Spirit Vessel

Chapter 40: Du Shougao

The Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace was a fearful location that only existed in the legends. Very few cultivators knew the existence of this place.

And in the whole world, those who truly knew the Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace were even less.

This was why it was considered an evil existence in the legends, only existing in the legends, but it was indeed a real place.

The Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace was humble at times, and arrogant during others. When it was keeping a low profile, there wouldn’t be an assassin coming out for ten years; however, when it was arrogant, a god of death would cometh.

The number of assassins inside the Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace, this was a matter no one knew the answer to!

However, as long as it was an assassin from the Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace, each of them was an outstanding talent of a whole generation. This person would definitely shake an entire era.

This impoverished assassin from the Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace was not older than twenty, yet his cultivation was powerful enough to slay a predecessor cultivator.

“Boom boom!”

Above the Hidden Dragon Courtyard were ferocious winds and scattering clouds. The five shadow images of the Qilin flew in the air, carrying a heaven destroying aura. Its aftermath alone was enough to grind the three ancient rooftops, next to the pavilion, into dust.

An elder wearing a white robe with a cauldron in his hand was ready to grind the mountains into dust at any moment. His gaze swept the four spheres and eight directions; each of his circles of power and chilling energy turned into tornados in the shape of dragons.

The combination of the three elders together felt like three gods descending from the heavens, oppressing the juniors of the Feng Clan, and giving them a hard time to even breathe.

The impoverished youth, on the other hand, was still poised even when he was facing the three elders at the same time. His qi image became even more densely concentrated.

A resplendent star revolved around the peak of his head, and the three hundred and sixty celestials in constant rotation carried the laws of the heavens and devoured boundless killing intents.

“He wants to unleash his sword!”

Feng Feiyun stared intensely at the hand of the youth; this was the hand of a dangerous assassin.

“How do you know?”

Feng Jianxue expressed her disbelief. If she couldn’t clearly see the shadows of the four men, then Feng Feiyun definitely shouldn’t be able to either.


Jianxue had just finished her words, and a sword broke free from the fabric of space. Next, there was a loud scream, and a rain of blood fell to the ground.


The elder that was moving his shadows was skewered by the sword in the middle of his forehead. There was a hole as small as a finger. Blood, along with a white matter, dripped out from there.

Another elder has died by his hands!

“This impoverished youth is definitely the devil; killing another person of the elder rank with just one blow.”

A child from the Feng Clan was lying limp on the floor; it was as if he lost all strength in his entire body.

The others were not much better. All of their foreheads were tingling; they felt like the end of the world was approaching, and it was driving them crazy.

The impoverished youth unleashed his sword one more time, and a frightening rainbow shattered through space. The blade was swift, but a different elder used his cauldron to block it, resulting in a loud sound.

“Bang bang!”

The smile which had not disappeared from the elder’s face became frozen. It turned out that the steel sword had shattered the cauldron and pierced his heart in one blow.

A second elder has lost his life!

At this moment, the killing intent from the impoverished youth became increasingly strong like the sun during the middle of noon; he produced an unparalleled brilliance.

The last elder, the person with the most powerful cultivation, revealed a frightened look on his face. He gathered his strength, showing a peerless momentum, and he released a five colored god palm that slowly transformed into five Qilin's of power!


A flash of sword energy swept the sky, rending the Five Bull’s of power into blue smoke.

The head of an old man flew upward and fell a few hundred zhang away, turning into pieces of flesh.


A cold heavy wind blew to the front of the Hidden Dragon Courtyard that was already solemn, making it become even gloomier.

A pungent smell of blood hovered around everyone’s senses. As far as the eye can see, this could only be the scene of an Asura at work.

The impoverished youth stood proudly in the middle of the blood and corpses with his outfit bathed in blood stains; blood dripped down from his seven or eight wounds.

He was still gripping his sword tightly, just like a god of death!

The four elders of the Hidden Dragon Courtyard had all died in his hands, each to just one fatal move.

Feng Jianxue seemed nauseous and pale from terror. When the gaze of the impoverished youth glanced over her, she couldn’t help but take two steps back.

This was an instinctive reaction to fear!

The impoverished youth coldly said.

“I thought she wasn't your wife!”

Feng Feiyun quickly blocked in front of Feng Jianxue, and he said loudly:

“What are you looking at, she also definitely isn’t your wife!”

The impoverished youth gently wiped his sword, and he said with a bleak tone:

“I don’t like men who take advantage of women!”

Feng Feiyun’s spirit suddenly came around, and he smilingly said:

“She is willing to be teased by me, so it is none of your business. Little Boy, do you have a little sister? How about I tease her next time?”

“Little sister?”

The impoverished youth slowly touched the bamboo block in his chest. His eyes revealed a soft hint of emotions, but it was quickly replaced by killing intent. He then coldly snorted, withdrew his gaze, turned around, and he left.

“You are truly a despicable person. If we meet again, I will definitely kill you.”

The impoverished youth’s body disappeared, and, suddenly, he was standing on top of the Hidden Dragon Courtyard’s high wall.

“Why not kill me right now?”

Feng Feiyun smilingly asked.

“Because I am out of time.”

The impoverished youth seemed to be in a rush; he gazed towards the far distance as if he wanted to meet a certain person.

He quickly left, but, from his back, came the jabbering sound of Feng Feiyun.

“Hey! A meeting is fateful; how about leaving a name?”

Feng Feiyun chased after him.

“If you want to find this assassin’s sabre, then find Du Shougao!”

The impoverished youth rushed straight through the sky like a giant bird, and he disappeared in the midst of the vast pavilion’s rooftops.

His voice echoed continuously in the air for a long time without expiration.

“Du Shougao! This name will definitely resonate through the entire Grand Southern Prefecture in just a short period!”

Feng Feiyun watched Du Shougao’s back as he was leaving; he smilingly mumbled:

“Clearly he was carrying a sword, but then he said 'assassin’s sabre'; did he hit his head on a door or something?”

“His head naturally never hit a door before; it was only that you only saw his sword and not his sabre. In other words, you still didn’t have the qualifications to see his sabre.”

Feng Jianxue stepped forward with a perplexed expression, and she asked:

“He really didn’t kill you because he ran out of time?”

Feng Feiyun said.

“Fuck, do you really want to see me die under his sword?”

“A foul-mouthed person like you staying alive is truly a miracle.”

Feng Jianxue smiled.

Feng Feiyun’s expression became serious, and he said:

“The truth is his not killing me had two reasons. First, he really did not have time. He came to the Hidden Dragon Courtyard to kill Feng Yu. It was apparent that his aim was the bamboo block on him; as for what the content was, it is unknown to me. However, one thing that is almost certain, the person that wanted this bamboo block is not him, but the employer who hired him to kill.”

“An employer?”

Feng Jianxue was surprised.

Feng Feiyun said.

“Du Shougao is an assassin. The first requirement for an assassin to kill is for someone to pay money!”

“He has to go meet his employer now?”

Feng Jianxue’s eyes flashed a strange expression while she gazed intensely at Feng Feiyun; a faint killing intent appeared in her dual pupils.

Feng Feiyun’s entire body slightly shivered; he slowly turned while he carefully glaring in all four directions. Du Shougao had already left, so why did he feel another strand of killing intent earlier? Could he be delusional?

It must have been his mind playing tricks!

Feng Feiyun nodded, and he said:

“He definitely went to meet his employer, but this was only the first reason why he didn’t kill me. There is another, the second reason.”

“Which is?”

Feng Jianxue asked.

Feng Feiyun said.

“He was severely wounded. Not to mention killing, if he stood here for another second, he could have collapsed at any time without being able to stand back up.”

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