Spending the Villain’s Money to Extend My Life

Chapter 8: Fill Up Her Closet (2)

Chapter 8: Fill Up Her Closet (2)

She gulped and quickly clicked back to the Life Value screen.

The Life Bar that was very fragile before had increased a little bit!

One gulp of milk and one bite of bread extended her life!

Extended her life by 10 minutes!

Gu Shishi was immediately happy.

As she was eating at the Huo’s, the system determined that these were from Huo Sishen.

Did that mean all she needed to do was to keep eating to stay alive?

Thinking about that, she quickly put down the bread. Happily, she put a piece of salmon roll into her mouth.

[Recharge successfully!]

Happily, Gu Shishi squinted her eyes. This eggroll was crispy and smooth, and has tender fresh salmon in the middle. Definitely the best that she has ever had.

And a big bite recharged $10!

“Eh, Mr. Chef, can I have some more salmon?”

That’s the most expensive one!

“Thank you~”


Gu Shishi kept on eating and the Blood Bar continued to increase.

She was completely relished and enraptured in eating.

Its money coming in with each juicy bite!

Just when she was indulging in her activities, she heard urgent footsteps approaching her from afar.

“Jie, Huo-da ge said he wanted to call off the engagement. What happened?” The fragile, panting voice came before she saw the person.

(T/N: Jie = older sister; da ge = oldest brother)

“Shuangshuang, slow down, or you will have tightness in your chest again. She doesn’t know how good she has it, there’s nothing you can do about it,” came the voice of Huo Wencheng.

Gu Shishi looked up and saw the one who walked into the dining room first.

A white dress that’s taken in at the waist, hair down to her shoulder with a light blue hair band. Her entire person was enwrapped in a sense of fragile but soft attractiveness.

This was the archnemesis of this body – Gu Wushuang , the girl who was born on the same day, switched on the same day and became the adopted daughter of the Gu’s.

“Jie, did you guys have a fight?” Gu Wushuang walked over to her and tried to hold her hand in a friendly manner.

But, Gu Shishi had a fork in her left hand and the knife in her right so she wasn’t able to grab any of them. She stopped awkwardly in the middle.

As much as Gu Wushuang tried to hide it, Gu Shishi could still detect the elusive despise and pride in her eyes.

Gu Wushuang, who had been raised in the upper class for over 20 years, simply looked down on this girl who grew up in poverty.

“Nothing,” Gu Shishi gave her a run around with a chuckle.

All she did was hide in his closet was all. Ho ho ho.

“Jie…” Gu Wushuang quickly said, but was choked back by her own sob after just one word. Tears welled up in her eyes and were about to roll down any minute.

Lowering her head, she covered her face painfully.

“I know, jie jie didn’t like this arrangement. Huo-da ge doesn’t have the best reputation, and he didn’t even show up at the engagement ceremony. That wasn’t nice of him. It was all because of me, all my fault……

“If only my body is healthy, I would be able to take your place and marry Huo-da ge, and not have to let you suffer.” As she was speaking, her body shook from side to side, as though she had committed such an awful act and was ashamed to be seen by anyone.

“Shuangshuang, that’s nonsense! She’s the daughter of Gu’s, of course the engagement would be between her and my big brother. What does that have to do with you?”

Huo Wencheng, standing by her side, immediately catch her with his arms. His handsome face full of worry and heartache.

“Forget about her! Let me take you home and have a doctor come and check you out.”

Gu Shishi pursed her lips.

Was that her little-white-flower trick?

(T/N: little white flower = describes a woman being weak and fragile)

She just pretended to be fragile every time, earned everyone’s sympathy while she stood on the top of the moral standard, took away anything nice and pushed the original owner into a deep abyss?

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