Spending the Villain’s Money to Extend My Life

Chapter 7: Fill Up Her Closet (1)

Chapter 7: Fill Up Her Closet (1)

Early in the morning, Gu Shishi laid on the large bed. Her head was on top of a soft pillow, and she was deep asleep.

It wasn’t long before she was startled awake by a cold-looking face.

She was then tossed out of the mansion along with a bag savagely by Huo Sishen.

Then, a car drove passed and ran right over her, killing her!

The unusually real painful feeling in her dream made her sit upright in bed!

[Life remaining: 11 hours 2 minutes and 31 seconds]

Gu Shishi broke up into cold sweat!

Shit, just one night and she slept away half of her blood bar.

She must find a way to stay near this man. Come hell or high water, she was not going anywhere!

“I must make some money today,” said Gu Shishi through gritted teeth.

“Dear, now that we are engaged, do you think you can give me…” Eh, she wasn’t shameless enough to say those words!

Gu Shishi scrambled up from bed and continued to wreck her brain as she got ready for the day.

She rummaged through the entire closet before she was finally able to find an acceptable lavender dress. The dress was obviously not her size, it was a little small on her.

“Was this clothing from the fake daughter? Eh, I feel bad for the original owner. The real daughter only got the old clothing that the fake one didn’t want.” Gu Shishi shook her head.

She didn’t feel like spending more time looking, so she just left it on.

From the memory of the original owner, Gu Shishi quickly found the dining room on the first floor next to the living room.

“Miss Gu.” The chef had already prepared breakfast.

On the table was gilded dinner plates.

Salmon eggrolls, toast, cherry tomatoes… there were quite a bit of selections.

Starving, Gu Shishi drooled over all of them.

She spent all day hiding in the closet yesterday and hadn’t had much to eat. She was only able to find a few pieces of crackers at night.

“Good afternoon, Uncle, can you give me a couple more slices of toast?”

“Oh yeah, is there milk?”

Milk was comfort food for her.

“Okay, let me know if you need anything else.”

The chef quickly delivered the food to her.

Gu Shishi thanked him and quickly took a big gulp of the warm milk. Her stomach felt much better after some of the warm milk.

[Ding! Recharged successfully!]


Gu Shishi took a large bite of the toast.

[Ding! Recharged successfully!]


Gu Shishi’s eyes widened and looked at the fancy dinner plate in front of her.

No way!

She opened up the screen that only she could see and immediately she saw the two newest records.

[23 seconds ago. One gulp of high quality, organic New Zealand milk. Market price: $129.]

“PU!” Half of a mouthful of milk came out of her.

That expensive?

Are you serious?

She had milk from New Zealand before. They were available at the supermarket as an imported items, but this was the cost of 1.5L!

That grim reaper Huo. Such twisted personality! Could he be more wasteful?

Gu Shishi quickly wiped her mouth. Aye, she had just spit out $60 worth of milk. That was awful!

She regretted greatly and only wish she could go back in time. But quickly, she saw a line of fine print on the screen.

[Milk is considered a daily consumable and calculated at 5% rate. Recharged amount: $6.45.]

Damn! Such a low conversion rate!

Gu Shishi quickly looked at the second line item.

[2 seconds ago. One bite of hand made rye bread. Market price: $45….. Recharged amount: $2.25.]

Gu Shishi’s eyes widened.

Look like all food were discounted.

That being said….

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