Spirit Vessel

Chapter 38: True Identity of the Impoverished Youth!

If this person was truly a Wisdom Master, then him seeing through the openings in Feng Yu’s cultivation wouldn’t be surprising.

Of course, there were those who didn’t trust Feng Feiyun’s words. If he was really a Wisdom Master within the fifth generation of the Feng Clan, then it would shake the entire Grand Southern Prefecture; everyone here would be able to recognize him.

Someone shouted:

“If you are a Wisdom Master, then do you have the iron order of a Wisdom Master given out by the Wanxiang Pagoda?”

Feng Feiyun coldly smiled, and he said:

“A Wisdom Master’s iron order? What the heck is that?”

Feng Feiyun had never heard of this item, let alone the Wanxiang Pagoda. This was his first time hearing of them.

“You don’t even know what the Wisdom Master’s iron order is, yet you still dare to call yourself a Wisdom Master; you are simply blowing on the cowhide.”

The five grand mysterious masters all had a prestigious status and position in the cultivation world, but one had to be affirmed by the Wanxiang Pagoda to become a true mysterious master.

One could only be a true mysterious master once given an iron order from the Wanxiang Pagoda.

The iron order of the five grand mysterious masters was the symbol of their identity. As long as one had this iron order with them, then no matter where they go, they could use it and become an esteemed guest of others.

Without an iron order, even if one’s intelligence reached the high heavens, they still wouldn’t be recognized as a Wisdom Master.

After hearing the conversation of these people, Feng Feiyun had gotten a grasp of what the Wisdom Master’s iron order is. In a short moment, his thick face reddened and coughed twice, then he said:

“This… A high level item such as a Wisdom Master’s iron order can’t be carried around on my body, I had left it at home. If you all want to open your horizons, then two days later, I will definitely show everyone this Wisdom Master’s iron order of the highest rank.”

Although Feng Feiyun’s words were confident, no one trusted him. Everyone thought that he was boasting; in the end, the people weren’t completely stupid. The Wisdom Master’s iron order was the symbol of one’s identity; how could one not bring it with them?

Feng Feiyun’s words raised many vexing hisses!

This person’s face was so thick. He still had both of his hands behind his back, acting confident and nonchalant. However, when he saw the eyes of Feng Jianxue and noticed her disappointment, Young Master Feiyun’s self-esteem suddenly drooped down.

‘Isn’t it just a piece of Wisdom Master’s iron order. Two days later, I will make a piece just like it; I definitely will make this little girl grin from ear to ear.’

Feng Feiyun thought this in his mind.

“Cough cough, this… Wife, didn’t wife want to cut off one of his hands? Why are you just standing there in a daze?!”

Feng Feiyun turned towards Feng Jianxue, who was standing on top of the martial ring, as he loudly yelled; it was as if he was scolding his new bride. This made her yell back:


Feng Jianxue was very angry. Since childhood, she had never been scolded by anyone like this in public. This bastard Feng Feiyun pushed people too far. Was he addicted to calling me wife; he is acting as if I was really his wife. Hmph, hmph… How could I be the wife of a fool; he is not only just a fool, but he is also a good for nothing bum!

Even though Feng Jianxue was frustrated to the point of wanting to curse, she managed to suppress her fiery anger. She didn’t immediately burst out, but a cold and childish attitude originated from her body. She said:

“Feng Yu, we fight again!”

Feng Jianxue picked up her battle sword from the ground. The body of the sword exuded a large trace of spirit energy, and this spirit energy suddenly bursted into flames; it became a First Dark Origin Flame sword.

She did what Feng Feiyun had told her; she had to use powerful flames in order to defeat the steel boots. As long as the steel boots were destroyed, then a victory over Feng Yu wouldn’t be a difficult task.

This matter, right now, also gave Feng Yu a headache!

Feng Yu said in a dignified and pompous manner, showing his prominent manliness:

“Feng Jianxue, we have fought for seventeen rounds now. Your strength is without doubt; you are very formidable. You have the qualification to join the Hidden Dragon War. Today, I no longer want to deal with you.”

In return, Feng Jianxue said:

“I’m afraid this is not up to you to decide!”

“Feng Jianxue, I know that you want revenge for Feng Hao, but you also need to pick the right moment. Our strength is about the same. If you really want to fight to the death, then no one could guess who will win. The real talents of the fifth generation are few in number. If we, at this important moment, both become wounded, then it would only benefit those watching on the sidelines.”

Feng Yu naturally was unwilling to fight Feng Jianxue at this moment because his will for battle has been much extinguished by Feng Feiyun earlier; he had a low chance of winning if the fight continued on at this moment.

Plus, his goal was the Hidden Dragon War. There were powerful techniques and hidden aces that he was saving to use during the war; if he used all of them now, then he would lose his secret techniques. It would adversely affect his “one hit one kill” moves.

Feng Jianxue also understood this reasoning. At this moment, her face was very serious. She understood the weakness of Feng Yu, but she wouldn’t be able to defeat him easily. Plus, each person had a secret killing technique, and no one knew how powerful Feng Yu’s secret technique would be.

Feng Feiyun saw her hesitation, and he started to ponder. He thought about whether if this was the time to fight a battle?

“If you no longer want to fight… Then here I come.”

A faint voice came about. Even though the sound was very quiet and without any emotion, it traveled across the rowdy martial ring, into the ears of each person.

This convincing voice carried an irresistible force, and it caused others to feel that Feng Yu had already been completely broken under his sword.

“Who said that just now?”

Everyone looked around their surroundings in order to find the person who spoke those words, but there were too many people here; it was difficult to find the person that opened his mouth.

However, Feng Feiyun knew who it was; he looked towards the crowd to find the impoverished youth. He was still carrying his rusty sword, standing straight in the crowd like an ancient immovable boulder.

Then, suddenly in the next moment, this immovable boulder disappeared. The moment he came into sight again before the people, he was already standing on top of the martial ring. He was still motionless, giving off the feel of a desolate dead tree.

Feng Jianxue had already left the martial ring. Her gaze was fixed on the impoverished young man. How in the world could someone be so fast; he was clearly standing outside, but, without even a trace of a shadow, he had entered the martial ring.

This cultivation was a bit unimaginable, and it shouldn’t exist in the younger generation!

“Do you know him?”

Earlier, Feng Jianxue clearly saw Feng Feiyun happily chatting with this impoverished youth, so she asked this question.

“Yes, but not too well!”

Feng Feiyun casually replied; at this moment, his gaze was entirely focused on this impoverished youth.

Feng Jianxue grabbed Feiyun’s neck with her hand, pulled him down from the jade boulder next to the martial ring, and she asked:

“Did you find any clues in the end?”

Feng Feiyun was not angry with her. He broke away from her hand, and he said in a serious manner:

“Of course I found some clues. Little Sister, look at this young man. He is truly poor; the clothes on his body had been washed at least a hundred times. His sandals are rotten straight to its heart. Also look at his steel sword, it is truly not even comparable to a steel fire stick; at least, I absolutely wouldn’t use such a broken sword.”

“Nonsense, who needs you to say these things; anyone with eyes could see that. He is indeed very poor, plus he definitely had traveled a long distance. I’m certain that he walked all the way to Violet Firmament Ancient City.”

“You can tell these things?”

Feng Feiyun was a bit surprised; he assumed that Feng Jianxue was definitely a large chested beauty without brains, but he didn’t expect her to have such insightful observations.

Feng Jianxue glared at him, and she said:

“Did you not see that he was carrying some dry rations on his back? His clothes are still covered in dirt and dust. On his waist also hangs a pair of straw sandals, so it was clear that he was prepared for a long journey.”

“Of course I saw them, but don’t you feel that this is a little strange?”

Feng Feiyun asked.

Feng Jianxue tilted her eyelashes, and she surprisingly asked:

“What things are strange?”

“The Feng Clan is a grand clan at the top of the Grand Southern Prefecture. As a child from the Feng Clan, there is no one that isn't wealthy. Even a child from a branch clan wouldn’t be this impoverished so isn't this strange?”

“It is indeed a bit strange.”

Feng Jianxue nodded, and she continued:

“You could only see such little clues?”

“Of course it’s not only this; Little Sister, look at behind his ears. There are round engravings of ancient patterns, they look really familiar. I think I have heard of them before.”

Feng Feiyun said.

Feng Jianxue also looked intensely at the ears of the impoverished boy; the more she looked, the more frightened she became.

This circular ancient pattern resembled the mouth of an ancient fierce beast. It was completely black, but they were clearly complex. There was a sword penetrating through the circular patterns, just like a sharp blade cutting into the hearts of people.

These circular ancient patterns were hidden behind the ears. Unless one carefully observed, they essentially would have no way of detecting them. However, once it was revealed, this circular pattern would terrify anyone.

“This is the symbol of the Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace.”

Feng Jianxue exclaimed loudly, and she turned towards the martial ring, yelling:

“Careful! There is an assassin!”

But, it was too late. The moment Feng Jianxue’s voice came out, the impoverished boy had taken out his sword; before her words had ended, he had already sheathed his sword.

The steel sword was released and withdrawn, ordinary gazes could not follow it.


Feng Yu, at the early Immortal Foundation rank, didn’t have the chance to scream. His last breath had been ended. His throat was slashed through by one sword, and he fell backwards into a pool of blood.

“The talents of the fifth generation of the Feng Clan are truly funny!”

The impoverished youth muttered to himself; he squatted down without a care, and he searched the body of Feng Yu. He quickly took out a white bamboo block from Feng Yu’s chest.

This white bamboo block was around a palm length — as wide as two fingers. On the body were engravings of a mysterious rune diagram!

The impoverished youth took a look at the bamboo block, nodded his head, and stored it inside his chest. It was clear that his reason for murder was to obtain this bamboo block.

“He is not a child of the Feng Clan! Everyone, hurry and catch this criminal.”

A youth of the Feng Clan quickly reacted. He roared and, along with three other youths with extraordinary cultivation, he rushed towards the martial ring. They unleashed a brilliant light together to stop the path of the impoverished youth.

“Phoosh phoosh, phoosh phoosh!”

The impoverished boy didn’t even unsheath his sword or pause his steps. He directly walked straight forward. The killing aura surrounding his body immediately killed the four youths from the Feng Clan.

Blood poured from the four youths’ seven orifices, and their hearts were completely crushed, leaving no trace of life.

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