Spirit Vessel

Chapter 43: Pagoda Temple

Feng Feiyun hid in a pitch black corner, and his palms were filled with stale sweat. He panted nonstop while his back was glued to the cold wall, not daring to move.

There was loud singing and dancing from the mansions. One could see that the owner was wealthy and luxurious, but at this moment, Feiyun turned a deaf ear and blind eye to the commotion; he was only focused on listening to the approaching footsteps from outside of the mansion.

Du Shougao’s killing intent was dense on his body, coming closer and closer, causing the atmosphere to become frozen.

“What to do? What to do?”

There were ten thousand tricks and schemes coming up in Feng Feiyun’s mind, but he quickly dismissed all of them one by one. Facing an expert of Du Shougao’s level, any tricks would be futile.

He turned and looked at the deepest part of this mansion, and he saw that along the aged pathway, nine ancient willow trees with dragon engravings were planted, extending to the far distance.

The nine ancient willow trees corresponded with nine blue pagoda temples and they took up a corner of the mansion, they were indistinctly filled with some kind of murderous atmosphere.

This mansion was located in the inner city. He had to enter it due to the desperate circumstance in order to save his life. The decoration was completely different from the outside, carrying with it a sense of exotic architectural style.

“This mansion is so huge, but why are there no maids and servants at this place?”

Feng Feiyun took another gaze even though the lights were bright and the singing and dancing was continuous. There was not even a shadow of a person; it was seemingly very strange.

A large wind blew forward, the nine ancient willow trees engraved with dragons were like nine giants that began to slowly move, and rustling sounds came from the rubbing of the leaves.


A large white fog came from the leaves of the ancient willow trees that densely appeared. Each tree was accompanied by a white ray, and it quickly encompassed the whole mansion.

This fog can block people’s sight; one could not see another person’s feet from ten steps away.

“Even the heavens is helping me!”

Even though Feng Feiyun did not understand why the leaves of the nine ancient willow trees were releasing fog, but, to him, this was a way of escaping Du Shougao and the mysterious Feng person; it was a tremendous advantage.


A wave of sabre energy, around a few meter long and was like a flame, flew from the outside and destroyed the wall where Feng Feiyun was just hiding at earlier; the saber energy turned the pile of stones into smithereens.

Feng Feiyun also used this chance to rush forward, and he flew into the depths of the mansion. He jumped on top of the huge ancient willow tree, and he hid there.

“Phoosh phoosh!”

Because they were closely chasing Feng Feiyun, they also flew into the mansion. One step was a ten zhang dash invading the mansion. Du Shougao, with a saber in his hand, showed his cold eyes along with his killing intent that was almost enough to scatter the haze and boundless fog.

The mysterious Feng Clan’s child also revealed their figure. The child wore a feather scarf, with a grand jade wrapped around their waist. In their hand was a white bone fan with an elegant demeanor.

Even though there was a dense mist covering the mysterious person’s face; however, because the “Heavenly Phoenix Gaze” of Feng Feiyun had reached the early stage, he could see through the outlines of the mysterious person’s face.

This person was blessed with bright eyes and white teeth. His facial features were outstandingly delicate beyond comparison. He was simply too outrageously handsome, inviting others to be envious.

Feng Feiyun considered his looks to be number one, enough to ensure that girls were bewildered and yearned for him; however, compared to this young man, he was one hundred thousand miles behind.

As long as it was a woman, if she saw him, she would certainly become a criminal smitten with infatuation.

“Pei! How could there be such a handsome man in this world? No wonder his face had to be covered with a layer of dense fog; it's as if he's afraid of something! A good man such as myself can’t just let this be, so I’ll ruin his features at an opportune moment!”

At this moment, Feng Feiyun really had the sudden impulse to disfigure the beauty of this bewitching young man, but in the end, it was just an impetuous thought because the cultivation of this bewitching young man was quite frightening. Maybe only talents as powerful as Du Shougao would be able to suppress him.

“Truly strange… Why is there such a familiar feeling?”

Feng Feiyun carefully observed the bewitching young man, and he still felt a vaguely familiar atmosphere… Especially those eyes filled with a godly atmosphere; they caused Feng Feiyun to vividly feel its liveliness.

However, Feng Feiyun was also aware that he had never seen this man before, so where was this familiar feeling coming from in the first place?

Suddenly, the bewitching young man took a step forward, and he gently lifted his jade-like slender neck. His eyes gazed into the above.

His eyes were extremely sharp; it was as if there were two swords coming from his pupils.

“Not good, he found me!”

Feng Feiyun felt a killing intent rushing towards his location.

The bewitching young man felt Feng Feiyun’s gaze, so he found him. His slender jade arm was lifted and unleashed a giant black palm directly towards the hiding place of Feng Feiyun.

Feng Feiyun continuously released nine palms; it was as if his body was becoming the nine hands of an arhat, wanting to block the incoming palm.

However, he was still underestimating the strength of this bewitching young man. His black palm turned into three, and they transformed into three Qilin shadows. They let out a loud roar, and they ferociously flew forward.

The power of three Qilins was around forty thousand jin, grandiose and majestic; their stomps were like thunders trampling the heavens.

A casual palm from the bewitching young man was enough to unleash the power of three Qilins; this cultivation couldn’t be below those of the Feng Clan’s elders. This was definitely a one-and-only genius within the fifth generation of the Feng Clan.


The power of three Qilins forcefully crushed everything it went through, directly destroying the nine palms from Feng Feiyun. It impacted him, knocking him a dozen zhang away.

“Damn! So strong!”

Even though Feng Feiyun was knocked flying, he was not wounded. On the contrary, he borrowed the momentum of the palm in order to sneak into a blue pagoda temple next to the ancient willow tree. Next, he opened a door, and he entered the inside.

Nine ancient willow trees, nine pagoda temples!

The stout ancient willow trees were not different than a dragon pillar. It required three to five people to fully clutch around the body with their hands. The leaves on the trees were vibrant and full of life, plus there was also the white fog lingering above, like the nine trees were successfully cultivating the path of dao.

The nine pagoda temples were also very strange. They were built by pure sandalwood; on top of them were sanskrit engravings along with buddhists symbols, but this architectural style was completely different from any other temples in the Grand Southern Prefecture, giving the feel that this was something like a buddha but not a buddha at the same time.

Even though there were signs of devious mysteries everywhere, Feng Feiyun had to break through in order to live.


Feng Feiyun had just jumped into a window, and the window suddenly closed behind him. In front of his eyes was a dark and eerie scenery. He could barely see three strands of light released by the moon outside the window.

Feng Feiyun took a deep breath, and he stood up from the ground. He stared outside the window, and he found that Du Shougao and the bewitching young man were still there.

Both of them, left and right, were not of the virtuous and merciful crowd. They were staring at Feng Feiyun inside the pagoda temple.

They didn’t immediately rush in. It was clear that they recognized that the place was devious, and they didn’t dare to make a reckless move. Furthermore, they were cautious of the other. Before they found any clues of the situation, they would not easily place themselves in danger.

“Hand over the bamboo block and I will leave your body intact!”

Du Shougao’s chilling voice carried a cold aura, resulting in the entire pagoda temple to be covered with a layer of icy mist.

“Feng Feiyun, I also don’t want to kill you. Don’t force me to take your life.”

The bewitching young man paused for a moment, and then he continued:

“If you hand the bamboo block over to me, I will definitely protect your life.”

Feng Feiyun naturally did not believe these lies. He took out a roasted half chicken, and started chewing on it; he simply didn’t care about those two outside.

He took a bite, and then he paused; something isn’t right! How did this bewitching young man know my name?

Even though Feng Feiyun considered himself to be brilliant beyond comparison and renowned across the world, it was only his own opinion. In the end, he only got to Violet Firmament Ancient City yesterday, and the people that could call his name out would not exceed a total of ten.

How could this bewitching young man shout out his name?

The more he thought about it, the stranger it became. He put down his roasted chicken on the table next to the window, and he positioned his two hands on the window. Two flames rose in his eyes, and he gazed intensely at the bewitching young man again, wanting to see through the thick fog surrounding his face to truly see his entire features.

While Feng Feiyun was next to the window, holding his breath to observe the bewitching young man, a door at the back of this dark and empty room was opened; there was no sound of the door opening. This silence was quite abnormal.

An ancient sigh came about causing others to feel a gloomy and distant atmosphere; it was like a sigh from an ancient corpse buried under the earth.

Similarly, Feng Feiyun did not hear this sigh. Inside the pagoda temple, there seemed to be a mysterious power that sealed off part of his senses.

“Damn it! Who on earth is this bewitching young man?”

Feng Feiyun observed for a long time without any results. He reached out for the roasted chicken, but he felt an icy cold and shriveled hand instead; it was as if there was no trace of flesh and blood.

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