Spirit Vessel

Chapter 34: Why Am I Still Not Dead?

“Help… Ah!!! I… I’m going to… die!”

The Feng kid’s entire body trembled with a painful expression. It took him great effort to reach out with his one hand; it was as if he wanted to grab onto something, but there was nothing to grab.

Feng Lin and Feng Ming hurriedly rushed forward. They picked him up with their hands.

“Little Sister Jianxue, he is not dead!”

The two were ecstatic!

Feng Jianxue carefully observed the Feng kid who was lifted. After seeing his familiar face, her expression changed. She gritted her teeth, and she angrily yelled:

“It really is this damned Feng Feiyun. Your luck is really great... It would have been fortunate if you had actually died! After all, everything would be resolved if you were dead!”

Feng Feiyun’s face was deathly pale, and he was feebly breathing; he couldn’t stop coughing. If Feng Lin and Feng Ming weren’t propping him up, he definitely wouldn’t have the strength to stand at all.

“I’m… going to die. I can feel… my life slowly drifting away… In front of me is a black-as-ink curtain, it as if… As if a ferocious malevolent ghost is coming to capture my soul…”

Feiyun’s eyes were blurry as he motioned his hands forward. He was desperately trying to grab a hold of this “something” like a man that was waiting for his own death. The lost memories throughout the long months and years, he wanted to grab onto them before the final moments of regret.

“You didn’t see a malevolent ghost, it was me!”

Feng Jianxue angrily glared at him; however, when she saw his mouth coughing up blood, her heart felt a glimmer of remorse. She couldn’t help but to remember when they were playing together during their childhood; that was truly a happy time, filled with innocence.

‘However, at this moment, I accidentally wounded him. If he really died, then wouldn’t my conscience suffer a lifetime of condemnation?’

‘He has not been the innocent Feiyun like before; he is just a bully to both men and women, a lustful evil young master. Even death wouldn’t be enough to redeem his crimes.’

Feng Jianxue’s heart towards Feiyun contained an extreme hatred. After she personally saw Feiyun ** with a maid, she had lost all hope for him. She swore that if she saw him again, she would break all of his bones to prevent him from getting up from his bed for the rest of his life.

However, at this very moment, Feng Feiyun was standing in front of her, dying from a serious injury. She originally clenched her fists, but she couldn’t finish her strike.

“So… it is Little Sister Jianxue. I didn’t think that before I died… I could see little sister again. This must be because Old Heaven pitied me, ah!”

Feng Feiyun somehow managed to gather his strength from an unknown source, he rushed free from the hands of the Feng brothers, and then he emotionally headed towards Feng Jianxue’s direction. However, because he was too wounded, he only made two steps before his legs became weak and fell to the ground.

“Boo hoo…”

He was lying on the ground, weeping until it tore his heart and mind. Then he sobbingly whimpered:

“Jianxue… Little Sister Jianxue, I know… I know I had it coming. I… my sins covered the sky, Little Sister… Sister wanted to kill me a long time ago, to be able… to die in your hand, I have no regrets. But… there is something… I must tell Little Sister… otherwise… otherwise I would… die with my eyes opened…”

Feng Jianxue astonishingly stared at Feng Feiyun lying on the ground; her beautiful pair of eyes were flashing translucent sparkles. Her steps slightly moved forward, but in the end, she didn’t come to help him up.

She bit the tip of her lips tightly; she made an effort to turn around so that she wouldn’t have to see him anymore.

“I… really… really miss Little Sister! Jian… Xue, I have thought about it a lot… about those days in the past when we used to play together, when you were my new bride, and I was your new groom… The witness was the wild dog sitting at the other street…”

Feng Feiyun’s tears dripped down his entire face; his voice became weaker and weaker… Until finally, there was no more sound coming from him.

The eyes of Feng Jianxue had long been teary. At this moment, she couldn’t contain her emotions, so the tears dripped down and became lines from the corners of her eyes.

“Feng Feiyun, you cannot die; I will not allow you to die!”

Feng Jianxue’s heart was in extreme pain; it was as if her heart was pierced by thousands of needles. She hurriedly rushed over to Feng Feiyun, and she lifted him from the ground, allowing his head to rest on her chest.

Feng Feiyun was motionless, and his body became increasingly cold like ice!

“This is all my fault; even if you were standing in front of me, I still wouldn’t be able to kill you. Why did you have to say those words to torment me?”

Feng Jianxue tightly hugged Feiyun’s corpse, her teardrops dampened the hair on his head.

“Little Sister Jianxue, a dead man cannot live again. Little Sister should restrain your grief!”

“That's right! If Little Cousin Feiyun is truly dead, then maybe it is a good thing. Little Cousin Feiyun didn’t cultivate, and his body was weak. At that moment, we just need to say that he was not careful and accidentally fell down from the rooftop – that he died on his own. Then Little Sister Jianxue doesn’t need to bear any responsibilities…”

Feng Lin said.

Feng Jianxue lifted her head, and gave him a stern glare, causing him to suddenly stop what he was about to say next.

“Murder is paid for with one’s own life — this is the heaven’s law and earth’s principle. I will definitely bring Feiyun’s body back to Spirit State City and accept all of the responsibility. If Uncle wants me to repay him with my life, then I will commit suicide in front of Feiyun’s grave.”

Sorrow and pain were written on Jianxue’s face; in her heart, there was a sudden feeling of emptiness.

“Cough cough! I, why am I… still not dead?”

At the moment, when everyone thought Feiyun was really dead, he suddenly coughed up blood. Color returned to his face; it was as if he was returning to life.

Even Feng Jianxue was scared out of her mind. She quickly released Feiyun and then took two steps back.


Feng Feiyun, once again, fell to the floor with his head directly hitting a block of limestone.

This bump was not bad because it unexpectedly cleared up the jumbled thoughts in his mind a little bit. He rubbed his forehead a few times, and he, with a struggle, crawled up from the ground. With a shocked expression, he stared at the three people in front of him, and then his gaze finally ended up on Feng Jianxue.

“Little Sister Jianxue, why are you here?!”

Feng Feiyun’s eyes jolted with horror on his face. Feng Feiyun, without any thoughts, hurriedly turned around and ran like he just saw a monster.

At this moment, Feng Feiyun was lively like a dragon and animated like a tiger — nothing like a dying man.

The others were even more scared by Feng Feiyun. A person who had died suddenly came back to life, and then he acted like nothing had happened afterwards — what the hell was this situation?

Feng Ming was thinking about something, then his two eyes suddenly flashed, and he said:

“I heard that at the top of every person’s head, there was an acupuncture point of life. There were some people who were already dead but wanted to prolong their lives, so they chose to stimulate this point. If they truly knew the required strength and the exact location, then that person could live for a few more years. Could it be… that earlier, Feiyun accidentally fell on that rock and hit this point?”

“I also had heard from Father about this. This acupuncture point, along with the opposite 'Death Point' on the body is called the 'Life Point'. The positions of everyone’s Life Points are different; plus, the amount of force required to stimulate these Life Points are different as well. The exertion of strength, even with a tiny margin of error, could cause that person to immediately lose their life.”

Feng Lin sighed.

“If this is the case, then the luck of that Little Boy Feiyun is really good. He just casually fell onto a rock, and it was the exact spot of his Life Point. Moreover, the force exerted was just right.”

Feng Jianxue watched Feng Feiyun run away, and the guilt in her heart remained undiminished. In the end, even with the stimulation of his Life Point, he only had a few more years to live — he was still so young.

“Come back here for me.”

The graceful posture of Feng Jianxue leaped forward, her feet gently rode the wind, and she very quickly caught up to Feng Feiyun. She grabbed his arm, and she forced him back, throwing him down to the ground.

“Why did you have to run?”

Feng Jianxue’s heart was hateful and angry at the same time.

“Second Uncle said Little Sister wanted to break my legs.”

Feng Feiyun was sitting on the ground, and he didn’t dare to move. His hands were holding his knees, he seemed very innocent; it was as if someone had wronged him.

Of course, this was all an act. Just because he didn’t want to directly fight Jianxue with force, in the end, it was better to be gentle towards women. Being forceful would only have a negative effect.

Feng Jianxue’s age was not too old — she was only fourteen. Her appearance was still very child-like, but her angry look, compared to a twenty year old woman, was even more cold. She gravely said:

“Feng Feiyun, stand up for me.”

“I won’t stand up. If I stand up, you will break my legs.”

Feng Feiyun said.

“I won’t break your legs so stand up for me.”

Feng Jianxue said again.

Feng Feiyun was waiting for these exact words. His face revealed a happy smile, and he said:

“Are these words true?”

“I don’t have time to break your legs right now because I still want to break someone else’s legs.”

Feng Jianxue coldly glanced at him once. Her will to fight once again surged, and she stared towards the far direction.

“Who is it?”

Feng Feiyun naturally knew who she was talking about, but he still asked anyway.

From the inside came the miserable screams of Haozi. He had woken up, and these screams were definitely not fake.

A cultivator with a broken dantian was no different from a crippled person. No matter who it was, they would still miserably scream like this!

“Who else could it be but that damned Feng Yu! Little Sister Jianxue, how about we go now to settle the score with him?”

The hatred of Feng Lin and Feng Ming were towering to the sky. Earlier, they had wanted to find Feng Yu for revenge, but because of the matter with Feng Feiyun, it was delayed. Right now, the night was dark so maybe the martial arts ring was empty and thus, shut down.

Feng Jianxue saw that Feng Feiyun was still sitting on the ground; she couldn’t help but sigh. This person’s courage was truly too small. If he was this afraid of me, how could he accomplish anything great in the future?

“Feng Feiyun, tomorrow you will go with me to the martial ring.”

The sleeves of the robes worn by Feng Jianxue slightly shook, and she turned and went inside the pavilion without taking another look at him.

Feng Feiyun turned around; with a playful smile on his face:

“This is her wanting to test my courage; women are cold on the outside but warm on the inside! A martial ring, just the right time to go watch the geniuses of the fifth generation of the Feng Clan! Heh Heh!”

Feng Feiyun was tired of the feigning death act, but, in the end, he had successfully passed the gate of Feng Jianxue. He shook off the dust on his body, and he planned to get a good night’s sleep.

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