Spirit Vessel

Chapter 16: Birthday Party

Feiyun’s eyes, once again, were projected towards the curtain. Zheng Dongliu called this person master, maybe this person was someone from the upper echelons of the Yin Gou Clan.

If the other party was really a higher ranking member of the Yin Gou Clan, then even if Feng Wanpeng was here, he would have to kneel down in front of this person.

After all, the Yin Gou Clan was one rank higher than the Feng Clan!

The person behind the curtain stood up, their lips seemed to gently move a little; no sound came out. Then, they sat back down again.

Voice transmission!

This person gathered the sound waves into a sound transmission and directed it into Zheng Dongliu’s ears.

This person’s cultivation greatly exceeded Feiyun’s expectation, definitely a master; maybe higher than both Feng Wanpeng and San Ye.

Zheng Dongliu nodded, then turned towards Feng Feiyun and smiled:

“My master said that Young Master Feng is too young and is afraid that you won’t be able to control thousands of people fighting without much confidence in you. Unless you can prove that you have enough courage, charisma, and intelligence; otherwise, this money-losing business, the Yin Gou Ward will surely not do.”Feng Feiyun smiled:

“How does your master want me to prove it?”

Zheng Dongliu nodded:

“If you can answer three questions from my master, my master will personally kill San Ye. If master was to personally make a move, San Ye’s death is certain.”

Feng Feiyun’s eyes lingered in the air and smiled:

“Senior has such rhetoric, it seems like your abilities are formidable. Please start your questions!”

The person had an unparalleled cultivation, exceptional aura, and powerful mind and spirit; Feng Feiyun assumed that it was an old expert that had been cultivating for more than a hundred years. Their hair must be white; otherwise, it would be impossible to reach the “ancient well without waves” state. [1. Meaning that the expert wasn’t fazed by anything, always calm like the water surface in a well.]

Of course, this was just a speculation from Feng Feiyun. The guest’s real age, he had no way of seeing through at the moment.

The wind caused the curtain to slightly move, a voice resonated from within.

The silhouette behind the curtain became even more ethereal; others wouldn’t be able to see her clearly or determine her age. She wore a white spotless robe made from woven silk chiffon, delicate and elegant; she held a red lute in their hand but wasn’t playing it.

This was an elegant old woman, Feiyun thought this in his mind!

Their voice was very hoarse, like the desert wind, dry and harsh.

“The first question, Eagle Claw gang members are separated throughout Spirit State City. To destroy it completely, they must all be in the same place; how will you gather a few thousand gang members together?”

This voice sounded like an old woman around the age of eighty, there was a sense of maturity within the deep voice.

However, Feiyun concluded that this is not her real voice, it was changed by a special method.

The other side did not want him to know her identity!

“In eight more days, will be the birthday of San Ye. Then, the entirety of the Eagle Claw gang will be there; it would be the opportune time to catch them all.”

She nodded, and continued:

“Second question, the gang members numbered more than four thousand. Even if they are disorganized, to kill them all, you would have to pay a heavy price. Have you taken into account the future casualties of the city guards?”

Feng Feiyun smiled:

“Of course, I have calculated it. If I were to take command, then the casualties would not exceed one hundred people.”

“Would not exceed one hundred?”

Zheng Dongliu interjected:

“Even under the command of the eighteen dukes of the Jin Dynasty, the casualties wouldn’t be just one hundred; Young Master Feng shouldn’t boast in front of my master’s presence.”

Feng Feiyun replied:

“This Feng has never boasted before; if Manager Zheng doesn’t trust me, you can come with me, eight days later, to the Blood Eagle Mansion?”

Zheng Dongliu furrowed his brows:

“With the exception of the Eagle Hawk members, no one has ever stepped inside Blood Eagle Mansion and made it out alive.”

“In order to deal with the Eagle Hawk gang, I have to embark into the Blood Eagle Mansion once.”

Feng Feiyun arched his body, the clear words gave the impression of a tremendous amount of confidence.

A long silence.

Behind the curtain came a gentle applause, she smiled and said:

“I never thought that, in the small Spirit State City, I would encounter such a bold boy. What is your name?”

Feng Feiyun was ecstatic in his heart and said:

“This is your third question?”


Her voice was still old and hoarse.

“Surname Feng, given name Feiyun.”

She said:

“Feng Feiyun, it seems like the descendants of the Feng Clan are indeed talented; this name, I will remember. You are still young and have promising talents, you should not be buried in this small Spirit State City; you need to go out to see the wider world.”

Feng Feiyun replied:

“I believe that that day will not be far from now.”

“This will conclude our business; not for anything else, but for the three words Feng Feiyun, the Yin Gou Ward will kill San Ye for you. We want the wealth of the Blood Eagle Mansion, not a coin less.”

She continued:

“This is the deal; after eight days, there will be blood in Spirit State City.”

After the business was settled, Feng Feiyun bought three more Blood Spirit Seeds before leaving to return to the mansion, his heart felt a lot more emboldened.

With the Yin Gou Ward tied to his chariot, this move that Feng Feiyun had decided to use against San Ye had been completed.

However, that old woman never came out, he was feeling very curious; what was her status?

When Feng Feiyun had left, the curtain was gently put to the side. A white jade hand stretched out; it was as if the hand was made out of ice, like a flawless blue lotus, blooming on the lake.

Zheng Dongliu saw the white hand moving outside, he quickly kneeled down on the ground and buried his head fiercely, nearly touching the floor.

Like a faithful hound seeing his owner!

This girl at the Yin Gou Clan had an extremely high position, he didn’t dare to neglect his manners.

“Butterfly'er, Butterfly'er, follow him!” [2. er here is an endearing suffix to add to a name. Xiao Yu Er is an example, except Er was actually part of her name.]

In her jade-like palm, many large white clouds appeared. Clouds of fog shrouded the surroundings and they turned into a white crystal butterfly.

In the beginning, this butterfly was motionless, but it slowly came to life. Its wings started to flap, and from her palm, it flew outside of the Yin Gou Ward and chased towards Feng Feiyun.

This white crystal butterfly was formed with spirit energy. It had its own sentient thoughts, comparable to a half spirit beast.

“Master, your identity is supreme; for a small person such as Feng Feiyun, why waste eight days in Spirit State City?”

Zheng Dongliu appeared to be puzzled, and he humbly inquired.

The mysterious woman’s voice was no longer hoarse, but crisp like an oriole, and said:

“That person is not simple, he even withstood thirty percent of my coercive aura; his cultivation is very strange. This is the first reason.”

“Second, a little intermediate Spirit Realm cultivator dared to go against an intermediate Immortal Foundation enemy. I can’t help but admire his courage.”

“If he was able to exterminate the Eagle Claw gang, and with casualties not reaching one hundred, then he surely is a rare talent; I would not hesitate to become friends with him.”

Zheng Dongliu said:

“If Feng Feiyun could become your friend, then he will be renowned all over the world, rising in ranks will be just around the corner. Even if he had cultivated during his past eight lives, it would not warrant such a blessing.” [3. This phrase meaning that he had good karma from cultivating in his past life. Cultivation here means being a monk and does good deeds, not actual cultivation.]

Zheng Dongliu knew the exact status of this master and how unbelievable it was. Even the current patriarch of the Feng Clan would have to bow towards her when they met; the governor Feng Wanpeng in front of her could only be considered an ant.

Her words were enough to mobilize ten million soldiers!

If Feng Feiyun could get her approval, then his future would be almost limitless. However, her eyes are so high, normal people couldn’t get into her good grace.

Time flew by fast, and eight days would soon be over.

Feng Feiyun had only entered the military encampment of the city guards once. Having met the old woman in the Yin Gou Ward, he knew just how lacking his personal cultivation was. In the past few days, he had been using the Blood Spirit Seeds to raise his blood purity.

He used a total of eight Blood Spirit Seeds in the last eight days. Now, he could withstand the potency of the seeds without having to use the water pressure beneath the pond.

His blood became a bit darker, the speed of his blood flow had also improved.

These last eight days, Feng Feiyun had come to the Yin Gou Ward twice, but he didn’t see the mysterious old lady, let alone the eighteen heavenly armored guards.

Feng Feiyun jumped on top of a crimson tiger, holding the reins and laughed:

“Elder Liu, today we go to a birthday celebration, no need to be so alarmed.”

Housekeeper Liu was wearing a black robe, but he didn’t look comfortable. With a stiff smile he said:

“The Blood Eagle Mansion might be the most dangerous place in Spirit State City, but I am not nervous one bit. I am only worried about young master! Eight days had passed out of the one month limit, but you haven’t made a move?”

Housekeeper Liu couldn’t predict Feng Feiyun’s thoughts, he didn’t show even a sign of worry.

He had obviously vowed to send San Ye to the heavens, but now he is going to San Ye’s birthday celebration with great fanfare, so which song was he singing in the end? [4. Meaning what the heck is he thinking?]

Feng Feiyun mysteriously smiled and said:

“Maybe I will make a move tonight.”

Housekeeper Liu didn’t believe that he would make a move tonight because the five thousand city guards were not mobilized. Was he planning to go with one hundred servants to kill a few thousand Eagle Claw members? It was simply a joke.

These one hundred servants were only carrying the birthday gifts; dozens of gift carriages were not something that could be carried by a few people, so Feng Feiyun brought along one hundred servants with able bodies to handle them.

This was the first time Feng Feiyun was going to San Ye’s birthday party, so he was naturally very generous. The birthday gifts included twenty-eight big carriages, each had four large metal chests that were filled with gifts not light of weight; the servants were cruelly worked and tired.

Feiyun was humming songs while leading this mighty crew to the birthday celebration.

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