Spirit Vessel

Chapter 41: Lone Star From The North

“Was he actually severely wounded?”

“He definitely was severely wounded!”

Feng Feiyun said with confidence.

“If that was the case, then why didn’t you take the chance to capture him? Wouldn’t you be renowned in the world afterward?”

Feng Jianxue became increasingly puzzled by Feng Feiyun’s actions more and more; they exuded a sense of mysteriousness.

Feng Feiyun shook his head, and he said:

“First of all, Du Shougao’s cultivation is truly terrifying. Even when he was near death, he most likely would be able to bring someone else with him; I don’t want to take that risk. Second, compared to capturing him, I want to know who is the one that hired him even more.”

Feng Feiyun, with a little smile on his face, was filled with confidence and wisdom!

“You mean you want to follow him, then find out who his employer is?”

Feng Jianxue’s expression became serious. She carried a hint of deep thought while she stared at Feng Feiyun.

“Naturally so! I feel that behind this matter is something extraordinary.”

Feng Feiyun said.

“However, in the world, there is essentially no one that could tail an assassin. Let alone you, even an elder of the Feng Clan still wouldn’t be able to.”

Feng Jianxue said.

Feng Feiyun smiled, and he said:

“Little Sister, don’t forget, I am also a Wisdom Master. Wanting to tail someone is not a difficult task. Do you want to go with me?”

Wanting to tail a first class assassin, this was not a trivial matter!

Feng Jianxue naturally didn’t believe that Feng Feiyun was truly a Wisdom Master, but he was abnormally confident; could it be that he truly had a method to find the trace of Du Shougao?

“This… such a big event happened. I have to immediately rush to the main house of the Feng Clan in order to report to the branch leader, so I don’t have time to fool around with you.”

Feng Jianxue thought one thing, but she said another.

Feng Feiyun nodded his head, and he said:

“That’s true; Du Shougao is indeed too ferocious. Little Sister not wanting to track him is a normal thing.”

Even the four elders had died under the one sword of Du Shougao; the younger generation of the Feng Clan had been frightened to the point where they couldn’t stand upright. Let alone telling them to follow the trace of Du Shougao, even a mention of his name would break their courage.

Only this boy, Feng Feiyun, who feared nothing in Heaven or Earth and carried a spirit treasure, would dare to chase after Du Shougao. Other people, including Feng Jianxue, didn’t have as much courage.

“Feng Feiyun!”

Feng Feiyun had already run to the main gate of the Hidden Dragon Courtyard; however, Feng Jianxue chased after him, and she called for him from afar.

Feng Feiyun stopped in his tracks, turned around, and he surprisingly stared at her.

“You really shouldn’t go. To be able to hire an assassin of Du Shougao’s rank, this person’s cultivation would not be weaker than Du Shougao. In the end, you still haven’t cultivated; if they find you… I’m afraid that you wouldn’t be able to return.”

Feng Jianxue wanted to say more, but she stopped; her eyes had signs of internal struggle.

Feng Feiyun felt a bit shocked for a moment, and then he smirked:

“Ahem, wife, is this wife worrying for me?”

“You go to hell!”

Feng Jianxue gritted her teeth, angrily stomped the ground, and she continued:

“You deserve death!”

*** ***

Violet Firmament Ancient City was the largest city in the Grand Southern Prefecture of the Jin Dynasty. Its history was even older than the Jin Dynasty itself; it was like an ancient Godly Tablet, forever eternal.

Violet Firmament Ancient City was constructed eight times, and it erected eight different walls; it was divided into the outer city, middle city, brocade city, inner city, and the imperial city.

The Hidden Dragon Courtyard was located in the outer city, in the outskirt region; however, it was still busy and vibrant. It was filled with horse carriages and waves of people. One could only imagine how bustling and flourishing the sceneries inside the brocade city, inner city, and imperial city must be.

Feng Feiyun walked above the broad street where luxurious and ancient carriages traveled back and forth beside him. There was also a youth riding a gigantic ancient beast along with a brigade of servants shouting everywhere.

In Violet Firmament Ancient City, the one thing that wasn’t lacking was the rich young masters and nobles. People with wealth were too numerous, and the people with power were definitely not low in number.

“I have entered the middle city!”

Feng Feiyun gazed at the far distance while he stood on the street; he noticed a celestial qi image, and he quickly moved towards the depths of Violet Firmament Ancient City.

Du Shougao was able to hide his tracks, but it was very difficult to hide the qi image on his body. As long as there was someone who was versed in understanding qi images and familiar with his own, they could track his trail.

Du Shougao was definitely a cautious person; even when one was aware of the qi images, it was still difficult to follow his path.

Feng Feiyun followed him for exactly one day and one night before pinpointing his exact location.

It was already night time at this moment. There was a gloomy crescent moon suspended in the sky’s canopy; the navy blue sky was filled with the celestials illuminating their brilliances like shining silk cloths.

Feng Feiyun remained hidden on top of an ancient building with wooden engravings. In the far distance, Du Shougao was drinking in a nearby restaurant. He had drank for two hours without any intention of leaving.

He drank the wine while coughing up blood. There were even a few times where he could hardly hold his sword in his hand; it was as if it would fall to the floor at any time. However, two hours passed and he was still sitting upright in that place drinking, coughing up more blood, and drinking some more.

Feng Feiyun was afraid of getting too close, so he only sat on the rooftop a few hundred zhang away with his legs crossed on the glazed tiles. With a grilled chicken in his hand of unknown origin, he was eating the chicken while he gazed at Du Shougao at the same time.

It was as if both of them were playing with each other!

“I have plenty of time; I don’t believe that you will stay here and drink your whole life away.”

Feng Feiyun lifted his head, laying down on the rooftop. He no longer watched his target drink wine because, even if he didn’t use his eyes, he could still faintly feel that Du Shougao was still there.

This was a mysterious feeling that was hard to explain. It was just like the spirit sense of powerful cultivators, but only that he didn’t have such a powerful spirit sense like them.

Suddenly, from high above, an array of stars in the sky suddenly appeared. One brilliant star crossed the heavens like a shooting meteor breaking through space; it caused chaos, and it deranged the other stars in the sky.

This star came from the north; it ferociously caused destruction and then dissipated in the sky palace.

Feng Feiyun quickly rolled on top of the roof and then stood up, with a surprised expression on his face. His mind immediately reached a conclusion, and he mumbled to himself:

“Lone star coming from the north, there is nowhere to escape! Could it be that the damned grandma Dongfang Jingyue has chased me all the way to Violet Firmament Ancient City?”

Feng Feiyun had some knowledge regarding the celestial array during night time. The lone star earlier pierced half of the night sky like a sharp knife into one’s heart, causing him to be frightened out of his wits. A little bit of calculation showed that a powerful enemy was approaching from the North.

North was the location of Spirit State City!

The shadow of the night became increasingly boundless; Dongfang Jingyue’s misty apricot eyes, along with her closed pair of white wings, trod lightly on the waves as she crossed the moat of Violet Firmament Ancient City.

Her white butterfly veil was unable to conceal the slight amount of her apathetic fairy-like beauty, causing the city guards’ eyes to brighten as if they just saw a goddess descending from the heavens.

“Stop right there! One cannot enter Violet Firmament Ancient City after nightfall.”

A soldier reacted; the spear in his hand pointed towards Dongfang Jingyue.

Dongfang Jingyue didn’t bother to even glimpse at him. From her sleeve, a metal order flew out to the foot of the soldier, and then she walked straight inside Violet Firmament Ancient City.

The soldier picked up the order from the ground, and he noticed the engravings of “Yin Gou” and “Dongfang”. The order in his hand weighed around a dozen jin.

“This servant has eyes but couldn’t see Mount Tai; I am worthy of many deaths.”

It was as if the soldier had a stroke. He was paralyzed; he immediately fell to the ground, and he kowtowed continuously.

This was the order of the Yin Gou Clan. Even the governor of Violet Firmament Ancient City wouldn’t dare to offend the Yin Gou Clan, let alone a minor soldier such as himself.

Dongfang Jingyue has traveled very far inside Violet Firmament Ancient City, and then she activated the Haotian Spirit Mirror. A bright crescent moon lifted from the ground, and it slowly ascended, bringing a vast and boundless luster of brilliance along with it.

“Feng Feiyun, your time of death is near!”

Dongfang Jingyue quietly muttered as she recalled her Haotian Spirit Mirror; she then directly flew towards the middle city.

Without the protection of Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng, Dongfang Jingyue was confident that she could easily subdue Feng Feiyun. If not, then she would directly find the Feng Clan’s patriarch, so that the Feng Clan would send experts to chase him.

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