Spirit Vessel

Chapter 15: Mysterious Guest

To deal with San Ye was not an easy task.

To rely on the city guards and Feng Feiyun alone would never be successful, so the next morning, Feng Feiyun left the mansion to find a powerful ally.

The tall and ancient Yin Gou Ward slowly appeared in front of his eyes.

Today, the atmosphere of the Yin Gou Ward was formal and solemn. There were armored guards on both sides of the statue at the front door. Eight men to the left, eight men to the right, all with cold steel lance in their hands. Their black skins were like metal, their eyes beamed killing intent no different from two packs of wild beasts.

Feng Feiyun stood outside the front gate, his eyes were slightly alarmed; he could clearly feel the powerful presence of the sixteen armored guards like an impregnable fortress made out of sixteen steel pillars.

These sixteen god slayers blocked the door, no one dared to step inside the Yin Gou Ward, not even one step.

'Really worthy of the Yin Gou Ward’s reputation. If these sixteen heavenly armored guards were to fight together, then their battle power would be extremely formidable; comparable to a strong army.'

Feng Feiyun felt that he had come to the right place!

No one was weak within the sixteen armored guards; their bodies gave off an invisible energy, any mosquitoes flying in the air would instantly be crushed.

This was Feng Feiyun’s first time seeing these sixteen guards. It was apparent that they had just arrived in Spirit State City today.

With the sixteen heavenly guards protecting the Yin Gou Ward, even brave souls would only stand far away and watch; today, the Yin Gou Ward was a bit deserted, the inside was strangely empty and cold.

Early in the morning, white mist was still filling the streets. Feng Feiyun slowly walked out of the white mists.

“Ha ha! Young Master Feng, the Yin Gou Ward is not welcoming guests today, please come back at a later time.”

Manager Zheng Dongliu saw Feng Feiyun coming from afar.

Feng Feiyun clapped his hands and smiled:

“Today, I have a big proposition. Do you not want to conduct business, Manager Zheng?”

Zheng Dongliu sighed:

“Of course I want to do business, but today, I have a distinguished guest; with them here, I can’t do any business even if I wanted to.”

Feng Feiyun glanced at the sixteen armored guards and nodded his head. It seems like the Yin Gou Ward really can’t have guests today.

The sixteen armored guards were meant to escort the esteemed guest?

Who could be worthy of such a formal reception from Manager Zheng?

“Then tomorrow, I will visit again.”

Although Feng Feiyun was disappointed, he didn’t want to make it difficult.

“Young Master Feng, please wait one minute.”

Zheng Dongliu was standing inside the main door of the Yin Gou Ward. His body slightly bowed forward, seeming to be listening to someone speak, in a respectful manner.

Feng Feiyun stopped, his curiosity was piqued. Zheng Dongliu, as the manager of the Yin Gou Ward, his position in Spirit State City could not be underestimated. Even San Ye or Feng Wanpeng, the two dominant rulers, would only be on equal footing with the manager. Ultimately, the Yin Gou Clan was behind Zheng Dongliu, no one dared to offend such a monster.

The identity of the guest must not be simple to make Zheng Dongliu act so respectfully.

Zheng Dongliu was still bowing, and then he nodded. A while later, he stood up straight, turned his gaze towards Feng Feiyun and smiled:

“Young Master Feng, my words earlier were mistaken. A businessman should always value business as the first priority.”

It seemed like the esteemed guest had said something to him, causing his change of heart.

However, the esteemed guest’s abilities must be great. Even with Feng Feiyun’s current cultivation, he couldn’t hear what the guest had said to Zheng Dongliu.

Feng Feiyun’s sleeves slightly fluttered with the direction of the wind, and he smiled:

“My business is absolutely lucrative, earning full pots and full scoops. The important thing is if Manager Zheng is daring enough?”

“There is no business in the world that the Yin Gou Ward wouldn’t dare to do.”

Zheng Dongliu confidently beat his chest and said.

“Young Master Feng, let us go inside to the inner chamber and talk.”

Feng Feiyun calmly walked in between the sixteen armored guards in an indifferent manner, as if he couldn’t feel their killing auras. He entered the Yin Gou Ward’s inner chamber under the guidance of Manager Zheng.

This wasn’t Feng Feiyun’s first time to the inner chamber of the Yin Gou Ward. It was particularly quiet here, not even a servant was around. Manager Zheng personally escorted the genuinely important guests himself to this place.

Feng Feiyun was now one of those esteemed guests.

Feng Feiyun sat on an ebony chair to the left side. Holding a jade cup, his eyes inadvertently, or purposely, glanced at the surrounding area. It seemed that there were no major changes compared to a few days ago.

On the wall was an ancient nature painting, below the painting was a back door, and the door’s curtain had been put down. There seemed to be a person sitting behind the curtain, but there was not a trace of life, as if it was just a statue.

This was the true esteemed guest, even Zheng Dongliu had to be respectful to this person.

When Feng Feiyun’s eyes focused on the person behind the curtain, an enormous coercive pressure, heavy like a mountain, appeared before him.

This was an invisible pressure from the guest, with an overwhelming divinity.


Within his body, his organs and bones were startled and shoved. It made a strange cracking noise, as if everything was crushed.

This was just an invisible energy, but it was strong enough to completely crush Feiyun without any chance to defend. Was it because he looked at the person once and that made them angry, wanting to kill Feiyun?

Anyone who was powerful would have an unusual temper.

This old expert’s temper was too weird! The cultivation of the guest was too high, so it made Feng Feiyun naturally think that he was an old expert.

Feng Feiyun practiced the Immortal Phoenix Physique, his body was many times stronger compared to other intermediate Spirit Realm cultivators; but right now, his blood was boiling, his vessels were about to burst open.

If he was a normal person, he would have been squeezed into a pool of muddy blood.


The shadow of the spirit vessel in Feng Feiyun’s right palm started to rotate rapidly; an even more powerful aura came out of the boat, and shot towards the outside.


The pressure of the whole space suddenly disappeared without a trace, as if the rough sea had suddenly calmed down.

Behind the curtain came a light sound, and afterward, the silence was restored.

With the pressure gone, Feng Feiyun felt that he was just in an intense battle; his robe was soaked in cold sweat. If the spirit boat didn’t help, maybe he would have been gravely injured by the pressure.

There were too many masters in this world!

Zheng Dongliu sat on the opposite side, his face still contained a smile. It was clear that he didn’t notice any pressure, and didn’t know that Feiyun and the esteemed guest already had one round of battle.

“This Zheng has already seen that Young Master Feng is a person who does great things, how big will this business be?”

Zheng Dongliu smilingly said.

Feng Feiyun took a deep breath, converged his mind and stopped looking at the curtain, then smiled:

“Murdering business, I’m not sure if the Yin Gou Ward is up for it?”

After the words were said, the smile on Zheng Dongliu immediately froze. He thought for a moment, then dignifiedly said:

“Murdering business always has a big risk, ah!”

“Big risk!”

Feng Feiyun replied.

“How big?”

Zheng Dongliu further inquired.

“One Blood Eagle Mansion.”

Feng Feiyun firmly fixed his gaze on Zheng Dongliu’s eyes.


Zheng Dongliu took a big breath, his eyes were filled with surprise and panic, then said:

“You want to kill San Ye?”

“Not only San Ye, but the entire Eagle Claw gang!”

Feng Feiyun suddenly stood up and said:

“I’ve already gotten a military order from the governor. Within one month, I will lead five thousand city guards to raze the Blood Eagle Mansion, slay San Ye, and destroy the Eagle Claw gang.”

“Five thousand city guards can destroy the Eagle Claw gang, but they can’t kill San Ye.”

Zheng Dongliu said.

Feng Feiyun smiled:

“I naturally cannot kill San Ye, but the Yin Gou Ward has so many masters, if you want to kill an intermediate Immortal Foundation cultivator like San Ye, perhaps difficult, but it is absolutely not impossible. As long as the Yin Gou Ward dispatches some experts to kill San Ye, then the wealth accumulated by the Eagle Claw gang will all belong to the Yin Gou Ward; I will not even take a coin. This business is definitely lucrative, does manager Zheng dare to partake?”

Feng Feiyun, again, pressed the question.

Each year, the Eagle Claw gang gathered more than fifty thousand gold coins. After a decade, this accumulation was definitely a huge number, it would be strange if Zheng Dongliu wasn’t tempted.

But to kill an intermediate Immortal Foundation expert, he would have to mobilize a large number of experts; this big business could not be conducted just by Zheng Dongliu’s command.

Feng Feiyun noticed that the expression on Zheng Dongliu’s face kept on changing, he knew the manager was tempted. He did not care about the money gathered by the Eagle Claw gang, he only wanted the quasi-spiritual treasure from San Ye’s hand.

Zheng Dongliu rose up from his chair and went toward the curtain. He kneeled down to the floor and bowed his head:

“Master, how do you see this?”

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