Spirit Vessel

Chapter 33: Going Upstairs to Look at Fortunes

Darkness had completely covered the night, but there were still bright lights in the Hidden Dragon Courtyard. Many people that held torches were talking, talking about love, or maybe discussing cultivation.

In the distance, there were continuous thundering noises that came from crazy cultivators that were practicing their martial arts.

Feng Feiyun sat alone at the top of the crimson pavilion with his feet on top of the tiles, feeling the night wind. His gaze covered the Hidden Dragon Courtyard in its entirety. The fortune of everyone here couldn’t escape his eyes.

He concentrated his energy for this observation!


To the southeast of the courtyard, there was suddenly a giant shadow of a tiger that encompassed the whole sky; it radiated a violet red light. Its movement was akin to a dragon’s flight and a tiger’s hunt; it possessed an expression that was towering and extraordinary.

“This was the ‘First Tiger Soaring Cloud’ qi. Out of all of the children of the Feng Clan’s fifth generation, it is unexpected to see someone with such talent.”

Feng Feiyun revealed a hint of surprise on his face.

The qi image of someone was the main representation of their talents. The stronger the qi image, the higher the talent.

Even though these qi images were domineering and huge in stature, only geniuses versed in qi observation could see them; ordinary people, even with a powerful cultivation, couldn’t see anything.

Understanding qi images was akin to understanding the abstractness of a cultivator. If one wanted to see the qi images, they would need to cultivate their gaze first!

Feng Feiyun practiced the Phoenix Heavenly Gaze. He could not only observe the qi images of people, but also the qi images of an area, the qi images of all living things, and the images within the vastness of the sky.

The understanding of qi image reading was similar to a Wisdom Master reading the constellations during the night.


Suddenly, in the depths of Violet Firmament City, there was a monstrous qi image that pierced the nine heavens; it was accompanied by the shadow of a tiger and the image of a dragon. It manifested a heavenly and dazzling rainbow; its piercing glare caused others to be unable to open their eyes.

“Hah! With one’s personal qi image, this person was able to lead the spirit image of an entire area. This is… Dragon Tiger Qi, the Regal Supreme Physique! Inside Violet Firmament Ancient City exists an illustrious talent!”

Feng Feiyun suddenly stood up; his body focused his gaze to the far distance. This was his first time being so alarmed; who the hell could be so frightening?

“Dragon Tiger Qi, Regal Supreme Physique!”

This was one of the top qi images between the heaven and earth. The person who could carry this type of qi image, their future will be exceptional; like the bright moon in the sky, no one could ever resist them.

“First Tiger Soaring Cloud” and “Regal Supreme Physique” had a difference of several ranks.


The Dragon Tiger Qi hovered in the sky for half the time it took to drink a cup of tea, then it slowly disappeared in a corner of the ancient city.

Feng Feiyun originally wanted to see the talented fifth generation of the Feng Clan for a little bit, but he couldn’t believe that inside this ancient city, there was a character who possessed the “Regal Supreme Physique”. The existence of this genius caused all the other talented people in the world to be suppressed, and they would lose all of their seven colors.

A chaotic burst of footsteps, along with clamorous commotions, sounded below!

Someone was coming!

Feng Feiyun quickly recalled his Phoenix Heavenly Gaze. He looked down below to see two white-robed boys that carried a different boy, and they rushed inside this pavilion.

“Fuck, these sons of bitches, they even broke the dantian of Haozi. This was equivalent to destroying his entire cultivation; such a vicious action!”

“Haozi’s cultivation was the highest within the three of us. He reached the peak Spirit Realm stage, but he was beaten by just one blow. The experts of the third branch are indeed as common as the clouds; we are only from the twelfth branch, and I’m afraid only Little Sister Jianxue could fight them head on.”

“Little Sister Jianxue has reached the early Immortal Foundation rank, plus she is also well-versed in the ‘Double Gaze Fragment Moon Sword’. The third branch people that could fight against her only number three or five.”

“Unfortunately, Little Sister Jianxue isn’t present right now; otherwise, with her character, she would help us take revenge already.”

*** ***

The entire body of the young man called Haozi was covered in blood; he was unconscious, and his face was as pale as a sheet.

These three people were the children of the twelfth branch of the Feng Clan, and they were the foster sons of Feiyun’s oldest uncle. Their names were Feng Hao, Feng Ming, and Feng Lin. Because they were closely related to the each other, as well as Feng Jianxue, Feng Feiyun had to stay at the same place in order to look after each other.

There were fights within the children of a clan. Sometimes, the fights between the branches were particularly ferocious. This was a competition — a cutthroat competition.

“What had happened in the end? How is Haozi?”

The sound of a young girl came from outside.

Her voice was accompanied by a cold breath, akin to a cold wind that blew by, that caused the floor to have a layer of white mist in the summer.

After hearing this voice, Feng Ming and Feng Lin became ecstatic. They quickly brought over Feng Hao, who was gravely wounded, to the bed, and then they left; both of them simultaneously loudly said:

“Little Sister Jianxue! Since you are back, you must take revenge for Haozi, ah!”

Feng Jianxue’s gentle footsteps slowly entered the room.

It had been a long time since Feiyun had last met this violent young miss. She had a slender and elegant look with a ponytail that was tied by a violet ribbon. She was wearing a martial arts robe that clung to her body, accentuating her curvaceous figure; it made her seemingly very vivid and full of life.

Her skin was extremely white; it was too unreasonably white, without a trace of pink blood. It was as if she had been sick for many years.

However, her true feature that attracted Feng Feiyun was her beautiful eyes. Inside were two silky black and round pupils; her gaze was as sharp as a sword, and it was like she could compete head-on with the Heaven Restoration Evil Eyes.

It was clear from the appearance of her eyes that she was practicing the “Double Gaze Fragment Moon Sword”.

My god! This spirit technique was very difficult to cultivate, but she had been successful; no wonder second uncle thought so highly of her.

“That person was the heaven’s proud son of the third branch, Feng Yu.”

“Feng Yu!”

Feng Jianxue’s pair of beautiful eyes contracted tightly; she had heard of this name before. Feng Yu was a person that could cause the rains to fall and the winds to blow within the third branch of the Feng Clan. He had drunk spirit spring water before. He also had a wonderful physique, and his flesh was as powerful as a brute beast.

Feng Yu was extremely arrogant. Outside in the courtyard, he constructed a martial arts ring, and he declared:

“Whoever can take three blows from my hand would be eligible to participate in the Hidden Dragon War.”

These words caused a big wave once they got out. The challengers continuously participated, but, from then till now, half a month had passed; no one has been able to accept two blows from him. Most of the challengers were all defeated with just one blow.

This matter had already alerted the Feng Clan’s seniors, but these older generation experts didn’t interfere. Obviously, they had discretely endorsed Feng Yu’s actions.

Using a martial arts ring to stimulate the potential of the children in the clan, this was not a bad thing!

Some of the upper echelons even wanted to change the rules of the Hidden Dragon War — this time around — to be more similar to Feng Yu’s words. Whoever could block three of his moves would have the qualifications to participate. If not, then they would just be an ordinary person, and they would not be eligible for the war.

If one wanted fame from just one battle, then they need to actually have true abilities!

Feng Jianxue asked:

“Feng Hao also went to challenge him?”

Feng Ming and Feng Lin lowered their heads without saying any words; naturally, they had tacitly confirmed.

“Feng Hao was able to block how many of his moves?”

Feng Jianxue continued to ask.

“He lost in just one move! Feng Yu was truly a mad man. One blow from him turned a wall into dust. Feng Hao essentially didn’t have the ability to fight back, and he immediately fell down into a pool of blood.”

The two angrily exclaimed.

Feng Jianxue’s eyes became more dignified. She was aware of Feng Hao’s strength; even if she used all of her power, it would still take her three moves to defeat him. However, Feng Yu only needed one to destroy his dantian. After some contemplations, this power was truly terrifying.

“Feng Yu is indeed so strong!”

The slender fingers of Jianxue intertwined; in her heart, a feeling of wanting to battle arose. A strand of spirit energy, like a howling large wave, rushed out, that caused the leaves on the evergreen tree outside of the pavilion to fall down and gently cover the ground.

“Who, who is on the roof?”

Feng Jianxue’s eyes moved as if they were stars; her pupils immediately became extremely sharp. A black light, with a shape just like a small sword and the size of a hand, flew out of her eyes.


The black sword light cut through the night with its movement!


A miserable scream filled the air; a shadow fell down from the rooftop. This person felt awkward with his hands and feet, he couldn’t get back up after he fell to the ground.

Feng Jianxue quickly rushed forward and saw that this person was wearing the white robe of the Feng Clan, but he was still lying motionless on the ground. Her heart was shaking:

“Not good! He turned out to be our own! Is he already dead?”

Feng Jianxue was afraid, because even though the elders of the Feng Clan allowed for competition between the younger generations, but the absolute condition was that there had to be no harm to one’s life.

Feng Jianxue had butterflies in her heart. She carried a sword in her hand and gently poked the sleeves of the Feng Clan’s child, who was lying on the floor; however, the person remained motionless; not even the sound of breathing could be heard from him.

“Little Sister Jianxue, you just killed someone!”

Feng Lin was frightened to the point where he had to take two steps back; he nearly fell on the floor.

“Your Double Gaze Fragment Moon Sword’s power is too great! Little Sister Jianxue, how could you use it so carelessly?!”

Feng Ming was also frightened, his hands couldn’t stop shaking.

At this moment, Feng Jianxue felt like it was too late for regrets. If she truly accidentally killed another person in the clan, then the punishment would be her own life!

“Before anyone can discover him, go bury him!”

Feng Jianxue quickly regained her wits, and she decided to bury the corpse.

However, at this moment, the Feng Clan child — who was lying on the ground — suddenly moved a little bit, and he spoke with a weak voice:

“Save… Help me! I’m going… going to die…!”

Why was this voice so familiar? Feng Jianxue stared at the Feng Clan’s child that was lying on the ground. The more she looked, the more familiar he seemed.

Suddenly, her beautiful eyes shivered and thought of a particular man. She shouted in her mind:

‘Is it that damned Feng Feiyun? Could it be that he has arrived at the Hidden Dragon Courtyard?’

The Feng kid was still lying on the ground; he appeared to be half dead.

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