Spirit Vessel

Chapter 36: Qilin Strength

There were early rumors saying that within the fifth generation of the Feng Clan, there existed a few talented young woman with supreme beauty; could it be that she was one of them?

A person with sharp eyes immediately recognized Feng Jianxue.

“It is her, the cold beauty of the twelfth branch, Feng Jianxue! Even though she is from a side branch, she has the qualification to stay at the Hidden Dragon Courtyard; she is the most important nurtured seed of the twelfth branch.”

“I heard that she successfully cultivated the Double Gaze Fragment Moon Sword, and her innate talents are so high that it causes others to be tongue-tied.”

“It seems like Feng Yu has met his match this time. I’m afraid this battle will be quite splendid!”

*** ***

Feng Jianxue, within the fifth generation, had a great reputation. Many people recognized her presence from just seeing the double pupils in her beautiful eyes.

Feng Jianxue was at the age of early maidenhood; her cute swaying yet valiant stature that was standing on top of the martial ring with the bronze pillar behind her created a matchless dream-like atmosphere, like an orchid tree blooming on top of the highest peak.

Her facial features were meticulously crafted, without the slightest defects. There was always a cold expression to accompany the slender palm-sized face.

So young, yet she was already a cold beauty.

“This temperament really makes people yearn for her. She is like a fairy who shows disdain for the common people.”

“This beauty is worthy of being called the number one fairy of the Feng Clan’s fifth generation.”

The children of the Feng Clan obsessively stared at Feng Jianxue standing on top of the martial ring. Many had drool dripping down to the ground, and their eyes became crazy; it was as if they were looking at the goddess of their hearts.

“Heh heh! This is my wife!”

Feng Feiyun was also observing Jianxue carefully. He felt that at this moment, he was indeed very interested in her, ah. The serious and cold-as-ice aura was a fatal attraction to any man.

It wasn’t just any temptation, it was the strongest temptation!

“Yeah, right!”

Of course, no one trusted the words of Feng Feiyun. This person was a fool who couldn’t even walk straight. To have the courage to call Feng Jianxue his wife; this was so shameless.

Some people had their sleeves pulled up; if Feng Feiyun dared to call Feng Jianxue his wife again, then they would give him two really hard slaps.

Feng Feiyun naturally stopped talking because the battle had started on top of the martial ring!

Feng Yu was also slightly taken aback by Feng Jianxue’s beauty. After a brief absence of his mind, he concentrated again; he motioned his steel boots with a fortified stance, and he gravely said:

“Don’t think that just because you are beautiful that I won’t hit you!”

A wave of pressure came from the bottom of his feet, and it then spread around to the surrounding space.

The sword in Feng Jianxue’s hand slightly motioned once, causing the pressure from Feng Yu to be cut in half; her lively eyes became cold, and she said:

“Today, I want to take revenge for Feng Hao; you destroyed his dantian, so I will cut off one of your hands.”

“With just you? Hah Hah! Just a girl from a side branch of the Feng Clan? Your beauty isn’t bad, why not become my wife? As long as you follow me to the bridal chamber, let alone cutting off my hand, I would even be willing to let you cut off my head.”

The children of the Feng Clan suddenly burst out laughing!

Feng Yu had seen many beauties, but there was never a girl as pretty as Feng Jianxue; he couldn’t help but tease her.

Feng Feiyun, who was standing outside of the ring, rubbed his palms and he loudly yelled:

“You dare to tease my wife? Honey, quickly beat him up for me!”

Feng Feiyun’s words were drowned by the crowd’s laughter, so no one heard him besides the impoverished young man who was standing next to him.

He placed his rusty sword inside his sleeve, and he gently glanced at Feng Feiyun. He then said without any emotion:

“She is no match for Feng Yu.”

Feng Feiyun seemed to have been waiting for him to open his mouth, he playfully smiled, and he said:

“How do you know?”

The impoverished young man didn’t seem interested in talking; he was silent for a long time, and then he slowly said:

“She can at most return ten moves from Feng Yu. After ten moves, she will surely lose.”

He was thinly pale with yellow skin, but his eyes were wild like a wolf's. His eyes were much sharper than the Double Gaze Fragment Moon Sword of Feng Jianxue.

Feng Feiyun replied:

“To be able to block ten moves from Feng Yu is already quite amazing. It would be hard to find twenty experts like this within the fifth generation.”


This impoverished youth changed his expression for the first time. His face became as cold as ice, he disdainfully stared at Feng Feiyun, and then he said:

“Are you not afraid of your wife being beaten to death by him? Or maybe she essentially isn’t your wife?”

His eyes were very accurate, it was to the point of seeing through people’s hearts.

“Heh Heh! I’m not worried about whether she will be beaten to death or not by the other, and I even less worry about whether she is my wife or not!”

Feng Feiyun bloomed a smile, glared at him, and he said:

“Truth be told, I’m even more interested in you than I am in my wife!”

These words of Feng Feiyun were also the truth. The moment he came to this martial ring, he had noticed this impoverished youth. He felt that this youth was much more terrible than Feng Yu, but this guy was good at hiding, not just his cultivation, but there was also something else!

This was the feeling of the Phoenix spirit sense, it was extremely magical.

The impoverished young man no longer said anything. His eyes turned cloudy again, and he intensely stared at Feng Yu standing on top of the ring.

Feng Feiyun continued to ask:

“This meeting was predestined, what is your name? Do you want to become friends?”

The youth continued to remain silent.

“Truth be told, I know a lot of famous people. If you become friends with me, then surely you will earn great benefits.”

Feng Feiyun said.

The impoverished young man gave him a stern look, and he had to open his mouth in the end:

“I know double the amount of famous people you have met, but as of this moment, they are all dead.”

Feng Feiyun was a little startled.

All dead? What is the meaning of this?

What is this person’s background?

Not leaving time for Feng Feiyun to ponder, the howling screams along with the sword sounds came from the martial ring. The sharp sounds were deafening; it was as if steel was being torn apart.

Feng Jianxue, in the end, couldn’t handle the teasing of Feng Yu, and she made the first move!

The battle sword in her hand was around three feet long, and it was radiating flames; it was like a flame serpent that wanted to pierce through all places, and it suddenly appeared in front of Feng Yu’s chest.


Feng Yu suddenly lifted his foot; a strand of spirit energy rotated on top of the steel shoes causing a ripple to fly out and strike the battle sword in Jianxue’s hand, causing it to shiver like it was about to be fragmented.

His strength is so great!

Feng Jianxue had already mentally prepared for the ferocious strength of Feng Yu. She knew that she couldn’t fight recklessly, but, after a single confrontation, her arm was in pain; she found it hard to gather strength again.

Feng Feiyun’s eyes narrowed. With just brute strength alone, Feng Feiyun felt that it wasn’t definite that he could suppress the ferocious might of Feng Yu, even if he exerted all of his power.

The medicinal property of a single drop of spirit spring water was too great. If he could get a single drop, then his strength would definitely become much greater by leaps and bounds!

“Heh Heh! Watch, I will catch you within three moves!”

Feng Yu calculated, gave off a smile, and then jumped into the sky and dropped down a giant evil palm.

The steel shoes on his feet was a treasure weapon weighing several hundred pounds; combined with the palm, a spirit energy that emanated from the steel shoes came down and showered the world.

Feng Jianxue, of course, was not an easy opponent. She flew right outside, her speed was as fast as a ghost’s shadow, and she circulated the martial ring. Her eyes condensed a dark spirit energy, and a jet black light from her pupils came flying out.

The light became a sword shadow that continuously attacked the unprepared Feng Yu.


The power of the Double Gaze Fragment Moon Sword was extremely frightening, creating a hole in the steel boots of Feng Yu; even his foot's sole was almost pierced.

“Qilin Strength!”

The fight between the two became more dangerous. Anyone with just a little opening would encounter a life-threatening danger. At this moment, Feng Yu no longer hid his strength; he took out his ultimate technique, Qilin Strength.

“Qilin Strength is one of the five power techniques of the inner Feng Clan, it's above the Vigorous Gale Method by one rank; I can’t believe that Feng Yu, at such a young age, was able to reach the stage where his Qilin Strength was taking form.”

A young child loudly exclaimed.

On the palm of Feng Yu, there was an explosive emission of a cyan spirit ball; the color became thicker and thicker. Strands of meticulous electrical spirit energy traveled back and forth in the spirit ball; it was as if it was a big chicken egg.


A wild beast’s roar came from inside the godly egg and resounded outside. This echoing sound aimed straight up towards the nine heavens like a bull’s roar or an angry Qilin's scream!


The Qilin Strength had not completely formed its physical form, but there were tornadoes in the four directions surrounding the martial ring. It became a sandstorm with tremendous pressure, oppressing the soft body of Feng Jianxue. This caused her to take a few steps back; she was unable to stand straight. [1. Qilin is a mythical beast from China. A mix between dragon/bull/deer.]

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