Chapter 300 - Excuse

Evie was surprised at his sudden actions. He was all brooding and dark just a little while ago, and here he was now, acting for all the world as though he was a sick little kitten. Comparing him now to his person last night, was like comparing between heaven and hell. Though, she mused to herself that she would not go as far as to compare him to hell when they were having sex. She thought that he was more of a mix of ecstatic heaven and fiery hell when he was making love with her last night.

Smiling again, Evie saw the door closing quietly without any more disturbance to them. It seemed that Elias had seen what was going on between them and had decided to excuse himself silently and close the door after himself.

"Gav…" she called out softly, her palm gently caressing his back. His mood was so much better now, compared to when she saw him upon waking up. Since he seemed more approachable now, Evie wanted to speak with him. She did not want to waste any opportunities because she knew how rare it was for him to be this calm. This was one chance that she would not be squandering. Time is of the essence right now.

"I think, I want to go and awaken the light faes in Crescia. Do you think this is the right time for me to do that now?" Evie cautiously asked, her tone was careful. She knew that this might not be the right time to speak about this issue, but Evie did not have the luxury to wait for the right time anymore. She wanted to bring him to the Middle Land since last night's efforts did not seem to result in a positive outcome – at least to her – and this was the excuse she had thought about to get them to visit that place.

By asking him, she could also hear his opinion about the light faes as well. When she heard Gav said he was going to take the throne of the vampire emperor, she knew that this would result in a great war. They needed more allies on their side, and she was confident that the light faes would be a huge help. Moreover, this war did not just belong to him alone as this would be her war as well. Taking Thundrann down will not only end the war between Gav and the vampires, but also the long-standing grudge between the light faes and Thundrann. Both of them have one common enemy after all.

That was why Evie thought that this was the best time for her to awaken the light faes and also the tree of light before the war actually starts.

Nervously, she waited for his response.

Gavrael pulled away and stared down at her.

His gaze was now unfathomable. Evie wished he'd stopped masking his expression because every time he does she didn't know why but it somehow made her nervous.

After a few seconds of just staring at each other, Gavrael get off her and sat at the side of the bed.

Evie quickly rose as well, crawling forward to the side of the bed where he was seated as she was nervous that he was going to get angry again. She reached out with both arms and hugged his broad and muscular shoulders from behind as she knelt on the bed, just right behind him.

"How about we go there for now and you can decide again once we get there?" she asked lovingly, pressing her cheeks against his. She was like a puppy, desperately begging him with her large pitiful eyes. "I also want to bathe in the crystal lake because… well, I feel sore because of you…" she pouted and Gavrael stilled for a moment. "Last night was –"

"Fine." he quickly cut her off. "We will go as you wish."

His answer made Evie's smile widen and her grip slipped up from his shoulders to circle around his neck before tightening and then she planted a soft kiss on his cheek.

"Thank you!" she told him then she jumped off the bed. Gavrael eyed her actions with one brow lifted, thinking to himself that at this moment, she was behaving very similarly to a happy puppy.

"I'm going to change now." She said gleefully and immediately called the maids to bring her change clothes for the day.

It was daylight now, so Kirzan was all quiet and calm. Aside from the guards who were awake and actively patrolling at their assigned posts, only Evie, Gavrael, Zanya and her other men were gathered outside.

"Gav is going along with me. So, there is nothing that you guys need to worry about," Evie told her men, reassuring them again of her safety. They had wanted to go along with her on this trip to watch over her well-being. However, she had disagreed with their requests with twinkling and sparkly eyes. As they observed her, they all noticed that she looked unusually bright and cheerful. Therefore, everyone could only assume in their own minds that there must be some sort of progress that had happened with the efforts on the return of their prince.

Gavrael on the other hand was just quietly standing there, brooding again, as he did not expect her to drag him over there immediately on this very same day. However, he realized that this day might be the perfect time for him to fulfil her wish as he was certain that this day might be the last peaceful one that they could spend together. He quietly thought to himself, knowing that anytime soon the war would break out. 

"Okay, let's go Gav." She wrapped her arms around his merrily as she looked up at him, a beautiful smile adorning her pink, luscious lips.. Gavrael could only nod in assent as his heart leapt within him, thankful that she was willing to bestow that stunning smile to him.

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