Spending the Villain’s Money to Extend My Life

Chapter 9: Fill Up Her Closet (3)

Chapter 9: Fill Up Her Closet (3)

“Jie Jie, are you still willing to be with Huo-da ge?” Gu Wushuang acted as though she had Gu Shishi’s best interest in mind, “If you really don’t like him, I’ll go talk to daddy and mommy to see if we can call this whole thing off. You have been out there and been through so much already. But not to worry, from now on, anything that I have, you will have too!”

Gu Shishi almost spilled the milk in her hand after she heard that spew. Hey, hey, hey, everything that belonged to the Wushuang belonged to the original owner to begin with, alright?

Darn, this little white flower was so good at twisting the truth!

“Just go.” Gu Shishi just waved at them to stop Gu Wushuang’s whining. “I am going to keep eating now.”

She was too busy trying to extend her own life. She has no time for the little white flower.

Using the toast in her hand, she cleaned up the remaining juice on the dinner plate and shoved the whole thing into her mouth and chewed in the most satisfying way.

Her gauche act mortified the two. They could no longer hide the despise and contempt in their eyes.

Gu Shishi, on the other hand, couldn’t look more blessed.

“I am willing to be with him.”

It wasn’t him whom she’d be marrying, it was her own life!

Gu Wushuang’s lips quivered, “Jie, you… are willing?”

She didn’t even need to use any of the speech that she had prepared before her trip. She had thought it would take her great effort to convince this peasant girl to stay instead of going back to the Gu’s and fight over the Gu’s inheritance with her.

Gu Shishi had finished every last drop of juice on her plate and patted her full and round belly.

“Yup. I’ll stay. Even if I am leaving, I can leave on my own. It’s not like I have a lot to take with me. No need for you to come pick me up, hmm?”

“Oh, sorry. I think this skirt belongs to you. I’ll return it to you after it’s been cleaned.”

“And, by the way, when I put it on there’s already a hole on the hem portion of the dress. I didn’t do it. I’ll try to fix it as best I can, just don’t ask me to compensate you for that, alright?” said Gu Shishi as she tilted her head and turned slightly toward the staircase. Looking down on the ground, she lightly closed her eyes.

Yes, two could play that game. Everyone knew how to play the weak flower card.

Gu Wushuang was so shocked that she had forgotten to cry. “Jie, this… this skirt, did Zhang-ma give this to you?”

(T/N: Zhang-ma – an old maid of the house. It’s customary to refer to older maid who had been with the family for a long time as “ma”.)

A bit frantically, Gu Wushuang quickly turned and looked at Huo Wencheng. Seeing the shock on his face, she quickly placed one hand over her chest. Her elegant face was covered in pain.

“Shuangshuang!” Huo Wencheng quickly reached out his hand and placed it on her lower back. And just like that, she had successfully diverted his attention.

“Jie, I didn’t think that Zhang-ma would have….” Tears in her eyes, Gu Wushuang’s hands quivered.

The real daughter of the Gu’s wearing the old clothes belonging to the adopted one. Ugh! She couldn’t touch that with a 10-foot pole!

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