Spirit Vessel

Chapter 14: Heaven Restoration Evil Eyes

Feng Wanpeng’s heart was shocked, there were simply no words to describe this feeling. Was this the ignorant Feiyun? No, absolutely not; this boldness wouldn’t necessarily be apparent even in the most battle-hardened veterans.

A fourteen year old boy wanting a military order to command the troops, even the courageous Feng Suiyu wouldn’t have the guts to do so. [1The word military order here has the connotation that the commander will be taking responsibility for failures, usually resulting in death as the punishment]

The others were even more stunned, this was an unbelievable event.

Even though Spirit State City was in the hinterland, away from the borders, it also had ten military encampments which totaled at ten thousand city guards. All of them were well equipped with armor, riding strong horses and tigers, spears in their hands, and were invincible in all battles.

Although the city guards couldn’t compare with the brilliant official military, the soldiers were all brave and could fight one versus three.

“Nonsense, Feiyun, you are too young and too insensible; the city guards can’t be arbitrarily summoned.”

Feng Suiyu laughed out loud, bowed and said:

“Foster father, Feiyun is still too young and frivolous, not knowing right from wrong. If three thousand city guards were under his hands, it would be handling the situation too lightly.”

Feng Wanpeng naturally knew about San Ye, this person’s cultivation was not below his own. Unless it was the last resort, Wanpeng didn’t want to make this man his enemy.

After all, they were both cultivators. If it was really a fight to the bitter end, then maybe half of Spirit State City would be destroyed in the process.

This was not the situation Wanpeng wanted to see.

However, he had never seen this side of his son, such seriousness and high morale. Was it finally the time for the boy to rise?

As long as the will to fight was there, the future would be bright.

Feng Feiyun saw Wanpeng’s dignified expression in contemplation, he understood his hesitation, so he said:

“I have a full grasp of my victory; I am sure to bring down the Eagle Claw gang, not letting even one person slip through the net.”

Feng Suiyu presumptuously scowled:

“Feng Feiyun, there is a lot at stake here. How can we rush to give you the city guards just based on your words alone?”

Feng Suiyu did not want Feiyun to be in the limelight. If he couldn’t destroy the gang, then it would be good fortune. However, if he could actually exterminate the Eagle Claw gang, then Feiyun would certainly have a new found fame in war and become Spirit State City’s new star figure. Even the main Feng house would notice him.

Feng Suiyu would definitely not allow for the “salted fish to stand up from failure.” [1. Akin to a koi fish becoming a dragon, a reversal of fortune]

Feng Wanpeng thought for a moment, then suddenly stood up and said:

“San Ye is not an easy opponent, this person’s cultivation had reached the intermediate stage of Immortal Foundation. He also practices the 'Heaven Restoration Evil Eyes' technique, and has a quasi-spirit treasure. He can split a mountain in one strike and reform the geography, even one thousand city guards would be killed to the last man. Feiyun, you have to know, even though the army is powerful, but against some people, just the quantity alone isn’t enough to kill them.”

“Naturally I understand this, so I want to invite Housekeeper Liu to come with me to the Blood Eagle Mansion.”

Feng Feiyun confidently said.

“The Blood Eagle Mansion is the place where San Ye lives; anyone who had stepped inside had never come out alive.”

Feng Suiyu’s expression changed, he thought that Feiyun was arrogant to the extreme.

Anyone without great courage would never dare to break into the Blood Eagle Mansion. To invade the Blood Eagle Mansion was to court death.

Housekeeper Liu suddenly opened his bright eyes, two bright lights radiated from them and said:

“If Young Master is so bold, then even I will go with Young Master, even if my life was on the line.”

The old man’s heart was very excited. His master has such courage; rare, so rare to see. Who dared to say that his master was timid? Was this courage still considered small?

Feng Wanpeng’s heart had a great shock, he had decided to let Feng Feiyun go. As long as his son could become someone great, then even if the entirety of Spirit State City comes to ruin, it would still be worth it.

“I will give you five thousand city guards. I will personally stand on the tower to watch the battle. If you can destroy the Eagle Hawk gang, I will give you permission to participate in the Military Strategy Iron Council three months later. However, if you and the entire troops are annihilated, I will not attempt to save you. You and the entire army will be dead and buried together.”

Feng Wanpeng said.

“I obey your command!”

Feng Feiyun was ecstatic, and broke out laughing:

“Within a month, I will have the entire Blood Eagle Mansion razed to the ground.”

Feng Feiyun took the five military orders from the hands of Feng Wanpeng. He gripped them tightly, then turned around and left.

After Feng Feiyun had left the lobby, Feng Suiyu, as if awoken from a daze, quickly kneeled to the ground and said:

“Foster father, this is too childish, San Ye’s cultivation is frightening. The Eagle Hawk gang also has several thousand members. To leave five thousand city guards’ lives in Feiyun’s hands, I’m certain that there will not be that many left. More so, after the city guards and the gang start the battle, there will be dead bodies all over Spirit State City; ruins everywhere. I can’t imagine the consequences, I beg foster father to rethink this matter.”

Feng Wanpeng, without hurry or hesitation, calmly said:

“Suiyu, I heard that you have been close with San Ye and his people. In the next few days, don’t leave the mansion; calm your mind and practice the 'Vigorous Gale Method' in preparation for the Hidden Dragon War three months later.”

Hearing these words, Suiyu’s heart jumped. This was foster father’s warning to him, it seemed that nothing was hidden from him in Spirit State City.

Feng Suiyu closed his mouth and didn’t say half a word after.


The reason why Feng Feiyun wanted to deal with San Ye was not because of justice, he essentially was not a moralistic and righteous person.

Plus, he and San Ye didn’t have any hatred. There was no need to do this heavy task, but he had to because there was a plan in his mind.

It was already late at night. The servants were in deep sleep at the governor’s mansion, the surroundings seemed quiet.

Holding the five military orders, Feng Feiyun didn’t return to his room but to the library. He opened the main door and ignited the night candles.

The “Heaven Restoration Evil Eyes” was one of the twelve grand evil techniques of Sen Luo Temple. When cultivated to the minor completion level, one could see an ant fighting from a hundred miles away, or if there was water on a fly. Within one hundred steps, a glare could kill a man, his soul would be shattered, and he would become a vegetable.

Feng Feiyun closed the ancient book in his hand and mumbled:

“San Ye’s cultivation is from the 'Heaven Restoration Evil Eyes,' plus it is certain that he had obtained minor completion. This is also a method from the Sen Luo Temple, his origin must not be simple.”

“He also has a quasi-spirit treasure. This is an unbelievable weapon, I must obtain it.”

Feiyun had the Crimson Dragon sabre. It was once a spirit weapon, but it was broken and its aura had almost been depleted. It could only be regarded as a top magic weapon and couldn’t be compared to a quasi-spirit weapon.

The so-called quasi-spirit weapon, the vessel itself has the same material and spiritual control as a spirit weapon, but the weapon's spirit itself was not sentient. A spirit material would need many hundreds of years to form its own sentient spirit, outside of some extremely exceptional materials. The birth of a spiritual treasure was very difficult.

Even the main Feng Clan, which was so powerful for more than a thousand years, only had three spirit treasures. Each was considered to be a clan heirloom as well as its protectors. A spirit weapon, when activated, would be able to destroy a city like Spirit State from a thousand miles away.

The three spirit treasures were considered the invincible ace cards of the Feng Clan. As long as they activate any of the three, they could repress any trouble. As long as the three spirit treasures remained in the Feng Clan’s possession, it would remain the overlord of Grand Southern City.

Even though a quasi-spirit treasure was many times weaker than a spirit treasure, it couldn’t be underestimated; in the end, it still had the same body and material, only lacking the consciousness of the spirit.

Feng Feiyun wanted to make a move on San Ye so that he could get the quasi-spirit treasure from his hands.

“San Ye has a quasi-spirit treasure, and I have, in my hands, a shattered spirit treasure, the Crimson Dragon sabre. It still has a strand of spirit consciousness and spirit energy; if I could extract this remaining spirit and then insert it into a quasi-spirit treasure, then I am ninety percent certain of creating a complete spirit treasure.”

“A complete spirit treasure! Ha ha! Your mother, I am so talented. A spirit treasure is capable of burning the sky and boiling the sea. If I could get a hold of one, killing an Immortal Foundation expert would not be impossible.”

When he had obtained the Crimson Dragon sabre, Feng Feiyun harbored this thought, so the moment when he found out that San Ye had a quasi-spirit treasure, he decided to take care of San Ye.

This matter of killing and raiding for treasure would not give a good reputation, this was more like the young master killing evil for the people. [2. Basically saying that he doesn’t want to treat this as benefiting himself, but helping the people of the city.]

Quasi-spirit treasures were already rare, but broken spirit treasures with a strand of spirit consciousness remnant was even rarer, even among one thousand spirit treasures. Feng Feiyun was truly lucky to encounter it, on top of buying it for only three thousand gold coins.

Other people, even if they were to come upon a broken spirit treasure, wouldn’t be able to extract the residual spirits inside because the spirit itself belonged to that particular spirit treasure. Even an expert with a heaven-shattering cultivation wouldn’t be able to do the separation.

However, a Holy Saint Treasure was capable.

A Holy Saint Treasure was above all spirit treasures; all spirits must be subservient to the Holy Spirit.

It was like the king and his subjects; the king’s words, the subjects could only obey.

The Spirit Vessel, it was a Holy Saint Treasure!

Although Feng Feiyun could not control the spirit boat, he could use its prestigious aura from its holy spirit to extract the soul from the broken spirit treasure.

So in the whole world, only Feng Feiyun had the capability to turn a quasi-spirit treasure into a complete spirit treasure, to combine a broken spirit treasure and a quasi-spirit treasure into a real one.

To be the master of a spirit treasure, this thought would drive people crazy.

Now, Feiyun could only wait until San Ye’s death, then take the quasi-treasure from his hand. This would be the most difficult task.

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