Spirit Vessel

Chapter 37: I am a Wisdom Master!


A young beast image was born from the palm of Feng Yu, and it was shaped like a Qilin!

Even though it was only an image formed from spirit energy, the power within it still possessed a grand and powerful atmosphere. The intertwining lightning created many intimidating crackling sounds.


The entire martial ring rumbled. The eighteen bronze pillars were affected even more so; it was as if the pillar of the sky itself was shaking.

Feng Yu was able to exert the power of a Qilin. One Qilin's power was a critical point; once one was able to exert the power of one Qilin, then he could be considered a mighty figure. Even if he joined the godly military barracks, he could still be a Ten Thousand Man Chief.

Some were shocked by the scene. Even though they knew Feng Yu’s power was very strong, they didn’t know that his level was this formidable.

What was considered one Bull’s power was the erupting power of one Qilin, and this was a pure form of power.

Qilins were considered the beasts of war; an adult Qilin was seven meters long and twelve to thirteen meters high. It’s natural habitat was the ancient desolate frontier. They were very low in number, and their power was known as the strongest spirit beast.

One bump of its head was enough to create ten thousand jin of power!

Whenever there was a war of a grand scale, there would not be a lack of Qilins leading the way. If there were nine Qilins as the vanguard, there were essentially no armies that could withstand the impact.

A person that could defeat a Qilin could be said to, in other words, be able to exert one Qilin’s power; this was enough for a person to be seen as a master.

At this moment, Feng Yu attacked with a Qilin shadow — with the power of ten thousand jin.

Feng Jianxue greatly changed her expression. Feng Yu was too strong, and he greatly exceeded her estimations. With regards to pure strength, he was not just two times greater than her. At the very least, she couldn’t have a way of outputting power akin to one Qilin’s power.


The image of the Qilin howlingly leaped forward; even though she managed to dodge it, a corner of her sleeve was ripped, revealing a snow white arm with traces of blood.

This was the power of a Qilin; one couldn’t evade the power of a Qilin completely.

The second attack of Feng Yu began; it was another Qilin shadow image that was released from his palm, causing the pebbles and debris on the martial ring to be twisted into dust.

Feng Jianxue’s speed was frightening, but, at this moment, she felt that there was no place to hide; the entire space seemed to be sealed.

The four claws of the Qilin all carried a flame that was able to cause the air to distort and burn. A pair of curved Qilin horns as sharp as two god horns from the empty space came piercing forward.

Risk it all here? This would be the road to disaster!

Escape? Escape to what place?

Until this moment, Feng Jianxue had never felt death approaching closer and closer like this. The eighteen bronze pillars sealed off this entire space; even the chance of escaping the martial ring eluded her.

However, at this moment, the voice of Feng Feiyun rang inside her head.

“The Qilin Strength of Feng Yu is not fully cultivated; even though the power is there, the actual body of the Qilin is not materialized. A strong wind will blow away the body of the Qilin!”

Her gaze quickly glanced over that direction a little bit, just in time to see Feng Feiyun standing outside the martial ring, watching her intensely. She quickly withdrew her gaze, and in it was a brilliance of enlightenment.

The Qilin image was ethereal, and the wind was also ethereal.

If the Qilin image was actually materialized, then of course the wind could not have a way of blowing it away!

However, the Qilin power released by Feng Yu, even though it really had the power of ten thousand jin, it was not condensed into a real form. As long as she could exert a formidable wind power, she could destroy the intangible Qilin image.

The corner of Feng Jianxue’s mouth slightly smirked. Her hands slightly bent backward, and they began to move rapidly in the air; her five slender fingers, following a mysterious incantation, caused the air to flow rapidly. In a swift moment, the palm of her hand gave birth to a new wind.

This wind’s power became increasingly powerful, and in the end, it became a dragon made out of a singular integrated chain, flying out from her palm.


Everything went according to Feng Feiyun’s expectations, the wind power of this dragon chain was able to devour the ferociously unblockable Qilin image. Afterwards, both things dissipated into nothingness from the martial ring, it was like it was never there.


At this moment, the entire martial ring was silent; untrusting eyes looked at Feng Jianxue. No one had guessed that she would be able to shatter the Qilin power.

Even within the last generation of the Feng Clan, there wouldn’t be that many people able to accomplish this task.

“Feng Jianxue’s power is so formidable, she could even break the Qilin power. At the very least, she could tie with Feng Yu.”

A person shook his head and said:

“I, on other hand, think that the boy who advised her is the real expert; at the very least, his insight is frightening.”

“Who was it? Oh it is that guy, haha! This kid earlier couldn’t even walk straight. I’m afraid he is only an arrogant fool.”

“Earlier it was him that referred to Feng Jianxue as his wife. Maybe he really is genuinely talented.”

*** ***

Everyone turned and pointed at Feng Feiyun, clamoring. However, his attitude was still nonchalant, and he was still smiling. It was as if he didn’t know that the others were talking about him.

“Wife, ah! Feng Yu had used the spirit spring water before, so his strength is higher than other cultivators at the same level. However, there are flaws in using the spirit spring water; his foundation has shortcomings. Once the foundation is unstable, the power of the core would not be sufficient.”

Feng Feiyun was sitting on a stone platform next to the martial ring; he leaned his back on the huge bronze pillar, with his legs crossed, and he yelled.

“Hah Hah! The entire power of this little boy Feng Yu is all concentrated on his top half, his bottom half is only an empty egg. This was why he especially created steel boots in order to stabilize his body, making it as firm as a rock. However, this is only in appearance; if wife could destroy the steel boots on his feet, then within three moves, he will definitely be defeated by wife’s hand.”

These words sounded like they were poking fun at Feng Yu, but the deep insight of this person saw through the truth of Feng Yu and expressed it through his words. It was indeed the truth that the strength of Feng Yu was all concentrated on his top half; his legs were still powerful, but it made others feel like it was the “mouth of a lion and courage of a hare.”

On the martial ring, even though Feng Yu’s face was unchanged, his heart was shaken. Feng Feiyun was not wrong at all; his weakness was in his legs. The reason why he created the steel boots was to fortify his foundation, so that he could fully utilize the strength of his two hands.

“Why is this little boy so smart?”

Cold sweat began drifting from Feng Yu’s forehead. He felt that he was seen through and truly understood by Feng Feiyun, without being able to hide a single secret.

Feng Jianxue had exchanged some rounds with Feng Yu, so she naturally knew better than anyone else regarding the real power of Feng Yu. After hearing Feng Feiyun’s explanation, she suddenly was enlightened with wisdom; in the midst of everything, her mind became penetratingly clear and brilliant.

So that’s it!

Feng Jianxue couldn’t help but to send out a charming smile. This smile was like a blooming spirit flower, causing countless people in the audience to lose their minds.

“I didn’t think that this fool could see through it. Even though his power is in complete shambles, his mind is quite sharp; no wonder why foster father thinks of him with such high regard.”

Feng Jianxue pondered for a moment, and then she smiled again. This smile was so beautiful, it stole the souls of so many people.

Feng Feiyun was still sitting on the boulder next to the martial ring, and he casually said:

“The steel boots under Feng Yu’s feet are made out of original cloud steel, weighing two hundred jin. Wanting to break these boots in reality is quite simple; use fire to roast it, and it shall be done!”

“Iron shoes with roasted pig trotters, it is part of an excellent meal, ah!”

Feng Feiyun once again gave Feng Jianxue another idea!

Feng Yu slightly retreated his feet to the ground; the contact created frictional sounds, and it was clear that Feng Feiyun had hit the mark.

His eyes became increasingly cold, and he gravely said:

“Little Boy, who the hell are you?”

He realized that Feng Feiyun was not an ordinary person because a fool wouldn’t be able to see through his flaws with such precision. Moreover, even his will for victory was shattered; his battle spirit was gone.

When even the battle spirit was gone, how could he continue to fight?

Feng Yu suddenly felt very sullen!

Not only Feng Yu, there were others who felt that Feng Feiyun was not ordinary; many people wanted to know where he appeared from?

“Cough cough! This young master is a Wisdom Master!”

Feng Feiyun stood up, arched his chest, and then he said with a serious expression.

“A Wisdom Master!”

Someone exclaimed loudly; the tone was similar like someone who would scream: “Wow! A magnificent beauty!”

Feng Feiyun slapped his chest, and he said:

“That‘s right! I am a Wisdom Master! I am the only wisdom master within the fifth generation of the Feng Clan; young and talented, one and only, absolutely unique in this world!”

The children of the Feng Clan present immediately became silent. Some were surprised, some were skeptical, some were amazed, and there were even some females who started using their beautiful eyes to cast flirtatious glances at Feiyun.

A Wisdom Master was even more popular than a mighty cultivating figure.

Wisdom Masters were one of the five grand mysterious masters.

Wisdom Masters, along with treasure seeking masters, were the rarest within the five grand mysterious masters.

Once one could be considered a Wisdom Master, even if it was only a first rank Wisdom Master, then their status in the Jin Dynasty would already be frighteningly high. At the very least, they could be an elder in a grand clan, such as the Feng Clan.

To use the Feng Clan as an example, this was a tyrannical power at the Grand Southern Prefecture; however, the number of wisdom masters in the entire clan was only three, and each were old men living for almost one hundred years.

Wisdom Masters used wisdom as the base. It required time and the accumulation of knowledge. WIthout several decades, or even centuries of accumulated experience, one could not become a Wisdom Master.

Wisdom Masters barely older than the age of ten weren’t unheard of, but they were phoenix feathers and unicorn horns; it would be rather fortunate to find one or two in the entire Jin Dynasty.

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