Chapter 299 - Intensions

He fumbled with getting a clean towel from the rack nearby and dried Evie up very carefully, completely forgetting that he had magic and could dry her up within a single second. However, he enjoyed the process of slowly wiping off the droplets of water on her curvaceous body, revelling in the sight of her calmly resting in his arms.

When he put her down on the bed, Gavrael stared at her face for a long while. She looked so peaceful now in her sleep that he could not stop himself from running the back of his hand across her cheek. He could not believe that this was real. He had truly become one with her again and it is not a dream.

However, he half-bite his lips and ran his hand through his hair and tugged on them as he remembered how barbaric his actions were as he was working on her. He had lost all control, all thoughts, everything else… it was as though only madness reigned and the whole experience was just… incredible.

Having sex with her without any restrains was beyond what he could have imagined. He had experienced the most marvellous climax in his life, the longest and hardest too and he knew in his heart he did not regret one moment of it.

But he knew that there was a chance that he might once she wakes up and look at him like some barbaric monster. He could remember her pleas, asking… no, begging him to slow down and wait and worry gripped at his heart.

Burying his face into his palms, Gavrael let out a deep sigh. He did not know what she was thinking when she decided to join him in the bath. But he somehow felt she had some hidden agenda to her actions. But what was it, he still did not know nor could he figure it out.

He decided not to think too much about the matter and to leave it for the next day as he stretched himself out next to her and pulled her into his warm embrace. He stared at her face again and a realization seemed to come to his mind.

Gavrael suddenly remembered that moment when she looked down at him, looking into his eyes as if expecting something, or wanting something to happen. Was that the reason she had joined him in the bath and even continued to provoke him?

It was as if he had now realized her hidden agenda, a small, sad smile curved on his gorgeous face. After thinking through the details and comparing it with the matters that they had discussed about previously, Gavrael did not need to be a genius to figure out what Evie had been trying to do. Though it did not seem so, Gavreal still could tell that her intentions were as clear as day.

"You were… you were waiting for my eyes to turn grey, weren't you?" he whispered while looking down at her peaceful face. His voice came out sounding so weak and sullen.

There was a sharp pain that lanced through his eyes as he stared at her.

He remained unmoving for a long time in that position, with thoughts running around his head that only he himself knew. After which he then took in a sharp breath before moving and planting a gentle kiss on her forehead.

When she finally opened her eyes, Evie realised that she was alone in the large and luxurious bed.

She immediately remembered everything that happened last night, and her face suddenly heated up and flamed red. However, she did not give herself much time to lounge about and think on everything that had happened because she saw Gavrael's worried face as soon as she turned.

He was sitting in the padded velvety high-backed chair which was placed by the bed. One of his long legs were crossed over the other and his face was dark as his cold gaze was fixed firmly on the edge of her bed. He looked like he was pondering over or trying to solve a dangerous puzzle in his head.

"Good morning, Gav." She greeted him warmly and he noisily rose from the chair as if startled by the sound of her voice.

His eyes circled as he bent over the bed, looking down at her.

"Are you alright?" he immediately asked, and Evie only blinked at him. Why was he sounding so worried about her?

That was when a knock on the door echoed and then opened. Elias came in. "My lord, we've found a female human doctor. She's here now." The familiar voice floated in from the room door.

Hearing Elias' words, Evie immediately realized what was going on and she could not help but look at him in disbelief.

"You were the one who called for a human doctor? And a female one at that…?" she asked with one brow raised questioningly at him, pressing her lips tight to suppress a smile.

"You slept way too long. I was…" He rushed to explain, a little worried she would be upset. But as he looked at her, he paused at the sight of a sweet smile blooming across her face.

Then suddenly, she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into her embrace, shocking him into silence. He did not expect her reaction to be like this.

"I'm fine. You have just really tired me out and that's why I slept for far longer than usual." She explained, giggling as if she remembered something funny, making him speechless.

Gavrael had in fact prepared himself for her reaction to be the opposite of this. He had sat there waiting for hours, waiting for the worse to come, once she wakes up and open those amber eyes of hers. He truly did not expect her to… 

Suddenly, he embraced her back, squeezing her and letting himself fall on her then buried his face into her shoulders. He did not say a word… no, it was more that he could not bring himself to say a single word. 


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