Chapter 669: Don't fall

Chapter 669: Don’t fall

Seeing that another group of flying monsters were after the dying and falling dragon, Reed could only curse and jump off. He only hoped that he would not fall to his death. This height was really too much even for an elite vampire like him!         

Just as he braced himself for the inevitable, Reed felt an arm wrapped around his waist. A sound of flapping wings sounded particularly loud in his ears.     

Then they landed on the ground. Speechless, Reed looked up and saw their masked dark fae comrade who got separated from them when they were assigned to ride on different dragons. Since this dark fae had weaker magic and could not maintain a strong shield, she was not drafted to be one of the dragon riders.     

Reed had seen how sullen Levy was when this dark fae had been instructed to join in another group.     

“Are you alright?” she asked him after setting him down.     

Reed nodded. “Thank you for the timely save.” He replied, giving her a thumbs up. She truly was his savior there.     

“Do you want me to bring you to another dragon? You need to join another one as your vision is much needed.” She told him. Then her eyes landed on his wound. “But… I think you might need to get your injury healed up first.”     

Once Reed’s wound was healed and no longer bleeding, he finally stood. Laiza was right, he needed to get back up there and fight. They were already hopelessly outnumbered. So he must find another team to aid as soon as possible. He knew that there were many teams who needed him. There were only that many of the vampire elites that had come along with Queen Evie. Thus, they were in hot demand.     

But in order for him to that, he must rely on Laiza. She was small-framed and petite. Looking her over, he really was hesitant as he wondered how he could even think of having her carry him.     

“Alright, let’s go.” Laiza declared and she bent, placing her hand on his back and behind his knee.     

“Wait a moment.”     

“Yes? Anything wrong?” Laiza only turned her head back to look at him from the corners of her eyes.     

Reed blinked. “Are you really going to carry me like that? I mean… can I just maybe cling to you?”     

“No can do.” Laiza shook his head. “It would be easier for me if I carry you in my arms. So please stop complaining and just let me do what I need to do. We don’t have much time to waste.” She said in a serious and no-nonsense manner. Then without waiting for his response, she went ahead and bridal-carried him.     

Before he could protest in embarrassment, her wings flapped and soon, they were flying up the sky.     

Reed could only flush from this whole situation. He suddenly desperately wished that he had not found out Laiza was a girl. Damn that Levy!!     

“Oh, there’s a fire dragon. I think that’s the dragon Levy was –”     

“Behind you!” Reed yelled as he saw an incoming attack.     

Laiza let them both fall, causing the attacking monster to miss them both by hair’s breadth.     

“Shit! That was close! Wait! It’s coming back!”     

Reed was starting to worry. There was nothing Laiza could do anything with him cradled in her arms!     

Just as when he was about to tell her to let go of him, a blast of fire burst before them, incinerating the flying monster that was chasing after them.     

Then they were swooped away by Crimson.     

Levy literally had his jaw dropping to the ground as he looked at Laiza putting Reed down from the bridal-carry she had held him in. Reed on the other hand, looked away as his face was still burning.     

“Damn man! Did you fall and beauty Laiza caught you? Huh? Reed?” Levy exclaimed. He had seen them getting attacked a while ago and had asked his comrades to turn Crimson around to go rescue them.     

“Well… that’s right. Our dragon fell and I had to jump.” Reed explained, rubbing the back of his neck.         

“Oh… are you alright?” Levy checked on him from head to toe.     

“I’m fine. Laiza saved me, so I didn’t fall. I came back up here with her help to find another team that might need me.”     

“Okay, we’ll help you find one.” The main rider butted in, and the dragon made a sharp turn towards the ice-dragon near them. “There you go. You’ll be needed there.”     

“Well then, I’m going.” Reed told Levy and when Levy gave him a nod, Reed looked at Laiza. “Thank you for the help once again. Appreciate it.”     

After Laiza gave him a soft nod, Reed jumped onto the ice dragon’s back.     

“I’m leaving too.” Laiza then said, causing Levy to press his lips tightly together. He looked visibly sullen again as if he wanted to tell her not to go but he could not. He could not be selfish and only think of his own desires. Also, the division of the groupings had been determined by the Queen herself, and Levy would not dream of disobeying her orders.     

“You’re going back to the ground, right?” he asked rather reluctantly.     

Laiza nodded and Levy breathed out in relief.     

“Please be careful down there. Remain on the ground and stay safe.” He said seriously. That was one of the few moments that this man talked seriously and looked so earnest.     

Laiza smiled. “Don’t worry. You should be the one who needs to be more careful. The battle is bloodier up here than down there.” She spread out her wings. “Okay, I’m leaving. Don’t fall.”     

“I might slip and fall. So make sure you’ll be there to catch me, Laiza.” Levy’s playful voice followed her as she took off.     

She could not stop the grin spreading on her face even if she wanted to, as she flew away from the dragon and back to the area where she was responsible for.     

“Be careful! I love you, Laiza! See you!!!” the echoes of his yell still lingered in her ears even as the dragon had already long disappeared from her view.     


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