, and even Feng Ming who was standing to the side could feel it. He smartly retreated to the far distance, afraid of being involved.

Feng Feiyun asked:


“Because the mad dog originally wanted to chase you; however, because it felt your presence on my body, it chased me instead.”

Feng Jianxue angrily said.

Feng Feiyun’s heart jumped, he guessed who it was. He looked around for a little bit, and then he said:

“I’m afraid that it must be a female dog! Where is she right now?”

“Hmph! You call her a female dog, but isn’t that the same as admitting that you are a male dog; you both are indeed a bunch of dogs!”

It was apparent that Feng Jianxue was angry not because she was chased by the other person for a whole night. She was angry because the damned Feng Feiyun clearly called her his wife, but he was still teasing another woman.

She originally thought that Feng Feiyun was the prodigal son turning back on the right path, but she didn’t think that he was still a playboy!

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