Chapter 670: Black sun

Chapter 670: Black sun

The battle raged. Fiercer than ever as the bat-like monsters threatened to overwhelm them by their sheer numbers and agility.         

They attacked relentlessly and fiercely to the point that that some dark fae’s strong shields gets eventually pierced and broken.     

Evie’s was the strongest and no monster managed to break through her shield yet. But as they pushed forward, Evie was forced to focus her power towards a team that was now swarmed by the flying creatures. Their shield was broken and if she won’t help them out, all of the riders will die including the ice-dragon.     

She couldn’t just let that happen so even though she knew it’s risky, she went on and helped them. Her magic hit the monsters, the beam of light from her palm burned their wings and they fell like rain down below. Soon the team was freed. Evie immediately told them to land on the ground to recuperate as the riders were all badly injured.     

“Your Majesty, watch out! On your right!!” Zolan shouted as he made a 180-degree spin, his arms outstretched as it swung powerfully with his sword gripped tightly in his fist. Evie reacted beautifully, totally in-sync with his warning as she dodged low on Onyx’s back from the flying bat-like monster that had hurled itself down at them. Though Evie had a protective shield erected around her and her companions, that attack had somehow managed to pierce and get through her shield which was weakened due to her shifting her power’s focus.     

“Your Majesty, are you alright?” Kei turned back from her position to check on Evie.     

“Yes. I’m okay.” Evie turned her focus back to the front.     

The three of them had set up a working momentum that flowed well between them since they entered through the second dark wall. Evie was in charge of managing and deflecting attacks as well as protecting Onyx from the front. Kei was in charge of the rear section while Zolan was to cover both the left and right flanks of Onyx.     

After they entered through the second dark wall, their army of the first division had moved to the East quadrant. And as reported by Azrael, their enemies were flying monsters. However, the quick report sent to them was sketchy at best. It only mentioned that they resembled bats and could fly. Fast. But as Evie, Zolan and Kei observed these ‘bats’ as they fought their relentless attacks, it was clear that referring to them as that was in fact an insult to bats.     

These monsters were just beyond ugly. They had furry bodies similar to sea minks – only much larger in size, with fur that was matted and in tangled clumps. However, its fur was a dirty olive green, ugly and a perfect representation of death and highly unappealing to the sight. Their snouts were sharp with a sinister rodent-like feel and had a pointed and elongated end, as though it were to function as blades that could slash clean through their enemies.     

Looking closely, they saw that one side of the blades were serrated. The wounds that would be inflicted by these cruel blades would no doubt hurt like hell.     

These creatures were definitely larger than the largest bats ever existed, and their wingspan were even more intimidating. With a body length of slightly shorter than 1 meter, the wingspan was truly impressive at a length of about 3.5 meters.     

Though they were not as huge and intimidating as the ice or fire dragons, they were already big and sturdy enough to pick up any of the vampires or dark faes and fly off with them. In addition to their beady red eyes and mouths constantly hanging open with thick drool dripping off their jagged and thorny teeth, these monsters were just the thing that crawled out from one’s terrifying nightmares.     

The three of them continued fighting in sync with each other, pushing forward as they fought off and defended against a whole swarm of flying monsters that had come at them again.     

Zolan’s sword swished and sliced in exquisite yet accurate arcs from left to right, covering whatever attacks that Onyx were not able to catch, making it a stunning duet of sword slash on one side and blistering blasts from the fire dragon’s mouth on the other side. Evie and Kei who were in the front and back were also having their own seamless cooperation of flashes of light beams zipping and zooming from them to their targets in a dizzying array of luminance.     

To the enemies, these blinding streaks only signified their doom, but to the armies on Evie’s side, they were signs that presaged the possibility of victory and the end of this damned war that they were hoping would end sooner rather than later.     

“Zolan, make sure you take time off every now and then to search forward and inform on our route. Onyx and I will cover you while you’re at it.” She reminded Zolan to fully utilize his super vision as an elite vampire to plan ahead on their direction.     

Zolan took a few seconds to quickly look around, before his eyes were fixed with rapt attention in one direction. He quickly pointed out the focus of his gaze and spoke.     

“Your Majesty, there is something that kind of look like a really black sun this way. This seems to be the very centre or core of this dark abyss…” Zolan quickly reported to Evie. “I believe this could be the source of the darkness and the very heart of this abyss.”     

Nodding at him, Evie told Onyx through her mental communication to head for that direction. “Yes, that’s our aim. The darkest core…” What she did not say out loud and only thought in her head was ‘Gideon should be beyond that’.     

Evie’s eyes gleamed with intensity as she confirmed the change of direction to Zolan and Kei. And then Onyx set forth, incinerating the flying monsters with his fiery breath as he headed to their target.     

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