Spirit Vessel

Chapter 39: Stars of the Last Generation

A rising killing intent intensified from the martial ring, forming sword shadow images. Thousands of these killing auras pierced the nine heavens, and they cut the sky’s dome.

The killing intent escaped from the body of the impoverished youth!

Even though it was just a strand of killing intent, its freezing frost was almost enough to extinguish the eighteen flames from the bronze pillars surrounding the martial ring.

The rusted steel sword in his hand was covered in blood, colored like a red plum; each drop fell to the floor, soaking the muddy ground.

The round ancient patterns behind his ears turned from black into a bloody crimson; it resembled a bloody devil eye, pressuring others. Most found it difficult to breathe.

“What are you trying to do? Are you courting death?”

Feng Jianxue wanted to rush ahead to stop the impoverished youth; however, Feng Feiyun grabbed her sleeve, and he dragged her back.

The cultivation of the youth was truly too powerful; the invisible chilling pressure caused the stones to be disintegrated into powders.

Feng Yu was already strong enough, but against this impoverished youth, he didn’t even have the power to retaliate. If Feng Jianxue came forward, the only path would be death.

“An assassin from the Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace dares to break into the Feng Clan’s ground and blatantly kill. As a descendant of the Feng Clan, we should be working together to annihilate this wretch.”

Feng Jianxue angrily glared at Feng Feiyun. In her eyes carried an intent of wanting to fight to the end.

Feng Feiyun was rather speechless, and he thought that “In the end, she really was a woman with a large chest without brains; knowing that death was assured yet she still wanted to go in head first, truly too foolish.”

“Phoosh! Phoosh!”

By the hands of the impoverished youth, two more children from the Feng Clan died in a pool of blood; they couldn’t stop him.

He was like a statue of a death god. As long as someone was courageously standing in front of him, then that person must die; no one was an exception!

“Who the hell is the thief that dares to invade the Hidden Dragon War; do you know where this place is?”

“You dare to brazenly kill the talents of the Feng Clan? This is simply stepping on the head of the Tai Sui. Children of the Feng Clan, team up and kill him; use our Feng Clan’s reputation and shock him.”


*** ***

There were layers upon layers of young talents in the Feng Clan’s fifth generation. Even though there was a fierce competition between the branches, when encountering a foreign enemy, they were able to unite and fight together.

This was collectivity; any big power absolutely could not do without cohesion!

Eight children of the Feng Clan, at the peak of the Spirit Realm, stood in eight directions. Each were carrying eight white Xing Huang Talismans while channeling their energy into them. These talismans suddenly flashed bright brilliances. Many spirit rays came out from the talismans, and they condensed into the shape of an ancient beast.

The eight Xing Huang Talismans were eight ancient beasts. All eight were different; they towered magnificently, and they combined into a deadly formation.

“Eight Wild Beast Formation!”

The eight young boys teamed up to form a complete formation; its pressure was like eight huge mountains flying to surround the impoverished youth in the middle.


The Eight Wild Beast Formation began to activate; it was as if the formation wanted to dissolve the impoverished youth to death.

The sword of the youth began to move; he only stabbed once with the sword, but, in the blink of an eye, that stab shattered the Eight Wild Beast Formation. As for the eight young boys from the Feng Clan, their whole body began to tremble, and they lost their breath. They stood frozen in place.

Once the sword was unsheathed, no one would be left alive!

In the distance, Feng Feiyun’s eyes became anxious, and he mumbled to himself:

“One sword eight strikes, he surely will not miss! Such a swift sword, such a deep killing intent!”

The sword of the impoverished youth was indeed extremely fast; it was too fast for the ordinary eyes to catch. Only ten breaths had passed but ten talents from the Feng Clan have already died in his hands. Each was killed with just one blow, without any survivors.

If Feng Feiyun didn’t tightly grab Feng Jianxue, then this foolish girl would have been a dead woman by now.

Feng Feiyun didn’t think the impoverished youth was the type of person to show mercy to flowers and jades!


From the depths of the Hidden Dragon Courtyard, a flash of thunder traveled in the air like a humanoid electric ball. In the blink of an eye, it stood at the peak of a pavilion; then the next moment, it was on top of the bronze pillar on the martial ring.

This thunder transformed into a human that was adorned with white armor; he had a black crest on his head, and he was in his sixties. His imposing pressure caused others to feel that the wheel of fate was spinning.

“An expert predecessor of the Feng Clan has arrived!”

Feng Feiyun was the first to notice this old man standing on top of the bronze pillar; this was a Feng Clan elder, guarding the Hidden Dragon Courtyard.

The Hidden Dragon Courtyard was an important ground of the Feng Clan, it was impossible for it to not have experts present.

An assassin from the Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace coming to the Hidden Dragon Courtyard has disturbed the predecessors of the Feng Clan.

“How bold, you dare to come to the Hidden Dragon Courtyard to cause trouble, die for me!”

The old master directly turned into a violet thunder bolt, and he aimed towards the head of the impoverished youth from the bronze pillar.

More than ten young talents from the Feng Clan had died and even a top genius like Feng Yu had fallen. This old master from the Feng Clan was completely enraged, he wanted to take the life of the youth instantly.

“This is one of the four great elders protecting the Hidden Dragon Courtyard. If he makes a move, this assassin will surely pay for his crime.”

Feng Jianxue said with a happy expression.


A loud sword sound ripped through the sky curtain, and then there was blood everywhere; it was like a burning rain of blood!


The Feng Clan elder pointed his finger at the impoverished youth with an expression filled with astonishment, but he was only able to say one word. Then, it was as if his throat was cut, and he couldn’t say another word.

“It struck!”

The body of the Feng Clan elder directly split into halves, and he fell down to the left and right. There were only broken bones left on the ground.


All the Feng Clan children became frightened, and they couldn’t believe their two eyes!

Even an elder had died in his hands; what was the background of this youth?

Each elder from the Feng Clan were all top experts; in the Grand Southern Prefecture, they could be considered first class characters and could even be considered kings in the cultivation world. However, this expert was dismembered by the youth’s single sword strike.

This sword was too fast! This sword was too fierce!

At this time, Feng Jianxue turned pale from horror, and she didn’t dare to take a single step forward. If an elder from the Feng Clan was killed in the blink of an eye, then she essentially couldn’t compete.

The people that were considered talented in the Feng Clan, when compared to this impoverished youth, were not even equal to an ant; this was truly a “heaven’s proud son”.

“This is the best the Feng Clan can do? Predecessors and juniors, not one can be an opponent.”

The impoverished youth sheathed his sword, wearing an indifferent expression. He headed for the outside of the Hidden Dragon Courtyard, and no one dared to stop him.

“Laughable! Don’t even dream about escaping this place today!”

The other three elders of the Hidden Dragon Courtyard appeared with extreme killing intent. All three of the elders were old men that have lived for almost one hundred years; above their heads were godly auras, and the God Base within their dantian was as solid as a boulder.

The three let out a loud roar together; the sound was no different than three thunderous lightning bolts, echoing through the vast sky.


A thick layer of muddy dirt on the ground was lifted, and it flew straight towards the impoverished youth.

“Thump thump!”

The power of the three elders was very formidable. Even though it was only the strength of their roars, it was enough to force the youth back seven steps. There was a trace of blood on his arm and his right wrist was cut, resulting in blood drops running down his sword, then falling to the ground.

In the end, he was still too young, and he was not invincible in this world!

At this moment, he was wounded.

“Hmm! The Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace is renowned; however, if it dares to intrude on the Feng Clan and murder our people, then it should be mentally prepared to be killed.”

A Feng Clan elder used his spirit technique to turn into a large gust of wind; his figure became dozens of shadows, entirely blocking the escape path of the impoverished youth.

“Have a taste of my Five Soul Strange Cauldron!”

A different elder with a ten thousand jin cauldron in his hand, slammed it to the ground, and he suddenly created a devastating blast of energy akin to torrential waves of an angry sea; he unleashed his killing move.

“Five Qilin’s Power!”

The third elder was even more unthinkable; his two feet dug straight into the ground, and his two palms motioned outward, unleashing Qilin shadows. Each of these Qilin shadows were seven zhang high, and they were seemingly like five small mountains, quickly rushing forward.

One Qilin’s power was equivalent to the power of ten thousand jin. Two Qilin’s power was equivalent to the power of twenty thousand jin. Three Qilin’s power was equivalent to the power of forty thousand jin. Four Qilin’s power was equivalent to the power of eighty thousand jin. Five Qilin’s power was equivalent to the power of one hundred and sixty thousand jin.

One hundred and sixty thousand jin was enough to topple the mountains and overturn the seas; it could shift the hills and split the rivers.

This was absolutely a true high ranking master!

Being surrounded by the three elders, not to mention this youth, but even a battle-hardened old devil would be frightened out of his mind.

However, the impoverished youth was still as calm as before, still gripping his sword tightly in his hand. Suddenly, a strand of energy emancipated from his back and encompassed the entire space above him like it was welcoming him into a different world.

This energy brought about bright celestial lights that were seemingly like godly stars that were traveling under the night curtain. There were a total of three hundred and sixty celestials, positioned according to the Greater Celestial Circuit, and they flickered resplendently with a brilliant splendor high above.

“To adorn the sky as far as the eye can see, the heavens are turned and the stars were moved. This is… Stars of the Last Generation qi image… not below the Regal Supreme Physique.”

The flames in Feng Feiyun’s eyes moved, he could see that this qi image rising from the back of the impoverished youth was one of the top qi images; ten thousand magnificent brilliant stars rendered others unable to lift their head.

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