Chapter 671: Message

Chapter 671: Message

At Vera’s side…         

“Your Majesty… Princess… our second division army have all successfully entered through the second dark wall.” A commander of the second division saluted and came reporting to Beatrice and Vera.     

Nodding in acknowledgement, Beatrice then dismissed the commander so he could return immediately to his post.     

Vera on the other hand, stroked the side of Azure’s neck, indicating to him that they too should advance now. According to Evie and Zolan’s strategy, they were to divide the entire army into two large divisions to move forward and attack in a pincer formation.     

Evie’s first division army would attack from the East while they would be taking the West. They would both be communicating via their dragons and dragon riders who were able to communicate with the dragons they command. That was why there were both fire and ice dragons in both the divisions of armies.     

“Remember everyone, move together with your company. Watch each other’s back. These flying monsters are hell to deal with but we could finish them all!” Queen Beatrice’s voice boomed out as she gave the orders and the armies made a thunderous sound filled with fighting spirit. Vera was so glad that the queen was with her at this crucial moment. She didn’t have any experience in wars so she didn’t know how to raise her voice like that or motivate the army the way the queen was doing.     

Queen Beatrice spoke with so much confident, like a real warrior queen. She stood there like she had fought a thousand battle before. There was not even a tinge of hesitation and weakness in her voice and expression, just courage, hope and fighting spirit. As Vera looked at her, all she could think about was becoming like her one day. Both Evie and Queen Beatrice were truly amazing women. They just truly gave the feeling of someone born to be queens.     

With a small smile on her face, Vera took a deep breath and fixed her gaze forward. She wanted to become like them one day. She knew she still had a long way to go but she aspired to become even stronger. For now, she must save her beloved and fight with everything that she had.     

“Fight everyone! Keep pushing forward!” Azrael’s voice thundered next as the battle raged on. He was at the front. With him also here, Vera had him act as her spokesperson. Not only was he an accomplished general of war, he was also naturally loud. And to top it off, he was the person that had led the scouting party in the first time to survey this place. Thus, making him the most suitable person to lead.     


In the midst of the intense battle, a message from Evie finally came.     

“Vera… can you hear me?” Evie’s voice had suddenly sounded in her mind. The mind-link communication she had with Evie was only possible due to a special spell Evie had casted to send message to her. However, due to the immense usage of magic needed, Evie could not use this method too often unless it was of utmost importance.     

“Evie…?!!” Vera’s only reaction was the slight widening of her eyes.     

“Yes. I’m using a mind-link spell to communicate with you. I can’t use it long, so I’ll make it short. Listen carefully, okay?”     

“Alright.” Vera promptly responded.     

“Send out the orders that we need to aim for the darkest core, a black sun-like core, you can find. On my side, we’re headed northwest. So I assume on your side, it should be somewhere northeast. I have a strong feeling that is where we need to be…” Evie paused for a while before continuing. “I think… Gideon should be inside it.”     

Vera’s whole heart shook hearing that. Her mind was suddenly jumbled up upon hearing her husband’s name. But she quickly fought for calm and replied, “Alright. I’ll get to it.”     

“Stay safe, Vera. I’ll see you there.” Evie’s voice was gentle and comforting as she said and ended her message.     

Once the mind link was cut, Vera didn’t waste a moment and turned to Queen Beatrice. The queen was still fighting fiercely at the monsters coming at them but she asked Vera to go ahead and tell her the news.     

“Evie had just communicated that we are to head for a certain black and sun-like core in front of us. She said it should be in the direction of northeast. She and the first division have already adjusted their directions and are moving that way. The entire army will reconvene there if everything goes right.” Vera reported all this to Queen Beatrice, all the while keeping the channel of communication between her, Azure and Sweetie open. Sweetie would then pass on the information to Azrael and he would then relay the message to the rest of the second division army.     

The queen sung her sword, fast as a lightning at the last two three winged monsters. Then she jumped right above Vera, slashing another monster that was coming from Vera’s blind spot.     

When the queen landed, her long black hair danced behind her, as her red-eyes shone like a pair of red moons. Vera couldn’t help but gape at how cool she was.     

“Okay. I’ll scout it out to confirm the exact direction.” Queen Beatrice gave her a nod and Vera quickly instructed Azure and the dragon dove lower. They needed to fly just a little over the ground to avoid the swarm of enemies in the air. She needed to give the Queen a quiet and safe moment to focus her attention to the core they were searching. It was still a mystery to them though on why the flying monsters seemed unable to go to the ground. They had received reports that the ones that fell on the ground immediately fly again even though there were soldiers near them.     

Once they were low enough and no more flying creature in sight, Queen finally relaxed and shifted her superior vision and searched for that darkest core which Evie had wanted them to head towards.     

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