Spirit Vessel

Chapter 35: Martial Ring

“Feng Yu is truly that strong?”

Early in the morning, in the Hidden Dragon Courtyard, there was a curtain of white foggy mist that was left, carrying a sense of coolness in the air.

Feng Feiyun was adorned with an unblemished white silk robe, with his hair tied high above by a white headband cloth; he resembled a refined and gentle gifted scholar.

This was also the first time Feng Jianxue had seen the handsome outer appearance of Feiyun. She didn’t think that this bastard still had this kind of temperament; he could absolutely be considered a bright young master.

Feng Jianxue restrained her thoughts and her gaze from him, and she then said, while maintaining a cold countenance:

“Feng Yu is the genius of the third branch of the Feng Clan. He is sixteen years old. He is young, but his cultivation is frighteningly high. There was an uncle from an older generation who fought with him, but he was defeated by just one blow; the strength of this person is like a brute beast.”

“A genius’s talent, no matter how strong, without good fortune, he still wouldn’t be able to become a master. However, this Feng Yu is someone with great fortune. During his childhood, in the ancient Jing Huan Mountains, he found a secret ground. He obtained a drop of spirit spring water, and, after drinking it, his body was refined. His body became much stronger; even sabers and swords were not able to pierce through his skin.”

Feng Feiyun originally looked down on the geniuses of the fifth generations, but after hearing the words of Feng Jianxue, he became more serious. Spirit spring water and spirit medicine were godly materials of the same rank. One drop of spirit spring water could completely change the physique of a person to the point where it could not longer be underestimated. Feng Yu was definitely not an ordinary person.

Feng Hao was sent away by a servant last night. As someone who had his dantian destroyed, he could no longer be called a Hidden Dragon. Thus, he was no longer qualified to stay at the Hidden Dragon Courtyard.

This was the sorrow of a practitioner; once the foundation was destroyed, so was the entire body.

Anger was written on the face of Feng Ming. He tightly gripped his fists, and he said:

“Little Sister Jianxue, Sister is the one with the strongest cultivation out of all of us; you must make Feng Yu pay with interest.”

*** ***

The Hidden Dragon War was only two months away, and the fifth generation geniuses of the Feng Clan had gathered from the four spheres and eight directions. At this moment, the martial ring was fully surrounded with people.

The eighteen scarlet bronze pillars, that were as thick as a water bucket, were rooted in the eighteen positions surrounding the martial ring. On top of them was a raging inferno. Each of the pillars had engravings that were meant to aggregate the world’s spirit energy in order to support the imperishable flames in the middle of the pillars.

The eighteen bronze pillars almost towered at one hundred zhang, and exceeded one hundred thousand jin in weight. On the body were engravings of ferocious beasts, and it illuminated a faint red light, creating a bright layer that encompassed the ring.

Inside the martial ring, a shadow fist flew out and struck the bright layer, but it only created ripples without destroying the bright layer.


A young man with a tall and sturdy body and wearing steel black boots came down from the sky. His feet stomped on the ground, causing the entire martial ring to shake.

A violent energy, that emanated from below his feet, overflowed and spread to the four directions.


It was merely the strength of this cold violent energy that caused a child of the Feng Clan to be shaken to the point of vomiting blood. His body was like a broken kite, and he flew to the outside.

“Just one move, again. Could it be that even today, there will be no one capable of blocking two moves from me?”

The rough voice of Feng Yu rang in the air. He withdrew his two steel boots, and he contemptuously glared at the Feng Clan’s children that were standing outside of the martial ring.

“Feng Yu is indeed a genius character of the third branch; even Feng Xu of the fifth branch was defeated by just one blow.”

“That wasn’t one blow; it felt more like half a blow.”

“Feng Yu is only sixteen, but he has already reached the early Immortal Foundation rank and practices the Qilin Strength technique, even the senior uncles that can fight against him can be counted on one’s fingers.”

“I heard that the clan master had already secretly said that the elites that could take three moves from Feng Yu would be able to be considered a Hidden Dragon.”

“Feng Yu’s cultivation is indeed very strange; let alone three moves, the number of fifth generation disciples of the Feng Clan that could take one move of his is already low.”


Everyone was clamoring and clicking their tongues; it was evident to all that the powerful strength of Feng Yu frightened them.

Of course, there were also some courageous talents who coldly laughed and said:

“Feng Yu is indeed strong, but he is not the strongest person in the fifth generation of the Feng Clan.”

Talking was a boy that held a steel sword, with a slender body and yellow skin. The sword in his hand was like his body, the sword’s blade was filled with rust, and the edge of the sword did not lack gaps and cracks.

This was not a sword, but more like a broken piece of steel.

Right now, Feng Feiyun had managed to squeeze into the crowd, standing next to this fellow. He observed him meticulously, and he couldn’t help but smile:

“The Feng Clan is one of the leading families of the Grand Southern Prefecture. The fifth generation of the Feng Clan is considered the golden generation, so naturally, geniuses would appear one after another. Feng Yu is not the strongest, but I really want to know, who is the strongest person in the Feng Clan?”

Feng Feiyun said this without suppressing his own voice at all!

The martial ring was originally very loud, but after his sentence, it became extremely quiet. Everyone was staring at him; they looked like they were about to rejoice in another’s misfortune.

Feng Yu, standing on top of the martial ring, also fixed his gaze onto Feng Feiyun, and he coldly scowled:

“I also want to know who is the strongest in the fifth generation of the Feng Clan. This was why I had erected this martial ring right here, but after half a month had passed, there was still no one capable of blocking three of my moves.”

Feng Feiyun didn’t expect for this person to answer so quickly, so he removed his gaze from the impoverished-looking young man. He switched it to the person standing on top of the martial ring, and he shouted with disdain:

“Since you put it that way, are you trying to say that you are the strongest person in the fifth generation?”

“Hah Hah! I didn’t say that, but until now, the truth is that no one has defeated me!”

Feng Yu crossed his arms in front of his chest, revealing his white teeth that was accompanied with a cold smile.

Feng Feiyun’s gaze diverged a little bit, and he clearly saw the hands of the impoverished youth slightly shake; in his eyes was a hidden strand of killing intent.

This killing intent was very delicate; there were many experts here, but only Feng Feiyun was aware.

Feng Feiyun angrily yelled:

“Holy shit! This young master hates people like you the most! Acting like you are the father of the number one under the heavens, this is simply too hard to watch. Do you want to watch me throw my two shoes at your face?!”

Finished speaking, Feng Feiyun actually took off the shoes on his feet and threw it towards the martial ring.

Although Feng Feiyun seemed very rude, but he was releasing his anger and releasing what the crowd was holding back in their hearts.

Feng Yu was truly too tyrannical, and his moves were too fierce. Many children’s dantians from the Feng Clan were broken by him, becoming crippled.

Feng Feiyun’s shoes naturally did not hit the body of Feng Yu, but it was just as effective. This caused the children of the Feng Clan from outside the ring to burst out in laughter; no one knew whether they were laughing at Feng Feiyun or Feng Yu.

Feng Yu’s countenance could no longer remain calm; both of his fists were clenched, and he coldly spoke:

“Little Boy, if you are courageous, then come on top to the martial ring and fight me. I only need one fist to break all the bones in your body.”

“What is there to be afraid of? This young master will come to you.”

Feng Feiyun was high spirited and excited as he headed toward the martial ring.

Everyone was holding their breaths, they were extremely nervous. In the end, this kid with an unknown origin and having the courage to provoke Feng Yu, his skill must be extraordinary.

An epic battle seems to be in full swing!


However, when Feng Feiyun had only made it half way, he tripped on a tile stone and fell to the floor. He rolled for a long time, and was unable to get up from the ground.

Feng Jianxue, who was standing not far behind him, didn’t know what to say; her fingers gently rubbed her temples, and she almost fainted from anger.

“This idiot is without cultivation, yet he still wanted to be like other people and go up on the martial ring; this is too embarrassing!”

Feng Jianxue motioned her body, like a white shadow crossing through the crowd. In the blink of an eye, she was in front of Feng Feiyun, helping him up.

With the help of Feng Jianxue, Feng Feiyun finally managed to stand up. With a serious face, while fixing his clothing, and along with an absolute gaze, he said:

“Little Sister Jianxue, Little Sister knows that I am truly a persistent man with true perseverance; earlier was just a little mistake, and this battle cannot be avoided.”

Finished speaking, he started walking towards the ring again.

Feng Jianxue was truly teased by him, almost to the point of vomiting blood.

“Idiot, head back!”

A battle sword that came out from an unknown place flew to her hand, and this sword struck Feng Feiyun away. She used this momentum to jump on top of the bronze pillar, and she stood on the martial ring.


With a sword in her hand, she proudly stood in front of Feng Yu around ten steps away. However, her sword was suppressing the aura emanating from Feng Yu’s body.

Her eyes were even more beautiful, and her pupils unleashed lights that contained sword shadows that were moving within.

“Who are you?”

Feng Yu felt the pressure, and he became cautious.

Feng Jianxue didn’t say anything, but from outside the ring came the voice of Feng Feiyun’s shouting:

“She is my wife!”

Feng Feiyun earlier was struck away by Feng Jianxue’s sword, and he fell straight to the ground. At this moment, he just got up and his forehead was still covered with mud.

“Heh Heh, my wife!”

Feng Feiyun turned towards the Feng Clan’s children in the close vicinity and giggled, acting very familiar.

Feng Jianxue’s expression once again froze, not knowing what to say. Even her sword intent was about to dissipate; if she wasn’t already standing on top of the martial ring, then she would have cut off the tongue of this Feng Feiyun first.

This shameful joke, making one loses all face; when will it end?

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